Now you can experience social awkwardness in the comfort of your own home!

   Player 1: Q-upper arm | W-lower arm
   Player 2: P-upper arm | O-lower arm

made by Angela He in a day; find more on my tumblr/twitter/deviantart

*Note: playing this extremely realistic simulation of everyday interaction may cause side effects of smiles, discomfort, and crippling realizations


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So wonderful and relatable 

Well done.

I saw yuri and viktor! when I tell you i gasped

Honestly I love this game! Like it's so ridiculous but that justs adds to the charm! I couldn't stop giggling :D 

tysm for making it


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for some reason i can't see anything


same :(

Great game! Good job!

Thank you.

This is a gem.

Just thank you.

hot xd


Please I've been playing this for like 40 minutes,  why is this so much fun 


i know right there's just something about it  😊😊


this is absolute gold i love it


Just asking but Why did you decide to make this?

Very funny and 100% realistic. Love it!

me too lol

half an hour of knowing what its like to be a lesbian but its still one of my favorite game.

This is the BEST GAME EVER. I told my self I'll play two more rounds of awkwardness, then I'm done. I relized I said that an hour ago...


i play this game all the time with my friends at school


I could play this game for 5 hours straight and I will.


5 hours gay 


I literally spent over ten minutes playing this game.
How did I get here?
Where did it all go so wrong?
Is there meaning left?


the one time I got the kiss thingie (instead of the "consensual hug") was when they looked like me and my crush uwu

love this game btw


Is ThAT viKTor i SeE???

I love this so much

this is my favorite game ever

I love it sz

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loading no homo >O<

no homo tho

lol so cool

My new favorite game


It may have hurt playing this, but it was the right thing to do.


happy pride month people


I can stop whenever i want







Sometimes I just act out as them and make them do some questionable stuff...



Now hol up there



How come they are such handsom beens?

some hand bean

lol meem

...this made me laugh harder than it should've


I died internally


ahhh I love this game!!! (no homo)

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