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Anyone know how to get ending 1?

This game is still enjoyable if you don't know biology, it can also I dunno teach you some biology too?, But still a good game.


so what am i doing wrong, how to get the ending 1?


i fucking LOVE this game.

You dammed us all...who hurt you?


this is really ominous *cough *cough

De que trata

grey plague


this 2017 game about mysterious disease are set in 2020?? oh boy


Thanks for the science lesson.

all the artworks are really detailed. i also love the mini-game idea, even tho i wasn't able to finish the story bc of it ;; always love and enjoyed zephyo's works!!


Does anybody know what kind of art style this is?

Realistic sort of. Realistic anime like.


The mini game is quite annoying and hard to pass since some of white and purple thingy got stuck easily but still this have a good story line.




This game was really good, the art style was great, the characters where interesting and the gameplay was more interactive than I expected! I love this game you should defiantly make more parts :D


I just came back and realized this was set for the year 2020 I- ... 


just finish playing this, it beautiful and do you know how to make her grandma not to die?

she didnt die- she fell into a coma and i think thats whats supposed to happen

"pls forgive for mistakes" 

pffft didn't even notice

art is amazing I got distracted





Guys help... the game hasn't ended yet


im using a version 10.15.7 MacBook, what version does this work on?


this is the SECOND premonition of a grand-scale pandemic from this creator (this + mentioned in missed messages) - are you an artsy time traveller??!! 0.0


This person is a Time Lord, of course!






hmm, lots of comments coming lately...


ruh roh raggy


This did not age well.


The title did not age well...


...uh oh


the real nostradamus

I'm shook now


Oh boy, that premise aged quite beautifully.


...How did you know?


What the, created in 2017?!


time traveler ¬‿¬


Damn gal u predicted covid. right year and everything


wow! Not only does she have the power to see internal orans but she also has the power to tell the future!!! I can't wait to finish the game :)


Oh my god Angela predicted covid-


damn predicted it 3 years early


foreshadowing much?


u psychic or sum??

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