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-Not really that fun after 20 seconds.

-No story to it, made just for slight entertainment.




"How is your family?"

"I am alone."

well then that escalated quickly ;-;


Awww so cuteee *-*

LOL This is SO CUTE!

Great game, compares with Mass Effect easily.


Did you see the moon last night?

Haven't been outside in a long time.



funny but weird. nohomo tho

Really great, had a blast with my classmate xD

hahahaha this is fun xD


Im think about making a video on this, anybody have a good estimate for how long the game is? Thanks ^^

About thirty seconds.

nvm lmao

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the app name discriminate against gay people and bisexuals who are attracted to both men's and womans , i love being bisexual because i am not limited , many men's forgot when they v played when they was kids and they wanted to do something almost sexual to each other , see ? that the proof that we are bisexuals , i know there is an presure constant presure from differnt organizations to do not become bisexual , i am an human rights i v seen organiations who spread bad behaviour against bisexual people and anyone who try to  be attracted to both men's and womans , this app is the proof and one of the content against it


what on earth are you on about


tf are you on????


I can feel the triggeredness


lol nerd


whAt dude its not discrimination are yOu trIppinGGGG

your on something.


yes i understand your point here because i am bisexual, but i don't really care about the game it's really fun and i enjoy playing it and sometimes it kind of makes me feel better (hopefully i'm not the only one who feels that way xD)


dude just enjoy the game for what it is

Are you high? this is just a funny little game.

I feel like you need a red turtle neck and a whistle with this level of trigger. 


you are stupid



We don't need a simulator to know what it's like

so cute ♥

Bro :') I love this! It's kinda a bit hard to control them ... then I realize I was pressing the wrong key, hahah.

this was very cute thanks for making it ^^


"so uh, did you see the moon last night?"

"i don't go outside"


Cute game, I enjoyed it XD

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Doesn't work )-:

Ah okay.. it works now... got an error first... but now it works... very cute... but it's kinda like how I feel meeting people anyway... just that I would never dare drag them to me and hug or even kiss them...


how do i make it more homo?

nice game tho


Thank you for this cute game! We had tons of fun with it ^_^

Goofy and fun :o) I like your art style

i rate 29/10

Awesome game XD

amazing lmao

what a game XD AND THAT MUSIC XD Great, great, I will recommend it to all my friend :D

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I have WebGL, but the game does not run. I use Mozilla, can somebody help me?

You could use another browser. It worked fine for me on Chrome.

For me on Chrome doesn't run... I don't know what should I do with my computer o.O

On Chrome: "Your browser does not support WebGl" :/

maybe you have to download something

could be 3 things: you have an old version of Chrome or your WebGL is disabled or your computer is too old..?

I think that, maybe my Chrome have an old version, or WebGl doesn't run... thanks :)

ok but real-talk is that jhope in your icon




if only it were this easy for "consensual hugs" to happen

I love this what did you use to make it?


unity and photoshop! <3



This is ridiculously cute and funny XD

Haha awesome, I love it! I created an account just to leave this comment

omg i can't believe what i just played

this game just made my day!! thank you for creating this, zephyo <3


so cute! xD

this is cute

Cute little game, fun to play with friends.

hhhhh way too real

and dont think i didnt catch that vikturi


aw no u caught me D: D: ;)

:o so that's why the grey-haired guy looks familiar lolol

This is way too much fun xD Thank you for making and sharing this ^_^

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