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"goth gf's iPhone" airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes.

How will you spend time?

**Warning: contains mentions of suicide and self-harm.**


  • 4 endings
  • 15 - 30 minutes each play-through
  • Original art and story
  • Wholesome maymays
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux

・ 。・。・ 。 *

If you support me with $5+, you can unlock 15 HQ wallpapers + an exclusive drawing. As always, enjoy :)


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missedmessagesGoodies.zip 24 MB
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This game changed my life.  I struggle with suicidal ideation and have friends who do too.  Sadly I lost a friend to it last year, and am still processing it.  This game, along with "You Left Me" has helped me so much in dealing with that trauma, my scary thoughts, and not feeling alone.  It also is full of great reminders of how important reaching out is.  This game is so beautifully done in every way, from writing to the art style to how it flows and how each choice affects May's safety.  Also as a queer asian woman it's extra validating and relatable.  This is a game I'm gonna be replaying multiple times throughout my life, it's so close to my heart.  Thank you so much for making it.


The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story kills me. I wasn't really aware what was happening the first time I played and it killed me! I played this late in the night and had me crying. Absolutely gorgeous and tells such an important story and I am obsessed with it

It's a tiny little game, but how well it's made.. Thanks, Angela, such a gorgeous work.

i love it


beautiful and haunting <3

Thank you, Angela. I'd rate this game 10/10. 

I loved the message of this game, it's really inspiring. 


the gameplay is simple but risky and attractive

the graphic is beautiful, warm, and hopeful

the soundtracks are great. If I have 4 words to say about it, that definitely will be "sad, hopeful, impressive and unforgetable" *I have spent several hours listening the soundtracks* 

the story is also great. It's sad, but really hopeful. At first, I met the missed ending and i fell...likes it hurt me. You say in the game that this is base on a true story, and it's the same with me. I also have a friend that committed suicide and self-harm and on October 3rd, 2019, he had gone. We, her classmates had no idea about this before so we can't help her. It was really shocked. But we have passed it. I understand that happen in the games. Thank you for bring me a great game. It's maybe not the greatest but it's really meaningful to me. Thank you :)


the art is beautiful, I have played it several times through and explored the different paths

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awwww very goood. Please check out other games of the dev too.A new life is so muchh awesome. omg

i love your games sooooooooooo much. you are talented

This game is truly stunning. An incredible peace of art. They way it relates to the player, the interactive style of it, the artwork, all of it is top tier. Absolutely wonderful. A job well done. <3

I really liked this game. It's somewhat relatable... having a suicidal friend, i recently met someone like that and I cried a lot during this. Knowing that the missed ending and the forgiveness ending and what happened to May... well could've happened to someone I love now. I'm so glad I played this game, it was a real nice thing to read. Thanks to the creators for this.

such a deep game oh my god. honestly i was crying the whole way through because the hope ending hit so close to home with everything. such a well made game <3

This game is pretty short, but God, it's super difficult not to cry your eyeballs out. The first ending I got was the missed ending, it screwed me all up, and the somber, corrupted, distressed music and the faded birthday singing that plays doesn't help. It felt incredibly real, so much so that I messaged my friend irl and told them to never kill themselves and I promised to myself and them that I wouldn't either. My point is, freaking amazing game. Adorable and realistic at first, then heartbreaking and realistic at the bad end, and in the good end, it's deep, sweet, and again, realistic. And the art is cute, beautiful and stunning. 
Thank you for making this game, Angela. 10/10, Would play 7 more times.

This game is so beautifull, the camera and those text boxes, i love it, thank you!

this game is so beautiful I love it so much. I love the story so much 

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Absolutely excellent game. Your games always have such ensnaring and deep plots. The art style is just beautiful as well. I love how unafraid you are to delve into complicated issues. Played all the ending, keep up the good work!


This game had me completely ensnared in its atmosphere from the moment I launched it, and forced me to develop a very strong relationship to the characters very quickly. It didn't pull any punches, and the actual options you could chose in terms of decision making were very accurate for real life crisis handling and management, which I can confirm as I have been trained in crisis response for situations similar to this. Overall, this was a beautifully told story, and a very accurate representation of real life scenarios. 


im so sorry im not able to financially support this more but. wow this was. 

1. the feeling this brought, it makes you really really think about what's important. at a time like this, that's really helpful and im glad i played through this now.

2. the actual design of the story. it was so well made. the music. and the small lines about the flags. it all. yknow. did it. 

overall. wow.


Your stories, art style, and soundtrack selection are always super dope! I wasn't about to let things end poorly without May catching one of these hugs. Amazing stuff as always!


its such a beautiful game i played it over a few times and i adore may... the character design is perfect for this type of game and it took me through such and emotional rollercoaster. ❤❤❤ 

I have to say that this was a lovely game! I didn't realize part of what the dialogue meant until I acquired the most common first ending. Like, geeze. It was a great game to play.


Played this game on Steam, it was amazing!! I wish it was longer, I loved May and I wish we could see more of Amy as well... It would be great to have more endings, and to be able to spend more time with each character, and not only May!

Please consider making a longer version of this game, I will gladly throw all my money at it <3


played this game on steam, its so good and so powerful.

Didn't expect this game to be so emotional. Really caught me off guard. Love the feeling and the atmosphere to this


No joke, one of my favourite games.


ok. . .
it makes me cry

This game reminds me of my loved one in the past, who have suicidal thoughts and it just shows how easy someone can slip pass our lives without us knowing. This games totally hit the spot.

10/10 love your work!


that is fucking good, i am happy to save her life>>> also now i know what to do when one of my d=friends want to suicide


Esse jogo é um amor, pela arte e por tudo... Mas preciso ressaltar, que arte ein amigos, que arte...

Dude i'm loving these games keep em coming


Aw! I loved it! Also, I managed to get all 4 endings! I loved it so much!

Also also, if I had money, I would pay the creator, but I am, (unfortunately), broke. 


same uwu

I'm honored to support this brief but beautiful and emotionally resonant work. Keep doing what you do so well!


I like the graphic and music. It has the strong personal style of the creator. But the story behind the girl could be deeper. Anyway, thanks for the working~ I like it.

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kindah short and boring


great game tackling a very serious subject. I like the over-all message

Can I make a game play video of this game on YouTube. My channel is just starting and I don't have any viewers or subscribers. I was hoping I could use your game for my first video. Please reply as soon as possible.

My channel is at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnA1jibYLBGbKol49vjpTzQ/

This is such a beautiful game!!


i wish i could help, but now is hard for me... 

i loved the game, i hope to you sucess!


i cried a little because the game was really touching and i felt that for the period of the game, i really reflected on my mental wellbeing. thank you for this awesome game <3

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