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this is so adorable and please make us download it in our windows or laptop :(

its wiping my progress again,,,, sobs

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I love this game but some parts are a bit buggy. Like I choose a cat from the shop. The cats get in eachother's way too but I dont  think that's a bug. It does get annoying though.

EDIT: So I finished the game and it's amazing, totally winnable and took me about two days!!

I used this a lot, completely helps when picking the  right cat.

I adore this game it's amazing, good job!

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awesome game,but its kinda annoying.

i dont really like how usually if theres 4 - 3 cats in your team, and its one of the cats turn to attack, but the other cats are kinda blocking the way.So the cats unable to attack,but the opponent is.Its not really fair tbh.

another thing that bothers me is the coins.I wanted to buy a cat to help my team because i got 2 stars, and if i get 2 stars i try over and over again just to get 3 stars.But the cat in the box took the coin n' stuff and i didnt get a cat ??? i tried again but again,no cat! so now im broke w only 1 coin :')

those are only the bugs that annoy me i hope they get fixed, but either way its a great game. 

EDIT: i used the last coin and i STILL DIDNT GET A CAT

rip bud

this game....... is my life..............
although it wiped a little of my progress yesterday :( i was able to catch up though!
i also love the little detail where manmade and life cats can be sold for coins but cats from the house level can only be set free.... this game is just the epitome of adorable <3

wow i love this game so much!!!!!!

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Softlocked at the start of the game somehow. At the tutorial while buying a random cat at shop

How do you get coins?

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Help theres a bug when I want to explore and go outside it doesnt let me so i tried to act or fight but nothing happened so now im stuck

Edit: nvm I escaped

how do i get more cat coins?

I'm stuck. I have no cat coins, and I can't play without a cat. It won't let me get a cat. What do I do?

This games is cute and fun

But so getting on my nerves i cant defeat any on the woods and others

is ACT working on cats that aren't even fighting???


i wish to download it

lamo, my game frozen whens i try fight so i need to act


I love this game so much thank you my savior.

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pretty sure this is a bug: i can't enter city without being interrupted by other cats over and over and it doesn't stop if i go home and reopen explore i am stuck in an almost infinite loop where i am incapable of doing anything but fighting other cats

edit: never mind, i escaped :D

Please Make More UpDate's God Please


luckly i already sign up


the game reseted




(Just found a glich)

Ah. I did not read the comments until now. I can’t even start the game since it seems stuck on the opening screen with no change/response :( Maybe I’ll just try an app version?

I havent play this for 4 months because it was broken :(

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my progress is reseted now i have to do it from the house in the old account i have many coins (15 coins) and many fishone😭😭😭😭😭


The game is reseted:(

Hey, did you know that you can softlock yourself by buying and setting free all your cats?


whenever i try to buy a cat, nothing pops up. (FYI, I have the upgraded slot, and only have 6 cat atm) it still takes my coins anyway. i also have a problem were nothing pops up when I click "pick a cat" is this happening to anyone else

YES, this keeps happening to me i'm so confused. T^T


but i can pick a cat 

honestly, that never happened to me so idk what to do about that.  ._.

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im having a problem where one of my cats keep missing? its the same one every time (its death if that helps) it wont lay a hit, always miss

hi! this is so late and you've probably moved on but i just wanted to mention that cats with think miss often. death, sleepy and opal are purposely wired to miss many times.

This game is so cute! :)

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Once you go to the city and beat the first level shopping for cats doesn't work anymore so coins will be useless. Trust me I have tried going to different websites to see if it was not like that but it is like that on every website that lets you play this game. but if you click to get a random cat you can press the menu after and get it.


help me the game its broken. i lost 5 coins

repair pls

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Literally The Best Game Ever

My favorite Cat Its:

For anyone who needs help

ok thank you


Hii, I love this game very much but can you let us get coins easier like after fighting cuz I need to buy new cats. Thanks.

yes do this

acts are broken and dont effect anything :(

Actually acts can make you automatically win if you know which one makes you win instantly. It will show you every act that makes you win automatically.

how do you get cat coin


Level up a cat to level 19 then sell it


thank you 🤑😺

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