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"You’d told me,
Hey, this is a one-time thing, and I said yeah, of course -
Yet here we are.”

..who, exactly, am I waking up next to?

A romance about a more-than-one-night stand;

A psychological thriller about toxic addiction.


  • 4 endings 

  • Original dream-like graphics, sounds, and music

  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux

Keyboard-only directions:

  • WASD/arrow keys to select choice

  • Space/enter to submit choice

  • Esc to pause


"Where did my life go?" - Markiplier

"I Woke Up is a powerful mirror for a very specific type of person."  - Dan Starkey, Kotaku

It's short, yet packs dense emotions and thoughts into a few minutes of play."  - Joel Couture, IndieGames

I got this idea and had to make it. Hope you enjoy ^^

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It's a curious peek into an utterly alien landscape.

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It is possible to get this game code for study (obviously, the results of the study [it's about acessibility] would not be shared with public)?

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Why not share the results publicly? That way the whole world can benefit from your hard labor! 💕🌎✌

Well, personally, I would have no problem with sharing, I just don't know if Zephyo will think the same, so it's a way to ensure her rights about her job, and the non-existence of a version modified for someone else free there.

(But until now, i Couldn't get a response, so this "hard labor" may not exist :/

Makes me feel uncomfortable and sad. I'm not made for these kinds of games. I mean, it's great, I just guess I don't work well with emotions.


Yeah, same~ I feel ya.


Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be addicted to one night stands? It's all in this playthrough! It was a super fun game and seeking other endings and stuff was uber fun! 


this is a fantastic game and was able to have loads of fun with it well worth a download

I Woke Up Next To You Again (All Endings)  


Always a great story with beautiful artwork when it comes to Angela's games! Angela, I can't wait for more to come out, I'll be one of many to enjoy them!


Man I just love your games, keep it up <3


Spoiler free review: I Woke Up is a powerful statement, and it is short enough to fully digest in 30 minutes or less. I would recommend it to anyone. 8/10, beautiful art piece.


Please do not read this unless you have played the game, or do not care to. This is intended to be used as help for those who might be confused by the story, and just general discussion of this interesting game.

Story: Here's my interpretation, backed up by some points in the story that I will bring up accordingly. I hope it isn't too obvious. I Woke Up presents itself as a story about a man or woman that the player wakes up next to. It becomes quickly apparent, however, that the man or woman in this story isn't a person. It's a drug that the player keeps using. Every ending points to this conclusion, and several dialogue choices in between.  You can flat out refuse the drug after your "Second Time" by choosing the harshest options and put it out of your mind. Refusing to "see your lover" again leads to the quickest game over. This was the second ending that I got. 

You can also refuse the drug after several encounters. The first time is when you meet in the street and decide not to get a drink or skip the pleasantries and go to your house. After this encounter, you start feeling sluggish. It doesn't feel good anymore. This confused me on my first play-through because I wasn't in the right mindset. It took me getting every ending to fully contextualize all of it. These are all symptoms of addiction, and more specifically substance abuse. I can see how some people might disagree here, however. 

The easiest ending is the break up. You start to feel withdrawal symptoms and fight them off, keeping the "lover" out of your mind. If you show a photo to your best friend, they'll tell you that there isn't a girl in the photo.

The junkie ending shut the case for me on this. If you spend time with the lover over and over, but then decide that it's not right for you, they'll fight you. They'll tell you that it's instinct that you're going against. That you need them. You have to keep resisting, and it perfectly mirrors drug abuse. 

Gameplay: Like the lover, I found myself unable to put down the game until I worked it out in my head, and it still grips me. Story-driven games with choices always hook me in. However, there aren't many choices in the game that matter overall. This might be part of the design. What I mean by this is that there are many dialogue options, but the responses are the same. This makes sense for a game of this size, but on repeat it started to feel like I had to trudge through the story. Again, given the themes that I believe are present this could be what the author intended. 

Art Style: The art style of this game is JAW-DROPPING. Especially for an indie game like this. I want to keep an eye on this developer because I feel that they have a great future ahead of them. The story, art style, and sound design all came together to form a hair-raising, eerie experience. 

8/10 , Beautiful art piece.

Wow, so that's what the game was about. I feel so sad inside:c the tragedies of addictions are too real and common~

Thanks for your summary/review, helped me finally understand the game~


Another amazing game! I love the visuals as well as the storyline because it is relatable to a lot of people like me. Also, I like that you can choose who you wake up next to like a guy or a girl, which is different from the other games I’ve played because the main character is usually a male. I would to see more games like this in the future! Thank you! 


Beautiful, maybe one more time...


Loved it!

Lovely game, quite sad! All of your games are beautiful and always hit home for me. Thank you for creating them. <3



The other endings made this game so much more amazing. So much explained and so many more details . Loved it! 

Reminds me of Air Pressure. Both are pointed on a type of lonely caused addiction.  Good Job!


it was me DizzY the Whole time- love this chilling story like hit me in a personal spot


Really wasnt expecting this kind of depth for such a short game. I was kinda confused by the first ending i got but I think getting the other ones helped me figure stuff out. 


Not a big fan. It's too quick, like not just story but the dialogue feels rushed and that my decisions don't really matter. Not enough time to get used to each character and understand them. Music didn't really fit and the story was average. I felt this was more an attempt at being deep but inevitably felt lack luster.


1.  bad

2. good

3. friend

I can't find the fourth ending... a hint please?

lol I'm late but in case someone else turns to the coments looking for this: There are two endings with the friend - one where you tell her how you're not feeling well (answer "I don't know") and one where you lie (answer "I'm fine") and then feel alone with your problems in the end


This game was really interesting! I loved the music, art, and plot! Good job!


I played this game a long while on my main channel. Saw that it's back rising on the popular list and, had to play it again on this secondary channel! This time knowing what the context was left for a much much shorter game. 

I'm glad your game has a lot of popularity as, you made it well and, has a deep message to it.

Well if markiplier played it then i gotta play it 


A really beautiful game looking forward to playing others 


A really beautiful game looking forward to playing others 



Really gorgeous game as usual, but I think i completely missed the context on this one. Probably cuz of the choices that I picked!

Anyway, kudos!

Haunting and lovely. The art is gorgeous (as it is in all your games) and the music really contributed to the sense of atmosphere. It's short and cryptic, but I really loved it nonetheless. 

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love all of your games, they look stunning, sound amazing and feel like a drug trip, I really hope you keep up the great work and thanks for making these games.

I really love this!


I loved this game. It's short, but absolutely wonderful. The tone is so amazingly creepy, the artwork gorgeous, and the music perfect. Thanks for making it!


This game is so visually stunning. It's absolutely breathtaking. 

y no cpu

I couldn't download the game for some reason...


Phenomenal game and great art style and story!

wow i really didn't expect all this when i downloaded this game. the artwork is absolutely stunning, and the writing is fluid and interesting, not to mention the whole distortion bit that really adds to the game. certainly a work of art. one of my most favourite games!!

Awesome game! And with a Linux version.


Nooooooooooo! She left me? Maybe? Possibly?

my head actually hurts when the graphics turned distort.... (when the story becomes bad?)




Thank you for making a Linux version. It's appreciated.

of course!

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