Now you can experience social awkwardness in the comfort of your own home!

   Player 1: Q-upper arm | W-lower arm
   Player 2: P-upper arm | O-lower arm

made by Angela He in a day; find more on my tumblr/twitter/deviantart

*Note: playing this extremely realistic simulation of everyday interaction may cause side effects of smiles, discomfort, and crippling realizations


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Love this so funny

love this so funny 

Hug me

a CoNsEnSuAL HuG!

I love this so much XD

Aweh cute <3 love it!

yass love it!


Reminds me kinda of Ruby and Sapphire from SU.

lol cute art


Wtf nibba, that's gay as frick nibba. Ill sing a song for you: "i got the nibbas in the back, they are really black"

This was so cute! I loved the art style! Had lots of fun with the gf :*

super cute and fun! love the art style!

I love this gameeeeeeee


I was just like "ok, this one moves the arm, and this one... OMG they kissed :D )


I mean that just kinda describes my life lmao


Simple but fun AF!

such a funny game and extremely cute. it's short and nice. 





This game is adorable and a lot of fun :) really simple controls that work well, was a great game to boot up in class and play with friends  


i got a consensual hug (kiss) when one guy grabed his waist and the other grabed his crotch owo

best game ever played


I played this game with my Girlfriend and we had a lot of fun :


Lol it says "Consensual Hug" when they kiss


The game is cute but the homophiles in the comments fetishizing gay relationships is not.  🍵


Why does need to exist


i want to die




Playing this with my girlfriend (we are bisexuals). This is CUTE!


Me- internal screaming because Victuuri and Klance.


ayeeeeee klance and victuuri





congratulations. you have made another QWOP. cool awesome!


This is great


really fun fr when im bored and want to laugh

also very accurate

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only Yaoi can understand ;-;  

Deleted post

yeah.. i love it !0\\0



I am a yaoi fan xD [Not really


this is just meh you have to buy this game !? this is a waste of time 

dont report just saying whats on my mind

how do you play this game



I love this! 

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Homo or not, this game is the best!


lol ive been playing this game for an hour straight its so awkward that it never gets boing XD

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