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Hey there,

will there be an update to play this game on newer Android phones? Because I really enjoyed it playing on the phone, but since I got a new one, I'm not able to play it.  Since the game was made for an older version.

Much love bobacore

Hellour, er, which kitties have the love action? It seems helpful for most rounds but I have no clue which cat has it heh.

princess leaf and uwu! get uwu by stray kitty (fields level 5) and princess leaf can be bought for 20 coins or gotten by random draw (if the shop is available after meeting leaf [fields level 3])

Lovely tysm! I cant beat the friggin first robocat level though RAH

the last city level? :0

As I wrote in the review: I once bought a cat and got nothing. Also, my fight froze and I wasn't able to access it again after restarting. At first, this game made me happy, but now it made me sad. Won't recommend it unless you fix it so it'll be playable.

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If you have gotten a cat from battles, such as Persian, bred, old man Marvin, or Scottish fold, cats cannot be bought anymore(ONLY ON WEB VER, MOBILE VERSION IS WORKING), I've had this same glitch, it's perfectly okay as the cat shop isn't the best (no offense to creator) the cats you get from battles are somewhat better when leveled up than the 1-star starters. :)


^^^ !!!!! additionally this game has been around since 2018 AND is a hackathon project (as said in the github) so i doubt game creator would really update the game as she has other priorities. luckily once you get through, you have many opportunities to get powerful cats, such as caticorn and robocat, both 4 star cats (with max damages of 63 and 85 respectively.)

I can't instal from Play Market because this game for so old android, not fot my android 10((((((


um.. What happened to my cat 😭


that sometimes happens as a harmless glitch! scroll down, a few people have gotten it X]


Its honestly cute lol, It looks like my cat actually, Thanks :)


ofc! and yeah, orange cat and tabby cat look related.....!

Definitely a very very cute game! I love it!

so cute ! <3 are there any plans to make it downloadable for pc? my save slots have reset a few times 

oh i'm sorry that happened! what were your issues normally?

is it just me or sometimes when i pay for random cat it does not give me any

its a glitch onthe web ver. dont do it.

ok thx!

cute game!!! i love it!!!!!!

This game has quite literally saved my life thank you so much <333 this game gives me to motivation to live lol!



guys help i cant get any cats the only time i can get a cat is by completing lvls


that happens in the web version if accepting bred from home or cats from fields. check further down the comment section.

small comment thread of my save with all cats, starting with ~

basically my.. weird team playing against 3/4 comfort cats (pixel cat is the only comfort cat outside of the woods) :^

nevermind.... wholesome cats decided to reset my save w all the cats....... :'[


did some experimenting and found out that as long as you use computer - woods trail before it, you can get angel neko before even defeating gentlecats/city level 2 x3 i defeated the entire computer with a level 15 lala haha. if you want to try it you can, i can tell you the exact stats of my lala when i defeated the computer.

you can tell from the dialogue that it's actually when i defeated gentlecats! my angel neko had 16 in damage during this time (level 17..!)

fun fact, i didn't get my angel neko through the computer level itself, i got them through random draw after i got wood from woods level 1 hehehe

goodness, i never knew!! how'd you get lala to kill angel neko at the computer? :0 is that some kind of magic? i need to try that guide lmao

in the meantime, I'm reluctantly stuck on levelling my angel neko for the final battle hh

this is my second time using one cat to knock out the entire royal family, any tips? ^w^

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as a person who's been experimenting on.... coughs.... over 30 saves since august last year, it's easy (atleast for me ;u;)! when you got lala, make sure you haven't leveled up any cats from the house level! not even bred (who you should have to get the chances of getting lala higher!!)

level up lala with them! they should atleast get to level 8-10. then go to the computer, and then house, and back and forth. then level up lala with your fishbones! you should be able to get through computer levels 1 and 2 smoothly.

then, level up lala with the fishbones! you may have gotten strawberry from the level 2, but don't use strawberry! they miss frequently, which gives them a disadvantage with angel neko. for example, if they miss with angel neko, they get an effect. while under the love effect, plush hits. there's a chance they'll get a distracted effect.

use lala (who would be at levels 13-15!) to defeat! target angel neko first. when it comes back to angel neko after plush, pixel cat and strawberry had their turns, use joke! angel neko is under the music effect. not many people know this, but when using an act, the cat never gets out of the effect, so you may continue attacking angel neko while the other three have turns again!

there's a chance of getting angel neko when you decline pixel cat! it didn't work for this time, but the shop is still open for random draws and buying. angel neko is... expensive, 20 coins ;u; so it's your best shot random drawing. you might get plush, which is better!

if you got no luck on that, use lala to defeat woods level 1. the fields are still locked when defeating the computer. you have a big chance of getting wood! wood has a max of 75 damage, the second highest (highest is 85!)

for the last battle ~

don't hesitate leveling them up to 99! caticorn and angel neko are the best cats to defeat the royal family with! there are also prince star and rainbow with the same stats, but their attacks have no effect (nothing like scared, love, etc!) while caticorn and angel neko have love!

for the battle, defeat cats in this order: night queen > cloud king > prince star > princess leaf! princess leaf should be left as she misses often, with a max damage of 58. it may be hard to get through prince star, but luckily he's the only real threat with magic and 53 (56 once completed and replay) damage. night queen and cloud king miss often with powerful cats, ESPECIALLY cloud king.

hope you have fun!! if you need further help lmk!!

oh, wow!~ thanks for all this wholesome cat knowledge, i never knew it was possible to get angel neko from the last battle at the computer!! tysm for the tips <33

good luck in your travels!! 


of course!!! <33 i hold this game very close to my heart so i want to make the experience better for other players!!

and thank you!!! i hope the battle goes well/went well!! :3

Soo can someone help me with teams? My teams is kinda good rn I guess but due to some certain stats (looking at you death, super slow and misses A TON) I feel like I need to change the team to improve it. 

Current team: 
[Pixel cat - lvl 40]   [Ghost cat - lvl 34] 
[Death - lvl 36]        [Caticorn - lvl 35]

Other cards I have: 
 - Mustache Cat - lvl19
 - OxO - lvl 12
 - uwu - lvl 15
 - <3 Donut - lvl 20
 - Fire Cat - lvl 28
 - Nerd - lvl 24

Also I don't mind having to grind fishbones. However team will need to change later because I need to add a cat with "swim" abiliy... Any advice on that as well? 

Thank you in advance if you ever reply to this :D (especially you, sprout [star], you've helped A LOT :DD So far, for the comments I've seen asking for advice you've replied to all of them :D *faith in humanity +1000*)

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level up caticorn! it's easy to level up caticorn, their max damage is 63. they can easily take down cats. death has think, and think cats miss frequently!

pixel cat has comfort, and comfort cats have an extremely low health and damage (max 310 health, 40 dmg! compare it to even death's stats, 390 max health and 60 dmg)

ghost cat, they just need a little polishing and they'll be good to go! your main focus should be caticorn.

and THANK YOU :'D i love this game alot, so i'm glad i can help others! i can't believe i'm actually being thanked for some help i give for a game close to my heart *sob

Ok so Caticorn is now lvl 37 and Ghost cat is lvl 36.

okay! to get more fishbones i suggest using computer - house, house - computer trail with caticorn to defeat the house cats easily!

and if you want to, sell uwu! although they're cute, you can always restart the game with the goal of getting all cats (my motto when i get a cute cat and remember my save with all cats..), since all levels with love as an auto-win are already defeated when it's ocean time! if not (either you left the fields level 7, or woods levels 2 or 6..) then keep them.

and DON'T sell pixel cat! they have comfort, which auto-wins the last three stages of the game.

Thank you!! :DD

waah of course hehe!!! if you need further help lmk :D i can write an entire essay hsjdhfjsh -- you'll be on my ocean essay list >:]

ocean essay sounds fun :0 honestly this game, although small, is super interesting!! i could rant abt it all day,,

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Info for everyone 

make an account and switch to the mobile version to get cats with coins. This version here is bugged and will stop giving you cats. You can also get 1 coin for 1000 bones there. (Also you can find a guide on the game by user sprout if you scroll down here or ctrl+f to "buddy's updated wholesome cats tips part 75")

thank you :') I was literally stuck not knowing how to get past the ocean world because I suddenly can't get new cats and I set my only cat with the ability "swim" free :")))

i'm glad you pointed it out, most don't know that! wholesome cats, as far as i know, was made specifically for mobile, but a web version was made; which is why other features, such as backgrounds when having interruptions (turned into white on the web), is gone.

I think when you recruit a new cat but don't have enough slots there should be an option to set a cat in your deck free to allow space for the new cat. Otherwise, it's a great game!

yeah! that's why it's recommended to sell/set free unused cats.

Uwaah- Can someone help me with recruitment? I'm always stuck on this level for hours ;w; My cats: Orange cat, brown cat, persian (lowest level), bred (highest level 11), mustache cat, OxO, fat cat (also lowest level [both of them are lvl 2 btw..- ])

hAHDhAIHAH I don't like city stage :sob:

I'm not really sure, but you can travel back and forth between the city to other worlds to get fishbones (home, computer, fields, or woods, it's really up to you but apparently woods <-> computer is the best way to get fishbones quickly). This could help you level up your cats to be better. 

Also I recommend checking out the Wholesome Cats Fandom Wiki. It has tons of info that could really help you, such as which acts can help you win which stages easily ;) Looking into the cats' stats is also helpful. 

Personally for me one of the most important factors in deciding which cats to get is their type of attacks. I kinda classify them into 2 types: direct/close-up and projectiles. Projectiles is split-up into more types: slow/floaty and direct/WEEEEE. Direct are attack which requires the cat to touch their target to perform the attack. Projectiles, as long as its within the range, the cats can just stand there and throw. Otherwise, they move closer until within the range. The two types of projectiles are based on how the projectiles travel. Example: Leaf and bubbles go slowly kinda like waves; Flower and Cat just speeds directly to the target. I noticed the floaty kind usually misses pretty easily. 

Other than that, I don't really know what to add. Sorry for the long text :') Must've painful to read for you. 

Kimirozu has the best explanation, but with this, use bred's feed. bred is in level 11, which damages business cat. make a team of persian, bred, mustache cat and oxo (the projectile cats in the back). level up mustache cat because 2/3 recruitment cats have a fast attack, and oxo has a slow attack

Can you PLEASE help me with the guardians I keep on trying to get past them but no matter what I do I cant! I was trying to change my team to see if different acts would cause damage I found out that both the act swim and feed do some damage. These are my cats: Tabby cat, brown cat, Persian, Scottish fold, Cream, Lil sprout, Sleepy, Ghost cat, uwu, pretty cat, caticorn, wood, nerd, death, and Pixel cat. It sounds like a lot of cats but really it isn't too much. I am willing to get other cats if that's what it takes although it's hard I'll do it if I have to.


put cats in this way: ghost cat, wood, scottish fold and caticorn. level up the back cats, the front cats are just there for damaging and also for taking the hits instead of necessary cats.

level all cats up to over 40 damage. caticorn especially. wood would be easy to get to 40 damage as he has a max of 75 damage (also cerbercat's max).

have caticorn over 200 health, caticorn is the most necessary cat in the team. wood does good damage but has a very low health, they and cerbercat have the 2nd fewest health (max health of 320, the fewest health are comfort cats excluding fire cat [pixel cat] with 310 max)

target the other cats first than ice cat. ice cat has magic, and may heal the team members fast. however, it's better to confront ice cat with caticorn at the end (make sure caticorn has a damage OVER ice cat's, ice cat has 43 damage at the time of first battling them)

swim damages water, feed and deal damage ice cat.

wish you luck!

full screen i need it

So I have a bug.
I tried to buy new cats but the gold would just disappear and no cat would come. Also, in select your own cat, no cat would like appear on the options. (on sale)

Aloha. That sucks :(

All ur work gone. :(

Well maybe u can win them gurl. :)

Good Luck :D

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So they have an announcement and I'm just replying so it appears in your notifs so you know :) it's the top/latest comment by someone names setea or something




Want to know who is my favorite cat? Fire cat!!! I love my fire cat so much he is on level 88 , the highest in my desk i feed him and i see he became quite fat (oh you see i am just kidding he didn't become fat)

i have a ton of gold and no use for it

just save up until after the game. then get the mobile version if you can and you might be able to get the royal family (cloud king, night queen, prince star or princess leaf). each cat is above 20 coins.

how many levels do my cats need to be to defeat a fields cat in one hit?

it takes alot of leveling up. just use acts.

autowinning acts:

level 1 - meow

level 2 - feed

level 3 - story/teach

level 4 - comfort/deal

level 5 - love

level 6 - comfort

level 7 - love

please make it so you can exchange gold for silver and vice versa. PLEASE

in the mobile version, you can exchange 1000 fishbones for 1 coin. unfortunately it dosen't have a vice versa option

I like this game but I've walked between city and home multiple times now to upgrade my cats, but they still miss and keep losing, I've been playing two hours and my cats still miss over and over and I can't beat the catnip cats. I don't really see how I'm supposed to progress. This game started out really fun but now it's just tedious and it's so difficult to level up my cats with the small amount of fish I get as a reward.

it depends, who are your cats? i can help. meow lowers the 1st OxO's health and deal from mustache cat wins.

Walk back and forth from the city to the computer(down and right from the city; it's a bit hard to notice). Each battle gives you upwards of 16 fish.


i love it!! it's so cute and wholesome and i love to play it, i'd been looking for some new games and found your account and i really like what i've tried so far!! keep up the great work ilysm!! <3

hm, weird glitch - i was playing on incognito on my save with all the cats again, and i was waiting again for the game to load back to the explore. i noticed when i went back to the incognito window that my deck had a level 1 orange cat - not the orange cat i had, but a completely new one - and since i was quite baffled i just leveled them up.

does anybody know if i can get the moustache cat even if i dont first time round? i won by using feed but didnt get him, does that mean i need to keep replaying the stage by fighting until i get him?

i'm sorry, but you can't. the game's been designed not to give any cats anymore from a level you've already beat, the best choice is to try randomizing until you get mustache cat - but with bred, the dreaded "give box cat coin and box cat steals without giving cat" glitch happens. box cat dosen't like bred.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH GUARDIANS ??? my team consists of caticorn, water cat, angel neko, and fire cat. other cats that i have : bred, moustache cat, cream, uwu, death, & nerd. PLEASE HELP :(( ive been stuck on this level for agessss

oh! luckily you have an abundance of cats. let's see:


1. switch fire cat with bred/cream, or mustache cat! cream and bred have feed, which damages ice cat. deal from mustache cat does too. it's better to use and level up cream as cream has a 1+ max hit point than bred and mustache cat.

2. put your team like this: *the lower level between caticorn/angel neko*, bred, *the higher level between caticorn/angel neko* and water. if not bred, switch the team to caticorn/angel neko, water, angel neko/caticorn and cream/mustache cat.

3. level up caticorn and angel neko. also level up water and the cat with feed/deal until they do atleast over 35 in damage and have over 200 health. if that's not possible, atleast the damage part works.



4. don't worry about cerbercat. cerbercat is in the 3rd slot of the 3-members team, which if you didn't know, is a very hard spot to hit if a) the cat is aiming for the leader of a 4-cat team, b) has an attack in paw, lick, bite, skull-bite or strawberry-bite, as they have lower ranges and c) are slow, all of which are cderbercat's traits. cerbercat also has lower health with a max health of 320.

5. cerbercat's first skullbite attack will almost always not have a scared effect. cerbercat's next attacks will probably do, but there's the fact above.

6. cerbercat, despite doing 55 damage when ghosted, is slow, and cream's fast-paced attack can knockback cerbercat (because of them having to get close to attack) and do damage, without cerbercat being able to reach the cat normally. i've played guardians countless times with cats like shadow and jack-o-lantern who have the bat attack which is a fast-paced attack.


7. water, unlike cerbercat, is fast and has a max speed of 14.0. water also does 46 damage with precise accuracy, unlike cerbercat who generally misses when fighting powerful cats, which makes it perfect for caticorn/angel neko to be in the leader position which cerbercat targets. anyways, back to water-

8. swim does damage to water which is why it's best to level up water to a good level. this is also why it's better to target water first than any of the other cats, so that when water is defeated, you have a strong cat but also a cat with a terrible range.


9. ice cat is the hardest to defeat. they can do magic and deal 45 damage. a total nightmare. luckily ice cat has lower health than water, and when water is defeated, use cerbercat's weakness to hit ice cat and stun them. if possible use up all the acts, including magic, until you are completely sure that your damage will be able to end ice cat.

10. ice cat has a very precise accuracy and rarely misses, if at all. thank you, snowflake attack type. this is why it's best to get the back row caticorn/angel neko to over a 45 damage so ice cat has a better chance of missing.

hope this helped!


Could I get some advice? I'm on the second battle in the ocean and I have quite a bit of cats, but the only cat I have that can swim is wood, unfortunately, I sold water cat and wood is just not getting the job done. I would be fine if there was any way to get Water cat back. Any advice? P.S my team is Ghost cat, Sleepy, Caticorn, and Wood. (I'm pretty sure Wood keeps on failing because of his attack type since it keeps on missing)

in all honesty, if replaying the game, it's better to sell wood than water ~ wood has a better damage but low health, and water has a precise attack.


1. remove sleepy from the team since sleepy has a 99% chance of failing, as they have think. death, sleepy and opal, the cats with think, have a significantly low chance of hitting cats above 1 star. replace sleepy with any other cat or just go on with 3 cats.

2. level wood up. wood's increase in damage also increases act damage. swim damages cloud king, and when i used wood's swim in one of my saves, they did ~70 damage to cloud king using swim, so leveling up wood is essential.

3. LEVEL UP CATICORN. if wood and ghost cat fail, there's still caticorn. caticorn has a lot of health and damage. caticorn should be the main focus,  level them up alongside wood. no need for ghost cat.

4. put your team like this: ghost cat, *cat*, wood and caticorn.


5. target cloud king first. an advantage of having wood instead of water is that they may be able to hit cloud king (unlike water who can't hit cloud king once cloud king flies)

6. after ghost cat hits cloud king and the cat in the 2nd slot hits water, use swim. using an act while a cat is under an effect (love, scare, etc) will extend the cat's effect (and possibly get it hurt, with the hurt in their confusion effect!)

7. when it comes back to ghost cat, use ghost to further escalate cloud king's scared effect. a note is that the scared-hurt effect actually does damage better than others like love or play-distraction!

hope this helped!

I adore this game! I never thought I could possibly see such cute cats. This game is great honestly, It has a great story if you're into fairytales! If you're into cats, let's just say you are not gonna go outside again!


Deleted 151 days ago

I really like this game although I have this one problem about the level ''Guardians'' Somehow i keep losing for some reason, its quite difficult and im trying my best to beat it but its way too hard, I only had a few cats that were; Jack-o-Lantern, Shadow, Water cat, And chocolate, I know its not the best team but thats all i have, Can anyone give some tips and ways on how to beat it?

try replacing chocolate with caticorn, you must have gotten them. level them up to where they're over 40 damage. guardians is told to be the hardest level in the game because there's no automatic winning act and all cats have over 40 damage, cerbercat does 55.


1. put water and chocolate in the front. they won't be able to attack in the back row. jack-o-lantern and shadow should be kept in the back because they have projectile attacks.

2. jack-o-lantern, shadow and water should be the first focus on leveling up. chocolate, water and jack-o-lantern all have the same stats, while shadow has slightly different stats. shadow's stats actually align with ice cat's.

3. if you have any 4 starred cats, put them on your team in chocolate's place. cats you may have gotten are caticorn, angel neko, princess leaf or robocat. level the first two and the last up if you happen to have any of them. if you don't, keep chocolate.

4. make sure shadow has a moment where they can ghost. ghost levels up the cat's damage by 1 point, and makes them harder to hit as a translucent figure.


5. when in battle, target water first. water can sometimes get in the way when trying to hit ice cat, and the swim act can damage water. ice cat has magic, so target them after water, and cerbercat is in the third slot, which makes them prone to being blocked by ice cat when trying to attack.

6. after battling water, the front row may have low health. instead, use the front row until both water and chocolate are out; but don't forget to use chocolate's feed beforehand! feed damages ice cat, and since chocolate is a 3 starred cat, they can do quite a bit of damage if they're leveled up.

7. fighting cerbercat is easy. they're not that fast, and despite having a high damage, they also have a low health. for starters, ice cat's max health is 355, and water's max health is 370. cerbercat's max health is only 320. they also miss often when fighting powered cats.

after battling, you might get ice cat. to show them off, you can use them to advance to sky and space with your comfort cat; ice cat has magic which can unlock the skies, as noted by water after finishing guardians.

hope this helped! i played this game alot of times, meaning i also played guardians alot.

i also have another tip - when wanting to get a cat like robocat or such, log out of the web version and log in on the mobile version. start going around the map until you've racked up 15 coins (1000 fishbones = 1 coin, it might be tedious but i genuinely did this once to get cloud king to help finish the guardians level - not to mention cloud king is 25 coins) and get robocat. level up robocat until they pass atleast 200 health, and then switch them with robocat. same with caticorn and angel neko, but caticorn is the more preferrable option, since angel neko is 20 coins.

Deleted post

you can't </3


yeeeeeeeaahhhhh congrats

I have had a stressful game and this helped

OH MY GOD I ACCIDENTALLY SAID GAME I MEAN DAY LOL I'm not gonna edit that out because I don't like doing it as it makes me feel like i'm trying to get rid of my imperfections and I don't think that's a good way to live. People are supposed to not be perfect.


damn you rlly made the fact that you accidently typed something into something rlly deep

Is the game available on PC?

unfortunately not :( it's available on mobile and web only.

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How do I get more coins, for free?? I just started this game : )

sell cats or beat boss levels! once you beat the game, you can switch to the mobile version and trade the probably 6k fishbones you got from the level to 6 coins (1000 = 1 coin)

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Ooh, okay, thank you!! This game is soo fun!: ))

of course! i love to help beginners. and so true omg

I cant get my account back :(( Does anyone know how to get it back?

have you saved your login information? try logging in. then there'll be a prompt. pick the saved option.

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