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Toriel's not going to like this.

Haha, I love it so freakin' much!:D <3

Loved this! So funny and totally accurate

this game is actually the cutest uwu

I loved this, my face hurts from laughing. 

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-Not really that fun after 20 seconds.

-No story to it, made just for slight entertainment.




"How is your family?"

"I am alone."

well then that escalated quickly ;-;


Awww so cuteee *-*

LOL This is SO CUTE!

Great game, compares with Mass Effect easily.


Did you see the moon last night?

Haven't been outside in a long time.



funny but weird. nohomo tho

Really great, had a blast with my classmate xD

hahahaha this is fun xD


Im think about making a video on this, anybody have a good estimate for how long the game is? Thanks ^^

About thirty seconds.

nvm lmao



We don't need a simulator to know what it's like

so cute ♥

Bro :') I love this! It's kinda a bit hard to control them ... then I realize I was pressing the wrong key, hahah.

this was very cute thanks for making it ^^


"so uh, did you see the moon last night?"

"i don't go outside"


Cute game, I enjoyed it XD

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Doesn't work )-:

Ah okay.. it works now... got an error first... but now it works... very cute... but it's kinda like how I feel meeting people anyway... just that I would never dare drag them to me and hug or even kiss them...


how do i make it more homo?

nice game tho


Thank you for this cute game! We had tons of fun with it ^_^

Goofy and fun :o) I like your art style

i rate 29/10

Awesome game XD

amazing lmao

what a game XD AND THAT MUSIC XD Great, great, I will recommend it to all my friend :D

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I have WebGL, but the game does not run. I use Mozilla, can somebody help me?

You could use another browser. It worked fine for me on Chrome.

For me on Chrome doesn't run... I don't know what should I do with my computer o.O

On Chrome: "Your browser does not support WebGl" :/

maybe you have to download something

could be 3 things: you have an old version of Chrome or your WebGL is disabled or your computer is too old..?

I think that, maybe my Chrome have an old version, or WebGl doesn't run... thanks :)

ok but real-talk is that jhope in your icon




if only it were this easy for "consensual hugs" to happen

I love this what did you use to make it?


unity and photoshop! <3



This is ridiculously cute and funny XD

Haha awesome, I love it! I created an account just to leave this comment

omg i can't believe what i just played

this game just made my day!! thank you for creating this, zephyo <3


so cute! xD

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