Experience love between two girls, earnest stargazers and still searching for their path in life. 

The future is unclear: Will their dreams be broken? Will they walk different paths? And.. can their love be torn apart?

Features 💫 ∴。 *

Emotional narrative told through pictures
Original, hand-drawn art and animations
★ 10-20 minutes of compact gameplay

⭐ 。·゚*.。

hello! If you support me with $5 you can get 24 cute wallpapers! Also, you can find the code on Github and play the game on mobile:

made by Angela He; music by vowl, ktvsky btwrks, dj sad wikipedia, luvbird. Thanks to Gabrielle Cohn for support 💝  

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorangela he
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Anime, Casual, Comedy, Dark, LGBT, Romance, Short


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Wallpapers.zip 46 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more


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i.. accidentally threw the book of stars upward

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I Love The Storyline And The Artstyle has input to the game!♥️ And The Meaning Of It 10/10 Recommended To Play It!


bro i ritorly cried


so cute 🥺 🤩. loved it.


this was mad relatable

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loved it.


Short, gay and bittersweet. Nice quick experience, I whish there was more.



The dev said on her Tumblr that there wouldn't be any new content :/. Source: Angela He


Ur joking right? Noooooooo


just hoping nothing bad happens because i'd actually cry


i spoke away to soon


i did it again


Hi! I'm interested in your games (in fact, i loved "missed messages." and i want to buy "a new life."), but i would like to buy them on Steam: there are possibilities to see them on that platform?


not sure if you saw it, but it's currently availabe on Steam, I just added it to my wish list, lol.

Really? Because on Angela He's page i found only "COME ALIVE!", "a new life.", "missed messages." and "Suppressed"... well, at least, now we know that Zephybite will release other games on Steam! :)


i cant move on one screen

is it the one when the 2 people speak about the book? same here

Deleted 147 days ago

if you're at the part i think you are, try connecting the stars in the speech bubbles.


It says "Nothing is available for download yet." :(



WHY SO SAD ( = o = )

I loved it  :) Really adorable.


the story should have continued :(


Paimon Thinks this is a cute game, you are such a good artist! <3333 Good luck on future projects!!

so cute!!!!! i love the art too <3


Now I need season 2 :') 


what is the songs name?


the story should have contınued.

one of my fave game's. It reminds me its okay to be myself!  It makes me more then happy! thank you so much for this game!

Show post...

I-I- I love this 


(1 edit) (+1)

omg this is so cute, i love the art stile and the story is so simple and cute so so so so beautiful i just wished it was longer i wanna know if they get to live happy together 


I downloaded the game but it doesn't work?


<3 <3


As a transbian I approve this message


so beautiful ;-;


this game is lovely !!




This game is so CUTE!!!!AAAAAHHHHHH


ahhh i played this a while ago in my phone this is a MASTERPIECE ♡♡♡


how do you get out of the scene after the baseball game

It worked for me after I scrolled to the bottom right, then swipe right


I almost cried playing this game its just so good



Get my  man´s song outta there!!!! My man chet baker does not deserve to be in a gay fucking game, you are just making him ashamed, my jazz guy did not create that masterpiece to be on a shitty game like this. F for Chet Baker


You are a bad person


"your man" doesnt deserve an asshole piece of trash like you <3

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Homophobic scumbags like you have their own place in hell.


I'm gayer than a twink with a daddy kink on p0ornhub now get this m0therfucking comment out of my sight.


I just reported this piece of trash.

You need to stop. Homophobic people like get there own little spot in hell.


It's always stuck at the scene after the baseball game.


another amazing game by angela he, currently crying this game made me so sad:(


Eu amei! Tão pequeno mas tão bunitinho <3


This is an amazing story/game. The pictures are so good and I loved this so much.

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