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how do you ply the game

my heart! it was so good!!

I really love all of your games and I plan to play them all on my channel. This game captures mental health very well and I enjoyed it so much.

Love this game and had such a good time exploring it. It's emotional and touches your heart in the smallest but purest ways. Check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

i played this on steam and then thought how similar this was to "there's this girl" and i fell in love even more when i realized you were the same creator... ! 

this game did something for me considering how horrible and much of a drag my year... not to mention the past few months of life... relatable memes and depression and it was my birthday today too? haha this game had my attention even more now

i'm so glad to have played... it brought me... some peace, thank you !







(ps i was wondering if the dream she had where we died bc of a disease spreading was a nod to one of your other games on here LOL)

I loved how this game was relaxing and very realistic. Please, if you are suffering and you think that no one undertands you please understand that there is always going to be someone there who will listen and provide you the care that you need. It could be a family member or a friend, or even a random stranger, no matter what always remember that you are important, to those close to you, to your acquintances and the world itself. You are much more important than what you think. I love you.

absolutely brilliant. 

made an acc to say that im in love with this game (more like all of your games) & the art style is SO spicy

im in love with may i s2g,,, the hope ending was so sweet?? i love how realistic and immersive the writing is and may even talks about wanting to write her own game with psychological/relatable elements while im like bro... so about that 20k word long hp fic... 

but really i wanted to actually hug may at one point and i applaud you for making me so attached to a character so quickly. that shit is bomb af. and coming from a chinese family i felt that may... sometimes it's still difficult to be happy even if you know that your own parents have been through much worse from their own childhoods. hard to know if my own family loves me too since it's not even a thing to show affection in our culture. 

ntm i almost cried at The Scene considering how much it reminded me of me and my own friends man

anyhow good job on making me gay for a character in 0.2 seconds

this is such a beautiful game.
i made this account just to talk about it lol

this game touched me very deeply and i have resonated with some of the things may felt and went through.

it's full of raw emotion and deals with some heavy topics, and i appreciate it so so much.


This game is really beautiful.  In particular, there was clear attention paid to making May so hauntingly beautiful that she stands out among every other character.

(I also appreciate that the main character has a trans flag, but doesn't actually mention it.  It's there but it's a non-detail.)

I really have to start heeding trigger warnings.  This game honestly terrified me, and I'm still feeling it a little.  I've had a lot of similarities with May, and I've been in the position of the main character, trying to keep my friends from dying.

I don't regret playing the game.  Maybe that fear is why it seems more important to find therapy.  So, thank you.

the game is so good. it made  me feel calm but also empathetic. i know how it feels to be may and honestly gtting the Hope rout made me happy.

the art is so good too ! soft and sweet

ok, i'll keep it short - this game is just a masterpiece: the art, the music, the atmosphere, the message.. felt in love with that style <3


You probably won't read this, but it was a beautiful game. Hard to play through, but it left me with a surprise I hadn't realized.

I thought if you put me in that world I would be the main character, but I realized as I went through to the hope ending that I was May.

I had to walk away from the game and cry for awhile, never had any game make me walk away like that. It is a beautiful game, and I am definitely going to check out the other games you have done... I can't express how much it meant to me.

I was soo moved by the game that I felt deeply inspired to write and record a song, using the instrumental that plays in the background of the game! 


Click me:

I really wasn't expected such a touching game! I felt so sad with the first ending I got that I immediately play it again, according as much care I could to my actions! I was worried all to way long to make it right! You did create real emotions and it was an amazing experience to play! And the art suits perfectly too. I want to play it again and in the same time I'm afraid of the others endings I could get... 

The game is the reason why i create this account to express what i think about it. Its the second time i played this game again, it is so real and it hit close to the reality, As a 14yo kid, me personally is stressed out because shit was going through my life as i grew older and i started thinking about how's fucked up my life was, my childhoods ruined, and i am not prepared for my adult hood to face the same consequence when i was young, i found this masterpiece, its haunted but beautiful at the same time, wish i could find the hope that May found, but no, I cant guarantee myself that my future will be better since i decided that i wont live another year of suffering anymore. After all, I enjoyed the game, atleast this is one of the beautiful things i achieved before going to end my suffering at the end of this year. Dying is my solution, I never wanna live to remember things that ruined my life, I'm glad that i found this game before being a dead person somewhere before 2020 started. 


I apologize for the length of this comment ahead of time. 

This is the first time I've commented on a game, but I felt like I had to. This touched me very, very deeply, and hit closer to home than I expected any game to. I didn't know what to expect, going into this game, so when the first bad ending hit, I was completely unprepared.

It almost felt like you have to get a bad ending first. You need that dream, that experience to push you to really fight to get your character to stay and spend time with May. It took me another bad ending before I realized I could approach her and ask if she was doing okay. I tried to ignore the goth gf at first, but didn't realize we'd still leave and go get dinner with friends. 

Having been in the position of the playable character, as well as May's.. It hit me hard. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but when I first read about the dream, "No, don't go, don't go alone" - I cried. I don't know why, but I cried. I cried because I've felt that fear for someone else, I've felt that fear for myself. "Don't go alone, stay here, I'll be here", and "Please, I don't want to go, but it feels like I have to. Please don't leave me with myself". 

The way the characters talk about depression felt so real and raw. Everyone experiences depression differently, but I empathized so hard with May. It was almost a healing experience, choosing different bubbles to talk about with her and reading the conversations they had about it. It was such a healthy interaction - and the options of "why are you sad" vs "wait" really stuck out to me, when you catch May in the bathroom. It felt like helping May required the right mix of proaction and reaction. You can't keep pushing forward to get her to speak, but sometimes, you need to take the first steps - sometimes few, sometimes many - to save a life. 

I'll stop rambling now - I just wanted to say, thank you. This was beautiful in every way. The meat of the game was unexpected and impactful, it was done well, the atmosphere and art fit wonderfully. It felt real and impactful - It's definitely made me think. I appreciated the use of trigger warnings, as well. Personally, this game handled the topic in a way that was blunt enough to really hit me, but didn't trigger me. 

Will definitely be playing Angela He's other games. 

Take care everyone. You do matter.

I usually don't comment under games but this one really hit me. I got a bad ending first then the Hope ending. The way the characters communicate and act feels so real. Please, if you're having trouble, ask for help. You are worthy. You deserve everything. There are people in the world who loves you and cares for you and will definitely miss you when you're gone. Talk to them. Please don't think that you have to do this on your own.

(2 edits)

I got 2 bad endings and now what i think is the good ending. Im scared to play again because i don't want another bad one.

edit: I don't know if that ending was good or not? The survivor ending. THe last option was to text or to forget. Would I have gotten a ending I already have?

edit 2: same ending but different image.

Final Thoughts about the Game: Wonderful game, I love the art style and hwow the story pans out in each path. I Like that the game took on such a dark topic and handled it so well without it becoming cliche. Good game solid 8/10

I got the "hope" ending, not sure if its the most positive outcome, but it felt like it. I have played multiple times and for some reason I can't get the survivor ending, I just get the "missed message", "forgiven" and "hope" ending.


This game is honestly so beautiful and so sad it gets me in my feels :'( I love it so much you did a great job on this. So proud!

gorgeous game. it hit really close to me. 

Once again, another beautiful piece from yours truly. Hitting on some deep dark subjects, but yet still able to find a sense of hope. I've played majority of your games and loved every single one. The art, music, and various paths for 'missed messages.' were amazing. Expected nothing less!

Can't wait for your next project!

wow, this game is just amazing, every moment of this little game really meant to me, and this really got a special message for me. thank you, angela. you're incridible.


As a trans person, I gotta ask: is the trans pride flag on the wall to suggest the main character is trans? Or just meant to show she supports trans people, or something?


as a fellow trans person I assumed it was there to let the player decide on their own the situation. 

Ahh yeah that makes sense :P

If so that's pretty considerate tbh.


This is stunning. Of  the few games of yours I played, this is my favourite.


The talk with May... Felt pretty realistic, and so the whole game...
I'm not original, but it's a rollercoaster of emotions: memes, that make you laugh, then a date, that makes you happy, but if some people remember May and her singing for you, they feel malinchonic at the same time, because they left her alone. And then, at home, you feel guilty. So guilty.

Then, on another run, you talk with May.
Pretty awkward at the start, but sometimes she opens to the main character, us.
I... Really felt that scene. It's just beautiful.

This game is just beautiful, great work Angela ^^


AHH SUCH AN AMAZING GAME alsoooo this made my day anything fall out boy makes me smile ngl

I tried to post this on steam but I'm still a new account so it wouldn't let me but he's a draft of what I wrote

"its a sad but beautiful game, i wished i could have both Amy and the hope endings but i guess thats a thing that makes this game a roller coaster of emotions, its also amazing to let your imagination run wild about what becomes of the character after each ending and even the one with Amy. This game covers topics that are sad but a reality, it is a beautiful and poetic game with sad or happy endings. I think i should end this review before i spill the beans on this entire game for those of you looking to read the review on the game before downloading it. All i have to say is that it is a short but also a massive game with an even bigger message behind it so download it, try it, and learn from it."

Amazing game, strong writing and beautiful art!
Words cannot describe how much we Love your work in general Angela He.

Don't watch the video's, you need to play this amazing experience yourself.

This was lovely. I cried when I first letted May die. If you want her to stay alive, you have to ignore the goth gf. Try to talk to may. When you stopped talking with her. Check on the bathroom. She's cutting there. hug her. Happy end will come.
I was hit by this, because I have a friend who is in this situation....

This game is absolutely stunning. Not only is the art breathtaking, but the story drove me to tears. All your games are so intelligently crafted and I just enjoyed my gameplay. :,-


For many people nowadays, friends are just numbers or just someone to hang out, but friendship is also really caring about your friends, everyone has problems (some bigger ones that end up causing depression) and it doesn't cost to know if they're ok. And even though they look happy, depression is so common, we should always be mindful of those we love! ♥ If you identified with May, get help, I know sometimes it's hard to open up to talk for fear that the person won't understand you, but they just have to listen. I'm also here if anyone needs to talk :)

I just started reviewing and your game was the first! I hope that's okay. If not let me know and I will take it down.

The game was so beautiful ! I managed to get the hope ending on my second playthrough and I'm kinda proud of it x3 (also I got the four endings with four playthrough and I'm proud of it too xD) Joke apart, the character of May really hit me home : the reason why she's depressed, cutting herself... and seeing her in the missing ending really kind of.. scared me ? I dunno but I'm just happy that I played this game at a moment like this in my life ^^ I'm struggling with depression since many years now but playing game like this just kinda remind me that it worth the fight so... thank you for this amazing game ! (btw this makes me really confirm my bisexuality, May is so fricking cute x3)

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What a ride, this game was great for a variety of reasons. Beautiful art, great writing, and showcasing a lot of underrepresented ideas in games (hooray for pride flags!). I managed to get two of the endings and had a fantastic time with the game, thank you!

just got to the two endings hope and....survivor really good, i feel the same way as may, but i really don't know how to get to the other endings.

I've had this downloaded for a while and I regret taking to so long to play it. This is a good representation of depression, at least for me so i suppose it was just easy for me to identify with. Here's my video on it

Wow! This game is hauntingly beautiful and scary at the same time. Seeing and knowing what May was going through made my gut drop. I thought the second chance for the second playthrough was a good decision since it kind of made me see how I can approach a friend who might be in need. 

Also, you nailed the mood with the music and the art is amazing!


This game made me so happy, yet even made me heartbroken. The first time I saw May I was smiling so much, and when what happened to her happened, I nearly cried. I got super attached to her that by the next playthrough of the game, I was determined to help her! 

(Also, the music was absolutely amazing, the art was simply fantastic, and I wanted to listen to May's voice for forever! (Also, the memes were current and so were the text patterns. Many games screw up on that, but somehow you didn't. Good work!))


Not a good representation of depressed people at all. I can't take this game seriously when one of the main characters is literally a chick with a fuckin' choker and a $40 Forever 21 sweater. Wow. You're really out here fetishizing depression and suicide. Holy fuck.


great job on hating on angela. you're so fucking smart! uwu 

*sarcasm intensifies*


Excuse me, sorry for the reply, but please calm down?

This game may not be an accurate representation on the depression you've encountered, but that's only you. Please understand that everyone goes through different experiences in life!

Second, what the main character wears should not affect you. That's someone else's style that you just insulted. It was an unnecessary comment to make.

Third, Angela He most likely didn't mean to "fetishize" depression and suicide. That also is an incorrect assumption on your part.

Thank you for reading!


i don't wanna be rude butttttttttttttt,,,everybody has different views on depression! its different for every person struggling with it. also hate the game, not the creator. (ps: you should really fix that childish behavior of yours!! its not gonna be good when you move on in life) :)


First of all, I know your comment is a month old, and it's not the best etiquette to still respond, but I have thought about this game a lot today and want to give my opinion regardless. Second of all:

Congratulation on missing the point!

The entire game is about how easy it is to miss the signs of depression in other people. That's why you don't get to save her on the first playthrough (if you got that far) and only get to talk to her on your second playthrough, when you already know what's going to happen. Depression can absolutely show itself in an ugly way. It can definitely look like not having showered in weeks and wearing the same pajamas again. But the point is that it can look like anyone, and that sometimes it's really hard to see.

You are claiming this is a fetishisation of depression and suicide because the suicidal girl looks too, what, normal? Happy? Priviledged? But I think you are the one Twisting your narrative of depression in an ugly way, in only allowing the people who are suffering the "right" way to be recognised as actually depressed. And it's not helping. What you are doing is just too similar to "kids in Africa have it worse". Instead of recognising that mental illnesses can affect many different people in different ways, you deny to recognise the suffering of those who are less visible. It affects people to not be seen, that's the plot of missed messages. I hope you will never need to understand.


I cried when I played this game. The fact that the creator had hit so close to home and made everything that has gone through my head in the past years had been shown in such a way that it can take others in to the minds of the ones being lost in the blizzard is haunting yet something beautiful. it helps those around us realize that there is more to every person then what seems. I would love to talk to the content creator one day, and maybe give her a few ideas or even request her bring to life one of the visual novels that I have wanted to make for a few years

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