A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


a dialogue-driven puzzle platformer about anonymous online birds and a former friend whom you've grown apart from


@ttanatb - code

@zephyo - art + code

note - this is a demo! we weren't able to complete the whole thing in time. But the finished version will have an ending, we promise.


ribbons-demo-linux.zip 60 MB
Version 1 37 days ago
ribbons-demo-windows.zip 44 MB
Version 1 37 days ago
ribbons-demo-mac.zip 43 MB
Version 1 37 days ago


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if feel like itd be better if we could double jump :) ive had alot of trouble in the second stage (yes ik u can dash but i dont think it rllly helps :( [amazing art nontheless <33]

lots of bugs but i can't wait to play the full version it is sad to wait because i can't move at all but i love Angela he's games so this game will be so good when the full version comes out 100% play it

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At the advice giving part, I could enter the grey area and I couldn't go back. I've finished the game anyway, but I thought it wasn't a feature and that it could be helpful

if u need help to translate to portuguese - brazil, me and my friends are available without having to pay anything <3 the message you have in your games is too exciting for us and we want more people to have access to the content


very excited i love all ur games!! <3 

aaaa i'm so excited for the full version!! i love ur text based games so much and it's really cool to see you trying out a more movement-based game!!


i get stuck when i try to jump up to the second flag

chirp chirp there's a dash button

I know but it doesn’t help


same. ive tried copying what this ytber did with jumping up right near the edge and then dashing but I can't get it right so- currently stuck :((


found a solution: u can dash upwards :)


Hi there, I am DragEx and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

I really loved the games that you have made along the years and I have played You Left Me and Missed Messages on my channel. I played until the second heart where I could no longer proceed forward so I have no idea if the game is supposed to end there. I hope I have played the game that the game devs planned it to be played as it was a lot of Mario kinda jumping and pushing mechanics which was quite hard for me to master and use throughout the game. To be frank, I spent an hour and a half trying to complete the game because of the parkour XDDDDD, it kinda made my fingers sore due to the mechanics of the jumping and pushing and stuff. However, the intriguing storylines of who the main character and the player she is playing with really pushed me to continue playing the game and learn more about the main character and the online character's story. It would be good if there were more visual images used to portray their stories while playing the game rather than just pure text and parkour. 

This game is full of parkour and intriguing stories that I would love to see fully developed into a full game. I really love the games that @zephyo makes due to the themes and visuals used.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Couldn't get past the title screen. Sorry. It looked quite good though. Fix the bugs and reupload and I'll be sure to play it after the review period.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.





This game is great once you get around the player prefs bug, and for any one who was confused like me you need to press e after someone talks to unfreeze the game.


ah i should put in a thing to solve that confusion


i will wait for the non-bug version <3


Hey your legit my favourite Indie Dev zephyo, my fav games from you are Missed Messages, you left me and i woke up next to you again, i'd love to play this game but i got the 2nd bug so i went into regedit but i cant find the game? I can only see Angela He -> missed messages. and also YOU LEFT ME. in there :( Can you help me out? 

Wait i'm dumb i found it

Even after doing this a few times it still not working

Is the PlayerPrefs that you're supposed to delete for the 2nd glitch in the folder that the itch app lets you visit? I went User > AppData > Roaming > itch > apps > ribbons-demo > ribbons windows > ribbons_Data > Managed because I thought it might make sense for it to be there, but I'm not sure which file it is. There are a bunch of Unity, etc. dlls. I tried following the instructions of the link you provided, but I'm not entirely sure if I did it right as I couldn't find anything, so I tried this way.

No it's in regedit, can you check out my reply to the comment below and lmk if that works?

Sorry, I'm not sure where that is. I looked in a few different places where I thought it could be, trying to follow the guide, and then tried various keywords in the files search bar. I'm not very computer-savvy when it comes to these kinds of things. What exactly is com.twobraincells.ribbons ?

could i have an exact explanation of what i must do for the second bug?

The link in the 2nd bug fix says:

"On Windows, PlayerPrefs are stored in HKCU\Software\ExampleCompanyName\ExampleProductName key."

So basically delete your registery key under com.twobraincells.ribbons. Here's a guide for how to do that.

ok, thank you, i will try it tomorrow

Now is working, thank you very much, ms he.


is it safe to run even if windows says it might be harmful?


Yep we didn't have time to sign it with a certificate but we do not care about strangers' file systems enough to develop harmful software lol

This reply is amazing lmaoo


I love this concept, and your art is as pretty as always, loved this demo and can't wait to play the full game ^^


Am I struggling to delete player prefs? Absolutely. Am I going to ignore school work to figure it out? yes


same here


I tried playing it, and I had the second bug, I tried deleting my playerprefs and it didn't work, I'm still looking forward to playing it in the future though!


Didn't know you're participating in GMTK Jam as well. I'm gonna check out your game!

hello ( sou um br sozinho :,[ )


I can't click the new game button...so I can't play using windows.

But I love Angela's art, it is amazing.


this looks so pretty! i can't play it since i only use a mac (D: waiting for your mac release) but all the art and graphics... *chef kiss*. good job!