Now you can experience social awkwardness in the comfort of your own home!

   Player 1: Q-upper arm | W-lower arm
   Player 2: P-upper arm | O-lower arm

made by Angela He in a day; find more on my tumblr/twitter/deviantart

*Note: playing this extremely realistic simulation of everyday interaction may cause side effects of smiles, discomfort, and crippling realizations


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feminine boy biologically here 


This is the kind of stuff I like to play when I'm high.



"that my nethers" 


haha so funny


i love this game, no homo

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is it me or does these two boys look like yuri and victor from yuri on ice???



This is the most brilliant concept I have seen in my life. And three tries in i got a consensual hug!

I must fail like that in my greetings more often! Will be very funny :D


Cool game, y'all should try making an online version or the ability to make custom characters.

hey, i was wondering if you could make an standalone version of this game? Because when i play it, it doesnt the characters :(


What the hell xD


Awesome game, much imagination! So creative! Love it! no homo


very cute


LOL! i have had so many "hugs" happen.

I love this hilariously stupid game!

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i lOVE this game, ITS HILARIOUS


how to i play it? there is just a black screen ;w;


I'd die for a Max and Chloe patch update. (Life is strange)


The white haired charcter and black haired character (both males) remind me of Victor and Yuri from Yuri on ice :,))


its soo stupid though


I love how it says "consensual hug" when they are clearly making out... I even move them both side to side to make it seem more chaotic. I love this stupid game


better than the Pokemon one


this is so silly and i like it so much


how do you download this game??


i started laughing so hard when they pulled near each other and went

"nice skin"

"w h y"




a m a z i n g


y e a h


Im weak about this game i dont get the point of it but is so funny


this game is so true!!! btw it wouldn't load for me but just from the pics it looks so realistic.


-played by herself-  -saw it finished already-  wtf just happend? ;-;


i played this by myself and i can't stop laughing


i've been playing this game 1 hour already and i still can't stop ( btw thanks for adding Viktor and Yuri ;) )




So wonderful and relatable 

Well done.


I saw yuri and viktor! when I tell you i gasped



Honestly I love this game! Like it's so ridiculous but that justs adds to the charm! I couldn't stop giggling :D 

tysm for making it

hi i really like ur art



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for some reason i can't see anything



same :(

Great game! Good job!

Thank you.

This is a gem.

Just thank you.

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