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this is just meh you have to buy this game !? this is a waste of time 

dont report just saying whats on my mind

how do you play this game



I love this! 

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Homo or not, this game is the best!


lol ive been playing this game for an hour straight its so awkward that it never gets boing XD

have you tried playing it for an hour gay?


Um, I can't seem to figure out how to get the game to start? HELP

is it gray? cause that just means its loading. also if it isnt you just press q or w or p or o.


gud gaem


this is so damn cute! i love the addition of yuri and victor too!

god bless y'all


OOooff you can really feel the awkwardness but anyways, this game is great haha I love it! Especially with the fact that Viktor and Yuri was in the game I LOVE IT!

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Oh my god, I felt so awkward when I played this. Especially when I there when I was trying to grab their hand. (I laughed so hard when the thing about Trump came up haha) 

The littlest things in this game really made me enjoy it thoroughly such as being able to basically put your hand on the back of your head as you do when you’re nervous or feel awkward. 

I really enjoyed the game (thought it was cute too!) and can’t wait to see more content from you. :D 

(Btw, this is an old upload and I didn’t post it when I uploaded it because I didn’t have an account then)


oh god! the game makes my social anxiety worse!

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Why can't I played it?????


I cant stop playing it! Its online, there is yuri and victor can it get more perfect?!

uh,, likee,,, no homo breo......


this gif is horrifying

Um why?... 


jejej gay game ;)

cute and fun! short and sweet


I love being gay with myself


Adorable little game. Best with two players!



 cool :) i rlly wanna say "HELL YEAH WE GOTTA DO IT >:) " xD


anyone else looking for triggered feminist


ROFL Playing both players at the same time is...weird.

First try: P1's hand on p2's shoulder "ok now to do the same with p2" Hand flies up and grabs P1's groin...well shit, this got akward...


hello its very late in the night and i am alone so i gotta play both players and im dying. the game is very funny and cute



Toriel's not going to like this.

Haha, I love it so freakin' much!:D <3

Loved this! So funny and totally accurate

this game is actually the cutest uwu

I loved this, my face hurts from laughing. 

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-Not really that fun after 20 seconds.

-No story to it, made just for slight entertainment.




"How is your family?"

"I am alone."

well then that escalated quickly ;-;


Awww so cuteee *-*

LOL This is SO CUTE!

Great game, compares with Mass Effect easily.


Did you see the moon last night?

Haven't been outside in a long time.



funny but weird. nohomo tho

Really great, had a blast with my classmate xD

hahahaha this is fun xD


Im think about making a video on this, anybody have a good estimate for how long the game is? Thanks ^^

About thirty seconds.

nvm lmao

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