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yall saying u cant play on mac and im just here playing it  on my macbook

heres how i did it 

first download and let it expand the file, then drop the game in ur desktop. do ctrl + click (right click) and then press open. doing this somehow bypasses smth and it should work.

I cant play the game on Mac

Was a great game. It shows an interesting point of view and how we have to find out all the clues by playing over and over. Was really fun to play and loved how it kept the player engrossed by making to find out more of the story.

Is there anyway to update the game, its currently not compatible with the Mac Catalina version...

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i really liked this game, although i didn't get anywhere for like 20, before searching up a walk-trough.  Aand i can't get the justice is served ending?? Cuz when i follow the youtube walktroughs, i get an extra step, not allowing me to get to the same things they get to???


after finding her diary, the youtube walktroughs end, with justice, because she's a danger to close friends without medication. 

but when i play, i after that, find messages saying the bf threw a plate at her, giving me evidence against both. 


the download for windows is broken


WoW. Just...WOW.  (In a very positive way of course)

I love this game uwu


i really really enjoyed this game!! the graphics, as always, were freaking amazing, the music was great, and i had a little trouble with the commands so i did use the walk through but BOY this game is really good!! <3


(SPOILER WARNING) I  thought this was a good game but i can only get the losing ending jail both restrainings but are there more?


I love this game, It took me a sec to figure out what to do but after you understand the flow of it, it steal takes some time to get him innocnet but there is still a ton of info to find out

it is driving me crazy because I can't play this on Mac...

i cant play this game on mac


It's never an Angela He game without gay stuff.

or the lawyer is a girl

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this game is wonderful. i still havent figured everything out, even though i had been pretty much been trying at it for at least several months. but this game is so interesting, and i love it, alongside every game you make, Angela!

(also, spoilers!)

i was getting stressed/frustrated while trying to figure this out, and so i typed in "die" as a joke. i wasnt expecting anything to happen but something did, and i have honestly never laughed harder in my life. it was such a gentle way of telling me, too!


im so broke or else I'd give Angela He all my money. 


i love the art, but the game is too hard! like im really stupid but my MOM couldnt even help...all im smart abt is BTS lol. the HOT client got jail n a restraining order...

I would like to play this game on Mac Book but it would not allow me to do so since it needs a updated version. Please update this game. Thank you.


A little bit tricky to figure out the text commands, but the art and story is compelling. A unique and dreamy game about a dark subject!


I can't see the art for some reaso


My mind says Yes, my anxiety says no. 

So therefore, I shall wait to play this with a friend so we can freak out together about saving this boy.

Wait this isn't multiple choice... My heart says watch  someone else play this cause I am not cut out for that much frustration.

I enjoy typing games like these. They're always fun to mess around with.

The game has lovely art and a cool concept, but it's hard to figure out what to do.

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I was a bit confuse in the beginning but once I got the logic, I was really excited to try different actions, even after I found a way to make my client innocent! It's a "simple" yet very well done game . The kind you want to explore more even after the end. And the art is amazing!

If some French people read this : J'ai fait une petite review plus approfondie juste ici, hésitez pas à jeter un oeil :)


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