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coronavirus jokes aside, this was an excellent game. i learned more about tuberculosis than i ever cared to know! amazing art (though that's not surprising) and great choice of music. encountered quite a few bugs, but nothing that ruined the experience.


Corona, corona, corona, corooooona...

One, wash your hands.

Two, don't touch me.

Three, wear a mask.

Four, don't touch me,


Don't touch me.


What a coincidence but please make more games, I'm a big fan of your work hehe 


year 2020 hMMm


oMg, iT iS sUch A cOinCideNcEeeE


man, this game is so ironic but the fact i can't get all of the bacteria at the end is so frustrating! 


Uh Angela... did you actually see this coming? xDDD


uhhh O_O

ikr .-.


THIS GAME IS AMAZING but, I can’t save…


I just wanted to stop by now that I have an itch account and say I love this game! Edutainment is the best and this not only does those two things, it also forces you to make choices that direct a part of the world's course in complicated ways you don't always expect. I played this over a year ago and I still feel like I played it yesterday. That's how memorable this game is. 


Dang- This was made before and it mentioned 2020, now this is giving me the heeby jeebies

Dude same...I got the chills when the year came up in the game.


Corona Virus?

certeza heuheu


Lovely art and I learned a lot about biology in a non overhwhelming way

I kept losing the cursor because it's too small and dark especially on the dark text background though

This game is great. Relaxing and educational.

Such a great game. Got stuck, then realized i was just dumb. ^_^

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Really appreciate the little game experience by learning at same time.  Can't find the way to finish the game though

How do you manipulate the bacteria?


The game is too glitchy for me to really play through :(

It freezes up a lot and at one point layered some of the inside the body pictures over the setting of the apartment


maybe try setting the graphics quality to simple. if you have an old computer and/or a mac, (like me) it'll be a lot slower

How can i manupilate the granuloma?


lol its 2019... anyone else scared??? haven't played yet, but I'm excited!!!!!


it's 2020


how do you get ending one? Also, i hate biology, but i LOVED learning about it in this visual novel/game. I'd pass my bio class if my studying sheets came in this type of format >w< Please continue to make more visual novels like this that take thinking/learning ,yet aren't overwhelming!!! 

k first things first, this game's an emotional rollercoaster that I rly enjoyed but i'm still stuck because I can't manage to get the other ending :(( could someone help me out?


This game is just brilliant! I like the gameplay and the storyline. But the ending is way too sad for me. It says: even magic can't help you resque the one you love, so all you have is a little hope. This is distressing, because this is reality.

Also, I've encountered the same bug L1ght5h0w wrote about a year ago: I came to grandma before visiting Red's mother and was unable to return to the Metro.


I didn't get a sad ending, but a happy one. i'm unable to unlock the other one, tho.

I got ending where Red's biotechnically skilled friend will recreate Red's grandmas brains, not sure if this is happy ending or not.


Hi so far the game is good but the left and right edges are flashing pretty often and it causes a slight headache. Can you fix it?

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may you please fix the lights glitch, that matter is serious others with epilepsy


Can someone explain how to get the first ending?

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Hey Zephyo/Angela! Loved the game as always. The art was amazing and the ending made me emotional and really ponder about things (only got the bad ending, couldn't figure out the good ending).

Just some feedback:

- The game kept glitching out when I went back to do parts I've missed as well as when I had to redo some things. The dialogue would skip or overlay continuously until the game froze.

- A hint system, maybe at the end to help lead the player in the right direction

- On the resolution I played at, after the white blood cell scenes, you can see the game screen peeking through on the edges (See video for example).

Keep up the great work! Your story telling has improved a lot and I look forward to what you put out in the future!

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This was an amazing game!! It made me emotional for a minute when I messed up in Grandma's lungs (at least there's a reset button.) The story and gameplay mix was very well done and I love this concept. I thought learning about biology might make this boring but I think it actually makes the game BETTER! It added to the realism of this game. I love this game and I look forward to future games from you! :)

Edit: It says the gameplay is 1-2 hours but for me it took about 30 minutes? Maybe I missed something, but I don't think I missed anything. I love seeing everything and interacting with everything in games, but I probably missed a big thing. 


Loved this game. I hope you make more like this


I'v played every one of your games an love them! This game I thought I wouldn't like it since it's so much about biology, but I loved, it was fun. And I was wondering is there only 1 ending or multiple?

Had a bug occur to me during my play through. Kind of killed the mood I think hahaha. Was trying to enjoy this the best I could! I'm not big on hospitals,doctors, or failing health. I'm a big fan of visual novels though!

aw sorry, yeah, maybe I shouldn't have posted this to itchio? lolol it was for academia. thanks for trying!

Went ahead and finished it up...Dope game.

Yay awesome!


Accidentally went to Grandma's before bringing the stuff to Mom. On the screen in front of Grandma's house, I couldn't click the left to go back to the bus.

hmmm I'll look into that...

Yeah, got the same thing just now.


aa, i tried it but i can't seem to get to ending 1? do I have to be faster or make different dialogue choices? sos D: 

Gave it a go...



Someone help mee on the grandma part, where one of the red pill is stuck because of the purple ball


D: ??? can you explain which section? (brain, etc) The brain is a bit difficult to strategize.


Hey thanks for the quick reply :)))) 


Im stuck in this part, I can't get the bacteria because of the calcified granumola (purple ball)

Grey Plague.png

ah. you have to strategize. Aka you have to manipulate the bacteria so it moves the granuloma by itself, then you can destroy it. hope that helps.

Owh yaaa I got it thankss soo much, I feel so dumb that i took so long to try and figure it out :p


how do you manipulate the bacteria T-T

great game really enjoyed it here is my playthrough 


Sometimes I met a glitch after the progress of TBC bacteria in potential patient's lungs and when I want to scan Red's own body, but overall it is a unique way in explaining a health problem  that normally comes as heavy topic even for the doctors. The nature of the story is written beautifully and the scene is captivating, with a distinctive art style that can only expected from this creator ^^

ah! I made it so long ago that I don't know how to debug it >< Hopefully you made it to the ending alright. Thanks so much Sora Album and I hope you found this heavy topic enjoyable.

Oh, I see... no problem then, I pretty much enjoy it; like a nice review of memories in medical studies I had long time ago >w<

Although.... I still don't get Ending 2... I always end up in Ending 1 :'D

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haha that's great ^^ hm.. omg.. I think I integrated Ending 2 in but I may have not -sweats- I'll check asap

ok yeah ending 2 is there, but you have to seriously f up to get it.

How did you get ending 1? I tryed 3 times and only got the ending 2


How did you get ending 1? I tryed 3 times and only got the ending 2


It has been a long while I played this, but I'll return for the walkthrough to Ending 1

Thank you! Haha, I'm very curious about Ending 1

LOOOOOVE the visuals again!  A big fan of the artist! Couldn't help but play the game. Definitely thinking of making a series for this!

thanks Frosted Fricks!! :D 

Whoaa this looks so interesting??? Brb- 

I get it(

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