Now you can experience social awkwardness in the comfort of your own home!

   Player 1: Q-upper arm | W-lower arm
   Player 2: P-upper arm | O-lower arm

made by Angela He in a day; find more on my tumblr/twitter/deviantart

*Note: playing this extremely realistic simulation of everyday interaction may cause side effects of smiles, discomfort, and crippling realizations


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So addicting!!!

victor: hows family?

yuri: I'm alone.

victor: how hot let meh just kiss ya fellow boy~ w-wait thats my croch!

i know all of ya wattpad writters are jealous now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



I love this game <3

I just realized this is supposed to be a multiplayer game not just you messing around with them XD (just me? okay...)

Viktor: So uh hows work?

Yuri: Uh fine...-sweats from eyes-


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"I like your shirt."

"thanks! I grew it myself."

". . ."


Hello, I don't know what the game is about but I hope it's good and it's not a virus.

player 1: uh.. shake hands?


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Player 1: Oh, hey, I just had a dream about you.

Player 2: TBH, me too...

Wth? XD I love Angela He!

the controls wont work


no homo bro

eu gostei

why is this so relatable?????

maybe add more sayings?


cringey but nice

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"why it like this"
"No homo bro"
"Hiding forever"
"Insert apology"


i love this


angela he is such a troll lmaoo


here are all the end cards I could find: 

-welcome kiss
-consentual hug
-successful handshake
-4/10 will interact with again
-reads self help book
-an uncomfortable happening
-a weirdly long smooch
-a strangely lengthy kiss


nervous laughing


(2 edits) (+3)

-time to decease
-insert apology-

-no homo bro

also hiding forever


I played this Game for waaaaay Longer then I should have...


Same lmao


"nice skin" LMFAO 


this was so weird, funny and cute at the same time


omg yuri and victor are here! (from yuri on ice)


i had BIG fun

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Stop, Donald Trump!!!


W e l c o m e    M y     G e n t l e     T o u c h .


my gay a$$ : by dowlanding this i will have a gf LMAO


Player 1: Hi hows the family?

Player 2: no kiss me


player 2 -- what family


Oh my god, I had so much fun with this. Thank you for making it.


P2: "Hey, hows your family?" P1: "What family." P2: *pulls an awk face*. P2: ~Pulls her forward and kisses her.....~



I think is this game is based on ddlc xddd


best game  ever


why is the yuri and victor thing so cute omg

(+4) that..can't be..Yuri and Viktor?


this is more romance than ill ever have honestly-


this is great, i can't stop laughing


I am physically unable to stop playing this

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