Narrative is More Accurate

With the help+review of @crabman from Ludum Dare, I’ve made the narrative more accurate so that:


  • ‘Win’ endings are ambiguously a win.

  • You can purposefully convict your client.

  • Removed controversial/inaccurate phrases e.g. “based on a few words..” “Based on the prosecutor’s words..” “there’s no denying who’s guilty.” “having this mental illness is dangerous..”

  • In the action “grab phone Chrissa bipolar” (1 of 3 ‘win’ endings), you find out the girlfriend does not remember the knife incident, but remembered doing something in self-defense (female-on-male abuse is more likely to be self-defensive (Kimmel, 2002)).

  • Changed ‘prosecutor’ to ‘plaintiff’.

I had no idea this game would get popular, and the narrative is having some poor consequences, so I’ve revised it.

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Aug 05, 2017


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Obviously this is awhile after this change, but I feel this is an appropriate place to air something that was confusing to me. Perhaps I missed something, but I believe I was thorough.

Spoilers Below
It's a shame there's no "hide" formatting option. Seriously, if you haven't played this game yet, do not read this. That aside... While I appreciated what came of a couple of these changes, some of them were... Odd. It seems you made a move to make the guilty party ambiguous, but, in doing so, the narrative was made weaker. For example- if she did this in self-defense and is unaware of the consequences, why is she simultaneously hiding evidence and lying, but also very sad to "remember" that her "boyfriend is gone"? Why am I able to convict my client for... Throwing a plate at some point? Why is the boyfriend hiding past scars, suggesting that he's been abused before if this was supposed to be an incident of self-defense? A last point that probably isn't involved with these changes but bothered me as well- Why is the other girl so important to the story, but we are never offered an insight into her role, or a means to pursue her? "I know this is her fault"-Mc. Maybe it has to do with the theme? Dissatisfying non-the-less.

I was impressed by a lot of things with this game. The art, the interesting mechanic, the overall mysterious tone, the characters until they started to have multiple personalities. That's why I was pretty disappointed when I got to the end, and I couldn't find that feeling of "so this is how things tie together." I can believe a girl is off her meds and, given the facets of bipolar disorder, she snapped one day and lost it. I can believe that this happened multiple times. But this same girl being both a sweet girl who loves her boyfriend and one who would hide his medical records and pursues him in court after she abused him multiple times, because maybe he lost his cool for a minute (and this time she got more violent than usual)? The only way it makes sense is that she is manipulative and protecting herself. Or that she is the middle link in a chain of abuse, which honestly isn't much better. More of an L I suppose, if we include the roundabout way the MC is also a victim. Why did I put my battered client away for throwing a plate?

Let me be clear. I was frustrated because overall your work was very good, if it wasn't I wouldn't mind.