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One of my fav indie games I can't count how many times I've played it. The art is so gorgeous. 

How do I start the game on Linux? Thanks

Such a haunting experience, the suffocating feeling, the desperation, a crushing weight that brought tears to my eyes.

I would have never thought of this metaphor and will keep it in mind for when I have to explain addiction to someone.

The moment your friend says that you are the only one in the photo really shows the true nature of drugs, all the comfort they provide, the “happiness”, is an illusion only you can see.

Really a splendid game.

The art just blow my mind, you can see how much effor and love  this game was done, love it.

I left my channel here were i read the game in spanish / Dejo mi canal por aquí por si quieren escuchar la historia del juego en español.

I just tried this game out, I love it!

I saw this game and remembered Markiplier playing it before and played it for myself! The art style is very beautiful and the story branches were really neat too. Its like challenging you on what is real and what is not. A really fun game :D

Love this games art style! Love this games music! The perfect "Short but Sweet" game!

umm the screen is it part of the game


i love the concept of addiction represented through a one night stand. it is heartbreaking to let go but you have to move on forward. another great game, 10/10.


Ah, the latest version of Mac won't let me play this game ffffff lol


same! I really wanna play it :(((


ikr, looks so cool ;-;

yeahhh :(


just gonna hope that it'll get updated soon, you got any game recs in the meantime? ;-;

our life beginning and always is very good one. Its very emotional


me tooo!! hope they update it.


Qual é o nome da música???

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This was a really interesting game, it is amazing how you used the glitch aesthetic to say that something is off about the whole ordeal. I love it!

Angela He knocks it out of the ballpark again! The fourth game I've played of hers, and she continues to impress! More thoughts in the video.

UPDATE! I was told I was missing some endings, so this became a two parter!


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

omg I love love love the art and the complexity of the stories, and I really want to play but it says that the developer needs to update for mac :( please update! 

it's a really good game ,everything is so complex so interesting

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I really enjoyed the game, even tho it's short but the music is a banger!


It was a beautiful game and I liked the songs...

Yeah, same


Yet another beautiful and deeply thought provoking game, I absolutely loved it! 😍

Angela He/ Zephyo never, ever disappoints!

will there be a continuation??? pls i need a continuation 

that's was amazing! I wanna more!!! 

Qual o nome original da música do menu? ----> 

System requirements?


give my video a watch please

ay update ur app


very good. make sure you answer the questions as you would in real life. It's well written. There's a narrative path in this game that I couldn't be immersed in because I've never had those experiences, and another path which I could understand completely. Great game!


Gerçekten harika bir oyun. öyle güzeldi ki geride bende çoğu izler bıraktı ayrıca gerçekten karakterler harikaydı..Hala onu düşünüyorum galiba bu oyun hayatımın dönüm noktasına adım atmamı sağlamış olabilir.Gerçekten çok harika ve güzel bir oyun teşekürler..

EVERYTHING you said is true, and NO ONE can deny that

thanks. bunu okuman bile beni sevindirdi. yani nede olsa türkçe yazmıştım.

Yorumuna fazlasıyla katılıyorum.

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i really love the artsyle<333


I've got the same ending twice...but i loved the art style and the soundtrack...awesome game !

Btw, here is my video

I am a brazilian guy and the gameplay is in portuguese


Can't say enough about how much I love the art style in these games.  It definitely brings back some past memories. 


I don't know if it's me but it says it needs to be updated to be playable for my Mac. Just wanted to know if anyone else was dealing with that too?

i am also dealing with this :/


Because your Mac OS version is higher than the game's OS version. If you really want to play this as well as other games here, you might consider buying the Crossover software that let you install and play Windows games/apps on MacOS

I played this years ago and completely forgot and now that i see it again all of those fond memories are flooding back. Such an amazing artist with heartbreaking and compelling stories!

The art is amazing as always. The story is ok, it's not the most compelling of the ones by this creator, but it's still enjoyable.

The Art is so beautiful T-T

(+1) cute i just wish the end wasnt such a cliff ange


One day, I too shall know the touch of a woman.

A really good game !

The art is so good tho ! I really like it ! :)

Keep the good work up !

This is really good! I tried to get to almost every ending lol. I love your games and your art style! Keep it up!

Sometimes, the best looking choices don't get you the best ending in life. 

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