HE BEAT HER. Easier and Bug-fixed

I’ve modified the game based on feedback:

  • Easier: First time you click the help button, it gives you 4 basic commands, think, talk, observe, and grab. The second time you click it, you get the walkthrough link.

  • After losing > 4 times, the lose cutscene is much shorter.

  • 15 more choices using http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/ from @ and Youtuber playthroughs

  • Fixed bug caused when pressing ‘enter’ many times (I think)

  • Fixed weird logic causing certain dialogues to go out of order

Thanks for the advice everyone, and have fun :D


HEBEATHERmac.zip 84 MB
Aug 02, 2017
HEBEATHERwindows.zip 80 MB
Aug 02, 2017
HEBEATHERlinux.zip 86 MB
Aug 02, 2017


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it doesnt do anything when i press play though..