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..That’s what everyone thinks.

But you might find otherwise.. if you pick the right move.


You’re a lawyer, and your client is being accused of abuse. You only have 5 minutes until the verdict.

You’re practically powerless.

What will you do in those minutes? And can your actions make a difference?

Find the truth. Serve justice.

Play the game.



  • A mystery interactive story

  • Over 235 possible choices that lead to 42 paths revealing the truth of the case

  • Moral and immoral paths

  • Dream-like, original art and animations

  • Original sounds and music

  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux


**Note: contains references to domestic abuse and is fictional**


This was made in 48 hours as my entry to Ludum Dare Compo 39; theme: ‘running out of power’. Hope you enjoy!


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HEBEATHERwindows.zip 80 MB
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HEBEATHERmac.zip 84 MB

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i really really enjoyed this game!! the graphics, as always, were freaking amazing, the music was great, and i had a little trouble with the commands so i did use the walk through but BOY this game is really good!! <3

(SPOILER WARNING) I  thought this was a good game but i can only get the losing ending jail both restrainings but are there more?

I love this game, It took me a sec to figure out what to do but after you understand the flow of it, it steal takes some time to get him innocnet but there is still a ton of info to find out

it is driving me crazy because I can't play this on Mac...

i cant play this game on mac

It's never an Angela He game without gay stuff.

or the lawyer is a girl

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this game is wonderful. i still havent figured everything out, even though i had been pretty much been trying at it for at least several months. but this game is so interesting, and i love it, alongside every game you make, Angela!

(also, spoilers!)

i was getting stressed/frustrated while trying to figure this out, and so i typed in "die" as a joke. i wasnt expecting anything to happen but something did, and i have honestly never laughed harder in my life. it was such a gentle way of telling me, too!


im so broke or else I'd give Angela He all my money. 

i love the art, but the game is too hard! like im really stupid but my MOM couldnt even help...all im smart abt is BTS lol. the HOT client got jail n a restraining order...

I would like to play this game on Mac Book but it would not allow me to do so since it needs a updated version. Please update this game. Thank you.


A little bit tricky to figure out the text commands, but the art and story is compelling. A unique and dreamy game about a dark subject!

I can't see the art for some reaso


My mind says Yes, my anxiety says no. 

So therefore, I shall wait to play this with a friend so we can freak out together about saving this boy.

Wait this isn't multiple choice... My heart says watch  someone else play this cause I am not cut out for that much frustration.

I enjoy typing games like these. They're always fun to mess around with.

The game has lovely art and a cool concept, but it's hard to figure out what to do.

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I was a bit confuse in the beginning but once I got the logic, I was really excited to try different actions, even after I found a way to make my client innocent! It's a "simple" yet very well done game . The kind you want to explore more even after the end. And the art is amazing!

If some French people read this : J'ai fait une petite review plus approfondie juste ici, hésitez pas à jeter un oeil :)



Was very proud to be able to explore the whole game without walkthrough! I loved the art (as usual) and the atmosphere, the gameplay! That was great!


This game was more than frustrating and it really is a bummer because the art is simply stunning. The art alone creates the atmosphere of the game and challenges the emotions of the viewer and how they later react. Unfortunately, this game is next to impossible to play without a walkthrough, which in my opinion, defeats the whole purpose of a game. Especially if a walthrough is needed from beginning to end. All the moments of discovery were completly erased for me because as soon as I tried to deviate from the guide I'd get stuck, get frustrated, and rage quit the game.

To be honest, I would have multiple choiced the game, and as the player returns back and forth have more options become available. Kinda like a tree with many branches. You only discover the buds on one limb if you follow that branch. And the more you discover the more branches that become available as you test out more limbs to see if they carry your weight.

With this type of method I feel that discovery still remains (as well as the differing paths) but the frustration from not understanding why what you type isn't working disappears. I also feel that this might have been a more user friendly interaction base for the newer generation (which I'm a part of) who have never experienced a game of such particular and word sensitive fromat.

Still, I will watch someone else on youtube play it because any stories done by you are always rich in character development, sensitive topics, and what being 'human' means.


Este jogo pega em celular?

I'd love to play this game but for some reason it keeps giving me an error. I think it has something to do with Unity player. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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Its is awsome to see how the case plays out each time even though i am COMPLETLY worthless at finding out anything more than three different routes


Angela, I love all your games from the art style to the story line and everything in between. This has to be in my top three because-- um, duh-- it's amazing, beautiful, AND mind boggling. I love you.... And help. <3


WOW! Stunning! Beautiful game with amazing art and a great mysterious story! CANNOT STOP PLAYING! So so amazing! Great characters and choices! Amzing game that makes your brain explode AMAZING! I love this so much!!!


you know thats fucking kaneki ken wtf

JHDKSFHJKAHJ SFAHJKhj skj fhkja OMG! (/0-0)/

I year later and this game is still amazing. I love the way you find out different things every time, especially when you have to physically put in the actions. 10/10!

I love this game. first because just look at it its beautiful,second because of all the ways you can find out things about Your client, his ex girlfriend,and even the character you play as.

This game is amazing! This is different as it takes one word commands than choosing multiple choice from You Left Me. The story is interesting as you help your client, a victim of abuse from his ex-girlfriend, and find the truth during the incident. With no clues, except for asking your client one question at a time, you have to restart the case each time and try to find more evidence against the ex-girlfriend. I would recommend playing this game and can’t wait to see your next game. Thank you for making this game! 

Hello, I'm currently thinking of making a visual novel game, and was wondering what program you used to make this? Also, if you have any tips for a beginner game developer, it would be greatly appreciated

I'm quite certain this game was made with Unity. Zephyo actually made a guide on game making that you might find useful! https://medium.freecodecamp.org/from-zero-to-game-designer-how-to-start-building...

Great games! Who is the artist?




While I would have enjoyed playing this game, it just didn't work out. I liked the format, but found that I wasn't able to advance with a lot of my input choices. It's a little confusing - because i wasn't sure if I should stick to court-lingo or with just common words: it wasn't very clear just what options I had for input and what would not be registered.

I did look at the walkthrough that was suggested, but the space bar didn't appear to work on the input fields, so I ended up trying to write "askher", etc. - which wouldn't be registered as valid input and I was back to square one. I really liked the art and would have loved to enjoy the story, but I think input options should be made a lot clearer.


Yea, a bit confusing, especially for us new generational video gamers,  we do not have the same experience of playing text adventures. Also, it makes it so that it is almost completely necessary to have the walkthrough since it was unclear at the start to use which verb terminology.  Also, to add to your answer @Whisperel, the removal of space is probably a "feature not a bug" to get the next messages in (Try typing "ask" and it will prompt you with another answer box in which you put "her"). But it is agreeable that it was confusing to know this, since most people like me needed to have prior knowledge of the basics of something like Scanner class. But overall, the game still had a good amount of suspense and use of motion and unpredictable sounds really drew me in :).

I really love the concept of this game because it shows that abuse cases are not always cut and dry, and that abusers are often really good at concealing their true nature and turning things around on others.

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Hello, I know this is an old review but I was wondering if the ex girlfriend in the game is the abuser? Abuse is a hard subject for me so I just wanted to know beforehand before I play.

any chance to upload the project completely please :(

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Hi, I can't play this on linux in fullscreen. It gets stuck on the option/play/about screen and mouse or enter or arrows don't work. I'm only able to close the game. Windowed it works

Yep, this is a confirmed issue, I can't do anything in full-screen either. (Probably a Linux problem only)


You already know thanks to my article how much I adore you and your talent, Angela, but let me say it here once more: You are not just an absolutely fantastic artist, but also your storytelling skills. I'm very glad that this was the first game I played by you, because you left your mark with it in my heart. Also, I'm very happy that you made the 21st place with it in the Ludum Dare 39 - well deserved and an amazing place for your jam debut! Also I felt the urge to include it in our GOTY 2017 list, because it's a really beautiful piece of a visual novel. <3 Looking forward to your future projects. May new players be driven to you by our little gameplay video of your game. :)

Best wishes,

Aww, thank you Sesbastian! You're so sweet. I'm glad to have met you and I'm grateful for all your curating work. All those games on the GOTY look amazing, I'll be sure to check them out!!

<333 I'm glad that I've met you as well. You're such a kind soul and such an amazing artist! Neverever lose your spirit. :)

the text font wont show for me  can you tell me about the name of the text fonts in the game because my computer doesn't have them+ I don't really know why it looks like this for me  the game starts without  the orange text " he beat her" start , sitting and quit 

I truly have enjoyed these small narratives you've created so far in your gams. I can see lots of value in these flash tales projects. For me, it's also an inspiration for other indie developers creators.



I've made a review on this on my blog!

Another amazing game Angela! I will always look forward to your other ones :)

I know I should say something about the game, and it's a really good game but what's the name of the genre of the main music ?

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