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"goth gf's iPhone" airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes.

How will you spend time?

**Warning: contains mentions of suicide and self-harm.**


  • 4 endings
  • 15 - 30 minutes each play-through
  • Original art and story
  • Wholesome maymays
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux

・ 。・。・ 。 *

If you support me with $5+, you can unlock 15 HQ wallpapers + an exclusive drawing. As always, enjoy :)


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missedmessagesGoodies.zip 24 MB
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great game

eu sou brasileira eu queria saber se voce poderia colocar otros ediomas, pq n intendi nd oq elas estao disendo, eu achei fofo e legal mas pelo fato de eu n enterder nd ficou muito ruim
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 Eu acredito que a pessoa que criou não fale português, caso vá fazer uma tradução provavelmente teria que ser alguma equipe de fora, mas eu posso garantir que o jogo é incrívelmente bom, a história é muito boa e mesmo já  tendo jogado em inglês, eu também gostaria que alguém traduzisse, mas acho difícil


I'm speechless this game is so good. It helped me reach out to my flatmate and see that things could work out and they wouldn't hate me for it. Just wow, this is one of the best games I've ver played. Very good job.

Such a beautiful game, I love it!!  you did yo thang girl

I played twice - the first time I got probably the worst ending, and the second I think I got the "good" ending. I had to play a second time because the first one was so traumatizing. I'm glad I did. This was a lovely game about friendship, love, and being able to talk to those you love about what's going on. I related a lot to all of the characters, and this did end up feeling pretty realistic in terms of dialogue. Great game!


Oh my god this game is absolutely beautiful! The art style is amazing and even though a bunch of the ending are sad, the hope ending is absolutely wonderful. I would love a sequel! Not gonna lie, how short it was kind of frusterated me, but finding all the endings would fun, all of the characters are great! I'm not gonna lie here. I actually cried.

Beautiful art style, i love your soundtrack, i listen to it on repeat!

I didn't manage to find all the endings, but i definitely had a hell of a good time finding this one! : )

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Depressing but good

this game was amazing but not a good ending for me keep up the great work developer 

Hi Angela, 

I just discovered your beautiful games and decided to do Let's Plays with it! Keep up with the good work, it's so meaningful and important!

You wanna see a german playthrough of "Missed Messages"? Click here!

I always love playing your games so so much, and this was no exception! I got actual goosebumps, and i would have loved to complete all the endings but I didn't want to spoil it all for everyone else. Please please please keep up the wonderful work!!

Such a beautiful but sad game

Beautiful game <3

so sad yet so beautiful.. Love you May

beautiful art style and game desing. very touching story. Almost cried. 

Incredibly well made. Thank you for making this <3

This game was sooo well-made and good! It made me cry twice!

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Sad Ending :/

I play your game and found me rewarded by the experience. It's actually very hard to find a good game, that can involve player into narrative experience, with intelligent content. Your game give a good point of start for retrospection and reflection. Music is so good and you're draw style it's very clear and addicted. I'm wait for to play more of this games.


this was such an emotional but sweet experience. i streamed it on my twitch channel & loved experiencing it with my friends who were watching. i recommend this game for anyone who loves touching stories, although there are sensitive topics that could be triggering for some. here is my playthrough:

hit me in the feels, if youve had depression before this really makes you want to support people who are depressed around you. It reminds me of the mental state you can be in when youre depressed.

Great game 10/10


I cried lmao. Thank you for this.


I just wanna say that this is the first game i have cried in, going trought depression myself and after getting the hope ending i started crying, because ive never had anyone like hug me and being with me every step of the way, the point is that people just dont understand how much one hug could change a lot in a person. So if you know that someone is groinf through i tough time, give them a hug and they will feel better. Well I know I will.

yo ify to all i need is just a hug from a girl and it will make it all better


Thank you so much for your effort into this game.

It has a very great story, it's beautifully drawn, amazing overall.

Deleted post



everything about this game is adorable!

the art style, the atmosphere, the story, the characters...everything!

I`m in love with the effort you put in it, you did an amazng job <З

summer depression comes every year i just wanna dissapear


i hope u ok

im good thanks


girl in reeeeeed

Depression summer depression there's so much time to question my life

I really enjoyed this lovely game, I recommend it to everyone who like great art style and Visual Novels.
You can read more about it in my review (https://peachycore.wordpress.com/2020/08/24/videogame-reviews-missed-messages/)

question: Is this pre-catalina 32-bit for mac or after-catalina 64-bit?(for Mac)

this was an amazing game and i think it covers topics that needed to be covered in day to day life, I trully hope you make more like this! 


I can't say enough about this game, everything about it from the art style, to the music, to the writing of the dialogue is fantastic and poignant! I couldn't be happier that I found this on steam and I really found it at the perfect time! THANK YOU for sharing your art and telling such a moving and personal story!   


this was so cute!!!!! i eally had a good time playing it, i got the hope ending and ahahdjfjfjsh!!!!!

This is an amazing little story. I'm going through a rough time right now, and, the story reminded me of some things. I'm going to keep going. Thank you for making this.


Hey, if you want someone to talk to, I'm here for you

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This game changed my life.  I struggle with suicidal ideation and have friends who do too.  Sadly I lost a friend to it last year, and am still processing it.  This game, along with "You Left Me" has helped me so much in dealing with that trauma, my scary thoughts, and not feeling alone.  It also is full of great reminders of how important reaching out is.  This game is so beautifully done in every way, from writing to the art style to how it flows and how each choice affects May's safety.  Also as a queer asian woman it's extra validating and relatable.  This is a game I'm gonna be replaying multiple times throughout my life, it's so close to my heart.  Thank you so much for making it.


The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story kills me. I wasn't really aware what was happening the first time I played and it killed me! I played this late in the night and had me crying. Absolutely gorgeous and tells such an important story and I am obsessed with it


It's a tiny little game, but how well it's made.. Thanks, Angela, such a gorgeous work.

i love it


beautiful and haunting <3


Thank you, Angela. I'd rate this game 10/10. 

I loved the message of this game, it's really inspiring. 


the gameplay is simple but risky and attractive

the graphic is beautiful, warm, and hopeful

the soundtracks are great. If I have 4 words to say about it, that definitely will be "sad, hopeful, impressive and unforgetable" *I have spent several hours listening the soundtracks* 

the story is also great. It's sad, but really hopeful. At first, I met the missed ending and i fell...likes it hurt me. You say in the game that this is base on a true story, and it's the same with me. I also have a friend that committed suicide and self-harm and on October 3rd, 2019, he had gone. We, her classmates had no idea about this before so we can't help her. It was really shocked. But we have passed it. I understand that happen in the games. Thank you for bring me a great game. It's maybe not the greatest but it's really meaningful to me. Thank you :)


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