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Really neat stuff, excellent artwork and an engaging narrative.

You should link the walkthrough through here as  the link in the game isn't a  hyperlink.


To be honest, it is the art which attracts me first to this game before the synopsis, 'cause it reminds me to Sui Ishida's style (like in Tokyo Ghoul ^^).  

The storytelling in this game is pretty neat; the plot is separated into tiny pieces of simple choices which leading to complete the big puzzle of manipulation, trauma, and repentance from guilty in each characters past/background. You even still manage to slip some comical monologues here to ease the tention xD

Wish upon your future projects :)

Oh this was so well done! The twists and turns and having the keep replaying to get to the truth was a great touch. Added a nice little bit of intrigue to proceedings =)

I was very impressed with how much depth there was to the game too, considering the minimalist style, I was really hooked on the feel of everything.

All in all a fantastic game, keep up the amazing work =)

Great job! I played a little bit for my channel. Congratulations, I'm super impressed by how little time it took you to make such a pretty, intricate game!

Thank you!! It was fun watching you play. I'm glad you like it :)

Perhaps you should have linked the commands walkthrough on this site since it's not clickable in the game. 

Not everyone looks at the description though. If I had more time I'd code a link in the actual game

The presentation it's amazing, it was a bit hard but you've fixed it. So many outcomes! Good Job!


thank you!! and thanks for playing! :DD 

Beautiful, fitting art and atmospheric music and SFX. And, of course, a great and meaningful game. I found it challenging but it was satisfying gradually uncovering more information. Love ittt!!

That's so nice :D I'm so glad you love it!!

Art is amazingggBut game is a little bit hard (maybe I'm a little bit stupid lol)  I also liked the story. However like I said it's a bit hard to solve the thing (you understand what I mean) and this wasn't what I expected but that doesn't mean the game is bad. I think you make awesome games!! Keep goin' 

Thank you so much :D You're not stupid.. how can I make it easier? 


I couldn't get the good ending. There are so many possibilities and I got bored trying to get the right one. But I think it's very kind of you to reply all of the comments, also whenever I see your art I'm like WOOOOAAAAAAH your art is awesome and your games too. 

Thank you. Probably will give more clues. Sometime soon. Maybe, lol.

Really cool game! The hints and clues were smart and really interesting. I have been following you on youtube for a long time and always loved your art, but I didn't know you made games until yesterday! It's amazing! I love the overall mood in this game, and the art is simply gorgeous

Thank you so much!! :DD God, this is so wholesome.

A really beautiful game, the story makes you want more and more and it really fits the theme of powerless (the feeling of not being able to do more all at once) and I've been a fan of your art for a while so of course I loved that aspect. Pretty much of my favorite indie games rn I hope you do more in the future!

thank you so much :'< That's so kind!! I'm glad you think it fits the theme!


Needs to be a bit easier, or at least of commands you can type in.

I've updated it so that it explicitly says you are trying to defend the client + the help button comes sooner; not sure if I should outright say use 'this' 'that'. What else would you suggest?

Fascinating game, really loved the narrative. I wrote about it for, article will be going up this Thursday @ 9AM ET.

Thanks so much, I'll be on the lookout!! :D


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