Narrative is More Accurate

With the help+review of @crabman from Ludum Dare, I’ve made the narrative more accurate so that:


  • ‘Win’ endings are ambiguously a win.

  • You can purposefully convict your client.

  • Removed controversial/inaccurate phrases e.g. “based on a few words..” “Based on the prosecutor’s words..” “there’s no denying who’s guilty.” “having this mental illness is dangerous..”

  • In the action “grab phone Chrissa bipolar” (1 of 3 ‘win’ endings), you find out the girlfriend does not remember the knife incident, but remembered doing something in self-defense (female-on-male abuse is more likely to be self-defensive (Kimmel, 2002)).

  • Changed ‘prosecutor’ to ‘plaintiff’.

I had no idea this game would get popular, and the narrative is having some poor consequences, so I’ve revised it.

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Aug 05, 2017


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