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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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"goth gf's iPhone" airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes.

A shift in perspective can change everything.

**Warning: contains mentions of suicide and self-harm.**


  • 4 endings
  • 15 - 30 minutes each play-through
  • Original art and story
  • Wholesome maymays
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux

・ 。・。・ 。 *

Made for LD 44. You can find me on twitter or tumblr.

If you support me with $5+, you can unlock 11 HQ wallpapers + an exclusive drawing. As always, hope you like it :)

Updated 1 day ago
Published 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorAngela He
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Simulation
Tags2D, artgame, Horror, LGBT, Ludum Dare 44, Romance, Short
LinksLudum Dare


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Holy god! This is awesome! The aesthetic, the music, the story, the human-game interaction, everything in this game is great!

I loved this game! It really made me think to make sure I made the right decisions after I got the bad ending first. You really play with emotions in this game and you want to do right. Played it twice for my channel, but will play again to see all the different paths. I loved the style and artwork and the music was amazing. Have the one song I let play in the video stuck in my head for days. 

This was absolutly beautiful! im pretty sure i played all the endings. It's so interesting, the first time i played i payed attention to the goth gf Amy i think it was?, but then after what happended i wanted to play again to see if i could prevent having that ending. I'm glad i did, the other ending was satisfying. And one thing the art OMG it's sooo good i love the aesthetic of this whole game!

Reminded me alot of Doki Doki


Totally, but this time based on a more realistic scenario

This was absolutely amazing. The amount of emotions that are felt while playing through the endings is so great. There were moments that were so emotional it sent shivers down my spine. Thank you for creating this amazing game.

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just to make sure~~~ are these the actual endings or are there more? [I'm kinda suspicious of the "4 endings" info you gave...

1 Missed

2 forgive

3 survivor

4 hope

I'm just saying this okay? 

I loved the game a lot and when I played the game and going on the saving may route, I was just constantly saying "I JUST WANT TO HUG MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY BEAN!!!!! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DO DE HUGS?!?!?!" and then when I finally got the option to hug I was like "FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!"

I'm sorry....I just love it so much ;-;


Haha I feel you I want to hug her too ToT

Yep! Those are the 4


Oh my god you replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thanks for the info!!

I hope you can make more wonderful, creative, and relatable games like this in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful <3 I loved so much that I shared it to my friends and now they wont stop constantly asking me if they're a good friend or if I'm depressed XD I can't really relate to the story from may's side but I can relate to the main character's POV

Anyway, I loved this and I hope you make more wonderful content like this!!

P.S. I see that you also love Junji Ito's collection~~~ SAME!!!!!

This is amazing. From the heartwarming story to the colorful backgrounds, it really got to me. I think I got all of the endings by choosing different actions each time I played the game. I noticed the differences in the two versions such as  you can talk with Amy IRL and you can talk to May before leaving the dorm. I can’t wait to see what the story will be. 20 / 10

I absolutely fell in love with this game, the art the music everything about it is amazing. I'm gonna be looking forward to your future games. Keep up the absolutely phenomenal work
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Angela, this is amazing. Your games are getting better and better. I could really "absorb" myself into the game's world and feel the emotions, as if I'm actually there, the art, colours and the "dream" you put caught me by surprised when resetting/starting the game for the 2nd time. The "pastel" sound effect for the dialogue, and I liked the "chilling" part ("chilling" under the sun or sky as time passes), the little details, like the tea. The art is really well done, and I really do see big improvements in the aesthetics.

Keep it up, I know you'll get millions of downloads if you release a 3-hour game on Steam in the future as well (if you do). A true inspiration to players and game developers.

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Wow, this game was like katharsis to me. I see myself in Amy and May both and I am positive I'm not the only one. Everything - this aesthetic backgrounds, sprites, music was like in perfect harmony. Great visual novel <3


Again, one of best visual Novels I have ever played. The Fact that its based on a Real-Life-Experience just makes it even more sad. I cant really write much about it now, because I just played it and also, sorry for donating nothing, I dont have much right now, but you can be sure that Im going to donate some as soon as I can.

Love, Markus, one of biggest Fans (probably).


I thought this was a great experience, ive enjoyed all your games ive played so far. I really enjoy games that make you feel something. This game made me a little emotional and really think about why sometimes you should take the time and be a better friend. 


Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much for making this game. Being someone who's dealing with similar feelings, having those conversations with May made me feel a little less alone :) Really touched by it.

Sending you so much love, I hope you're doing well <3


Absolutely wonderful! I've never felt so immersed in a game before.  

I absolutely love this game!


this is an amazing game. the game itself, the artwork, and the soundtrack is so beautiful, i love it. 


please keep making games this was amazing.


Right after I got the first ending [missed] I immediately linked the game to my friends. The UI is smooth, the art absolutely gorgeous, and there were times where I teared up - I felt for all of the characters involved.

my game doesn't start for some reason :(  could anyone help me?

What OS do you have?

I use windows 10 on a samsung computer if that's what you mean? (sorry english isn't my first language) But whenever i start the windows vers of the game it just closes down again :(((

Hm maybe try redownloading it? It works on my Windows 10. Sorry I can't help much

It's fine! managed to get it to work by adding it to Origins haha.  Beautiful game by the way, i have a friend who dealt with depression and i kept thinking about her while talking to May :,) also love the memes

Yay! Glad to hear it worked and you liked/related to it ^_^

Oh man i played this and got two of the endings and im really glad you're able to help may I was in the same place but dident have anyone to help at the time so feeling like i was able to help someone cheered me up a bit so thank you.

What a beautifully done game. I got two endings, Survivor and the one where she sadly ends her life. Both twists in the story lines were incredible and the game is really well made. 10/10 for art as well!

I like the game and the implied message you gave in the best ending. I feel like there's not many games that tells a positive message like this one. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played

l like to play but can go 

Gave it a go...


I got all three endings, "survivor", "hope." and the one where she sadly passes. I got emotionally attached to May and everytime she sung "Happy Birthday" I just had to smile and when she passed i just had a sort-of break down because, i've dealt with people who are suicidal and i'm currently dealing with depression and it just hit hard seeing the knocked over chair, belt tied around her neck, and cuts on her arm. I was so upset with myself when I saw her hung because I knew that there were other choices I could of made to stop that from happening, this game was a lot for a short one and I loved it, so, so much, words can't express how thankful I am to Angela He for making this and I just want anyone reading this to know that, it helped and that i'm sending posistivity and love in every direction.❤ I'm sorry if this seems jumbled but I wanted to put my thoughts on this out there and they were hard to organize.

Short but sweet game :) I loved it. As a person who tried to commit suicide once, I'm glad I managed to save someone from committing suicide, even if that person's virtual. Thank you for creating this game <3

thank you for playing :) I hope you're in a better place <3

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🎀ALL 3 ENDINGS EXPLAINED | Missed Messages Full Gameplay Walkthrough

your games are always so great! the visuals are always so pretty :) i got all the endings and perhaps i cried

Wonderful art as always and the theme was spot on imo.

I've managed to get one ending so far but i'll definitely play it and try to get all of them. The small details like dragging windows around on the PC was a really nice touch 

I got all the endings, yay! The art was amazing btw.

----Spoiler Warning----

The first one I got was the errr '????' one. I was just chatting with the girl on the laptop. Turns out her name is Amy too! It was really shocking when the music changed and I saw the door. I didn't know what to do! I think it was the introduction?

The second one I got was forgive. I didn't know what to do so I ended up with the same-ish ending.

Thirdly I got hope. I decided to focus on May so I guess at the end we were besties! Yay!

lastly I got survivor. I couldn't find the in between of the other two endings so I kinda was a bit lost...

Overall this was amazing and well produced! 

10/10 would recommend


i think i got all the endings? forgive, survivor and hope.

i loved the artwork! id love to see a process video for this!! <3

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Yayy I loved it!  Only got two endings so far (bad ending and survivor)  Super smooth to play, beautiful art and atmosphere.

I like how it's from the POV of a non-depressed (sorry idk how else to say lol) person, looking in.  My first playthrough was just airdropping with goth gf and I feel like the interactions with her/exploring the room's decorations is what made the ending so impactful.  The player's character seems pretty happy and her story is about everyday stuff, like memes/HW/chatting.  It's easy to get immersed in her life during the first part of the game, so when it reaches the suicide/SH part, it's like clashing two worlds together.  I feel like it really emphasizes how easy it is not to notice what's going on in other people's minds.

I also really like how, even when the player and May discussed depression/suicide, the ending said something like 'We never became close' bc it normalizes just checking up on people's mental health as a friendly/casual thing as opposed to being an awkward and heavy sit-down.  Since even a small conversation can really make a difference ._.  


Thank you for this. I have loved all your games thus far, especially your artwork speaks to me. It almost makes me feel nostalgic in a way, even if it is unlike anything I've seen before. I'm really excited to explore this game.

I like this game,for it's tender and delicate...and love the music and image...but i just want to know what are the 3 ends


Oh my god it's so beauitful and devastating at the same time! Every meme and refrence and situation was pretty much me at some point in life. So, this reminded me of some great times and people and some more difficult times... Either way this means a lot to me and probably a ton of other people and thank you so much for making it.

Ah I'm rambling.. anyways Design Art Plot Progression Ambience, it's pretty much perfect ! Loved it


I just finished it (and found all three endings). I feel like your visuals never fail to improve with each game you make (absolutely gorgeous). I did not expect the "goth gf" twist and honestly it did give me a whiplash in a good way bc how horrifying it is... how easy we can miss things jst bc of something so mundane. this was an amazing experience and  i hope you keep making things bc i feel like your games are so close and heartfelt.. they really depict the hardship our gen is going through. thank you for sharing this. 


Thank you. I play it and i was scared to open the door, the first time. The second time i see whats behing it. There are multiple endings ? Thanks for sharing it.