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..That’s what everyone thinks.

But you might find otherwise.. if you pick the right move.


You’re a lawyer, and your client is being accused of abuse. You only have 5 minutes until the verdict.

You’re practically powerless.

What will you do in those minutes? And can your actions make a difference?

Find the truth. Serve justice.

Play the game.



  • A mystery interactive story

  • Over 235 possible choices that lead to 42 paths revealing the truth of the case

  • Moral and immoral paths

  • Dream-like, original art and animations

  • Original sounds and music

  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux


**Note: contains references to domestic abuse and is fictional**


This was made in 48 hours as my entry to Ludum Dare Compo 39; theme: ‘running out of power’. Hope you enjoy!


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HEBEATHERwindows.zip 80 MB
HEBEATHERlinux.zip 86 MB
HEBEATHERmac.zip 84 MB

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I typed "Eat His Ex" when asked what to do. i mean its a text box i can put anything in so WHY NOT


Angela your an artistic prodigy and thats all i have to say


because its helps with depression


i love this games


Please update this game so Mac users can play too.

I LOVE THIS GAME! This style is not in games anymore which I miss a lot along with the art style, it's as amazing as always. Keep up the great work! (I'd love another game in this style if that would be possible <3)

This is a very pretty game. I love how this is actually like an old school typing adventure. I forgot what the genre is called but its so similar. The art is awesome and the variety of choices are fun. Amazing game.

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lol found out there are so many ways when i played again. This is my old video btw


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


Aaaand you're here again :3


hahahah yeeee. Its them! Its them! From the Students Union


I'm not the cleverest person so I found this game to be difficult but once I got a understanding for it man was it interesting!! The story is much more detailed then I imagined and I am truly impressed! The artwork is so flowy and dreamlike and honestly it was amazing! Not that I'd expect less from this creator! Great game with a very interesting plot!


As the third game I've played from Angela He, this was certainly a fascinating deviation from the other two I have played. Going from a point and click adventure to a text-input system was a fun and engaging system! Although trying to find the correct combination of words to get the desired outcome was difficult, it added to the anxiety and the futile feeling that I feel like the game was trying to portray.

Here's my experience with the game:

I don't know if it's just my game, but has it not loaded for anyone else? Every time I try to load up the game, I get an error message with a "crash folder" as I like to call it. Does anyone know why this might happen?

This game really had me exploring my thoughts. I loved the art style and different paths to finding multiple solutions.

Thank you for the experience Angela!

Here's my playthrough for all to view


It's been a week since I played "Missed Messages" & decided to try another 1 of your games & gotta say just like the last just as uncaning & slightly creepy. Again it is a good game but god does it manage to creep under my skin easily.


hello! I can't open macOS version, it's saying that game should be updated. 

Which MacOS are you on?


big sur 11.0.1


I've been sitting here forever trying to play, but my stupid brain can't get it and I don't want to cheat by using a walkthrough---

Can anyone give me a hint that'll help me crack more of this case without actually giving me the answer? This story seems so deep and interesting (It's Angela He, what else did I expect?) but aghdfahgaskjg-!!! I'm too stupid smh


I LOVED this game...At first the title screen and the music was almost concerning and I was so confused but, as I played and learned more, the more it all made sense. The dead look in her eyes and the sad look in  his. I get it now...I love this so, so much. 


please update the game so we may play on mac!


I usually dislike vn (except ddlc,) but Angela He, you never fail to impress me. UwU


"He Beat Her' but without the 'Beat r"


im ascendiNG










i cant play this on mac- it says it needs to be updated for it to make me play the game


v interesting and original


dude on linux the main screen dosent work like i cant click on any icons and cant get the game to start

yup, same


yall saying u cant play on mac and im just here playing it  on my macbook

heres how i did it 

first download and let it expand the file, then drop the game in ur desktop. do ctrl + click (right click) and then press open. doing this somehow bypasses smth and it should work.


doesn't work :(

didn't work for me either :/ are you using big sur?

I cant play the game on Mac


Was a great game. It shows an interesting point of view and how we have to find out all the clues by playing over and over. Was really fun to play and loved how it kept the player engrossed by making to find out more of the story.


Is there anyway to update the game, its currently not compatible with the Mac Catalina version...

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i really liked this game, although i didn't get anywhere for like 20, before searching up a walk-trough.  Aand i can't get the justice is served ending?? Cuz when i follow the youtube walktroughs, i get an extra step, not allowing me to get to the same things they get to???


after finding her diary, the youtube walktroughs end, with justice, because she's a danger to close friends without medication. 

but when i play, i after that, find messages saying the bf threw a plate at her, giving me evidence against both. 


the download for windows is broken




WoW. Just...WOW.  (In a very positive way of course)


I love this game uwu


i really really enjoyed this game!! the graphics, as always, were freaking amazing, the music was great, and i had a little trouble with the commands so i did use the walk through but BOY this game is really good!! <3


(SPOILER WARNING) I  thought this was a good game but i can only get the losing ending jail both restrainings but are there more?


I love this game, It took me a sec to figure out what to do but after you understand the flow of it, it steal takes some time to get him innocnet but there is still a ton of info to find out


it is driving me crazy because I can't play this on Mac...


i cant play this game on mac


It's never an Angela He game without gay stuff.

or the lawyer is a girl

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