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"goth gf's iPhone" airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes.

How will you spend time?

**Warning: contains mentions of suicide and self-harm.**


  • 4 endings
  • 15 - 30 minutes each play-through
  • Original art and story
  • Wholesome maymays
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux

・ 。・。・ 。 *

If you support me with $5+, you can unlock 15 HQ wallpapers + an exclusive drawing. As always, enjoy :)


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spanish traslate

this game made me cry ;-; I love your games

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WoW I played this game during my live on Twitch it was beautiful and it made everyone think (I got all the endings)

highly recommended

Awesome game. I am so happy I could save her
Your content is very emotional, that's amazing. There is rarely someone able to make something that connects so deeply to me.
I am always trying to help people, and in this game I had the most satisfying feeling of my entire life when I saved her 

This is 100% my favorite game on itch.io, I want to help translate into chinese!

amazing, so happy i played.

That was so good :) It almost made me cry! I got the ending: hope

Sadly, some of your work only runs on x64 bit computers. This is one of them. So sad that I couldn't play it :(


armor games has an online version

I really love this game, the art its perfect and the history is so interesting.


This game hit way closer to home than I thought it would. I was wondering about the Junji Ito inspiration, did he have depression? I've read his works but never knew. 

What the platform you used? I want to translate on russian!

love it!!

I can't open the game, it looks really good and it's sadly not working.
(I have Windows  7)

I've been having some trouble playing this game with Linux, I had asked my friend to help me, and it seemed to work on his computer, but for me it just said it failed to load a bunch of shaders, and the screen was just pink with some music playing in the background. If there is anyone who could help me i would greatly appreciate it

Do you know which distribution of Linux you're on ? What GPU and driver version are you using ? As a test I would also recommend trying the version on Steam to see if it gives the same issue.

you can play this on armor games


there is a way to stop her from killing herself step 1 go to her room and ask to hang out with her by go to her room by clicking the inner-door and when u guys are done hanging out click on the outer-door and click bathroom then u will see her talk with her and give her a hug u guys will become best friends and she will get help

Yeah I remember a lot of dreaming. My one day ended when I hung out with the goth gf, and when I opened her door... yeah...
And when I pressed play again I was in a dream of her in a blizzard. So first instinct was go to her room and see if she's okay, and then we ended up hanging out. Then later when I turned on the laptop my character had to go to the bathroom so I went there and the sight made me cry instantly. I gave her a hug, and from there I was so happy to think she's still alive today 

Wow, just, wow, tonight, i was in may's spot, and my ex she helped ,e get back on track, but its been an hour since she went to sleep, and i was bored and went here, saw this had memes, obviously clicked it, saw about the death, life and memes, and I thought, wow something i can relate to, but damn, i just played my ex's spot about hour in a half ago, and damn, this game man, really hit me but in a good way? Either way its a hella good game


Spoilers ahead for this comment

This game says that it "contains mentions of suicide and self-harm." But that's a little deceptive... It's what the whole plot circles around. It's not just a central theme, it's THE theme. It's not subtle. It's the major plot point of all 4 endings, and in the worst way possible with the most common ending, judging by the percentage of people with each achievement and by how the game is structured.

Now, I get that some of the shock-factor and harshness is very much intentional. But I have to question where the value lies. I don't really think someone in the middle of dealing with a similar situation on either side of things in real life would find any comfort here. It's not particularly therapeutic, coming from someone who's dealt with suicide in the past and gotten over that hill, but I can see how it might be for someone else. Everyone's life is different.

I think the danger of it is it's such a brief story, there's not much time to develop the characters. Devs did an amazing job at it, I don't think they could have done it any better in anything so short-form. But the problem is, suicide and self-harm ends up being the only defining aspect of the key character. Yes, they do talk about her hobbies and I appreciated that they recognized the importance of finding a specific source of happiness etc. but it all happens in conversation between characters. Exposition. There's no active scenes where anyone pursues that. But what does get active scenes? Suicide and self-harm. That's really the only strong visuals in the whole game. The optimistic endings fade to a sky background with text on it. The dark ones get mildly graphic imagery that's much more specific to what happened. The result is characters who are defined by nothing except suicide... even when that's not the ending you get. Just 5 more minutes of a more concrete ending that feels more like part of the story and less like an epilogue would go a long way.

My other main critique is kind of tough... because I understand the importance of what they're trying to do... of how all it takes is just someone reaching out to prevent the worst from happening. How it doesn't matter if you haven't always been a perfect friend or don't know what to say, just showing you care can be enough. And maybe this was just me, but there's a STRONG sense of guilt and blame if you fail at preventing the suicide. Especially on the first play-through, when you're just picking what seems best and trying to experience a quirky little romance. The game is billed as 'a modern romance.' It's not. If you pick the romance, it makes you feel like a bad, selfish person. It's not healthy to perpetuate that thought that I can't do anything for myself, I always have to drop everything and be there for my depressed friend. That's not sustainable.

I think much of this would do a lot better in a slightly longer, more developed story with other plot points that would help the main characters feel more well-rounded. Let us develop the romance without losing our roommate to suicide (that would be a unique but wonderful message! Let us have our own fulfilling life while still being there for someone!). Let us do something more active with the roomie instead of only conversing. Let us experience a little more of the college life (I think it's a college setting). Things like that... Give it a more optimistic feel... even the optimistic endings left me in the dumps.

In the end, I can't recommend this game because I'm not sure who I would recommend it to. I really think it would be pretty harmful for someone who is currently suicidal or who recently lost someone to suicide. I don't think it would be very encouraging to someone who's walking through this with someone else or who is trying to move past that, but I do see how it could be. And it wouldn't be relatable or engaging for someone who has no experience with it.

I'm in May's situation and honestly the game comforted me. I'm pretty desensitized to self-harm and suicide as I think about it so often. The game comforts me because it gives me a different perspective and makes me realize that someone might still care, even if I don't feel like it. 

how do i get the missed ending i can’t get it for some reason i always get forgive am i missing something?

when you return from the outing with Amy, call the cops

this legitimately made me cry like a baby for hours. so amazing and emotional, hits very close to home. amazing job and thank you for your hard work on it!! 

i have a question is there anyway to stop her from killing herself or does it always end up of her doing it or leaving?

Yes, there’s the Hope ending where she doesn’t die and stays with the main character.


Love this game sooooo much!!!! thanks creator!

This is awesome , thank you for creating this game !

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Hi, i made account just to comment on this. I have played all of your games and wanted to say how amazing and well done they are. Every time i see a new one has come out i download it and play all the endings, although i am unable to donate i hope when i get a consistent source of income to finally be able to donate. I just wanted you to know all of your visual novels mean a lot to me. This one especially hit hard because i was able to relate to May, she reminds me of myself when i was going through darker times. Her problems hit close to home so being able to have endings where she got better or was just able to even survive felt good. Your novels never fail to make me cry and i just wanted to thank you for these works of art. Love playing them and seeing how you approach difficult concepts like depression and suicide, looking forward to future projects. Thank you and here's to making it through, one night at a time :)

hello. 10,000th random person here to tell you this game's excellent. appreciated all the small details, like, for instance, the choice bubbles being clouds when talking on the bed and violent scribbles in the bathroom scene. excellent ethereal visual presentation and choice of music. i plan to go for the "finished homework" ending sometime


This game inspires me so much, and the game was also sad and depressing, too. This is such an amazing game, keep up the good work! :)


Absolutely loved this game! It had such relatable characters and an open-minded view about a sensitive topic. The art is also simply beautiful alongside the soundtrack it came with.

Here's my long playthrough take on the game


Amazing game. The art direction, the dialogue choices, the music; It was such an intense, yet realistic experience. I would love to see more work from this developer, maybe a similar concept, with a different story.

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I love this game. Great message, beautiful. I love the multiple endings too.

Such an amazing game

the game was sooooo amazing to be honest, and it has the refrences from our modern day.It can be relatiable to many aspects from our lifes, with such amazing colors

good job

I made this account to tell you that this game legit made me BAWL MY EYES OUT AT FRIKKEN 12 IN THE AM, WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS AAAAA T0T

Hi. I've recorded the first part of the game. I'm planning to play the rest.

i loved it, such a beautiful work of art. i love the art style, absolutely stunning, and the story was sweet. i will check out all your other games now!

It was sooo good! I am an game creator myself and every game, you made that I tried, was just awesome .

The themes are confronting but the message is moving and very important to hear.

I would be honored if we could collaborate to create a game about disabled people.

Let's say, I got an insider's experience i would be happy to share.

If you or anybody else is interested in a game collaboration (about confronting themes) hit me up here or on Twitter @LexiGameDev

Hey, I'm currently working on a game about eating disorders and will be very keen to work on other similar projects. I followed you on Twitter (@K_Bronowicka), message me on there if you're interested :)


This was so gut wrenching.. but thank you for the journey!


Really, really good. So much of this resonated with me, and I love how tangible all of this felt.


I played this game through Steam... Oversimplified, insensitive and EXTREMELY manipulative...the story in this game is horrible. Not even the beautiful artwork/music can save it.

The themes of suicide and depression can't just be sprinkled into a story (like sprinkling seasoning on your food). You either go in-depth (in an empathetic manner) or leave them be; careless handling of these subjects can actually be damaging to those playing the game (whether you have a trigger warning at the start or not).


Would you mind to elaborate?


i thought the themes of depression and suicidal thoughts were handled really well actually.

did you play it only once?

Idk why you are being downvoted, you do have a point.

I actually liked the way this topic was included in the story. It's very realistic because the character you play isn't depressed or suicidal herself, only her roommate. In this situation you can't know exactly what goes on in someone else's mind/life. People you see everyday could be suffering but you have no idea, you live your life. Depression is silent and that's why it's deadly. I think this game handled this theme very well and it's a very difficult thing to do.

Only 2 minutes into the game and I was close to tears because it spoke to me in a way no other game or any other media did before. 

But more importantly, you didn't enjoy the game and that's fine, but it doesn't mean it 's a bad game. It just didn't work for you. 

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i discover you thanks to a french video games magazine named Canard PC. i try missed messages, and i m now totally fall in love of your videogames. 

xoxo, from France

(and sorry, if i was adult, i could buy you a coffee :c)

best art and memes. this is so sad for my gay heart 

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Hi there, I am a youtuber and hope to get some support from everyone by leaving a like and subscribe on my channel.

This game is amazing. The artstyle is great the storyline is great. Most importantly, this game explores suicide and depression through the roommate of the protagonist. I really love the way those topics were explored by the creator. 

There was one part where I was a little unhappy about. When you decided to go to the goth girl's room and our dear roommate opened her door to wish us happy birthday and made strange remarks, I personally in real life would have chose to stay with my roommate. In other words, I would have changed my mind about going to meet the goth girl but it wasn't an option, forcing me to return home to find her dead body later. I guess forcing the player to meet the goth girl after you decided to meet the goth girl would allow the player to know that actions have consequences but I personally would have thrown all the things I had to do on the ground and stayed with my dear roommate. Overall, this is an awesome game. Thank you.

how do you ply the game

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