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i loved that so much.... what a color scheme, colors, music, overall design

This soundtrack is tampering with my emotions bruu. 10/10 game 👌

Just played this on Steam and LOVED IT. Great work.

it's a masterpiece i really like this artstyle i played all of angela's games and god you guys should give it a try i recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recommend this game to everyone, the art is one of my favourite's in a videogame and even if it's short it's worth the time like all the games from her. 10/10


this game will never fail me just like u never fail me angela u do a mistake we will support u :)


Wow, I'm speechless. This game was a whole trip. The art is absolutely breathtaking the story is so beautiful that I almost cried. Thank u for make this 


I love the aesthetic of the game. The characters feel so grounded as well.


Beautiful game

Wow, I don't have words, First, I got the bad ending :( but on 2 tries I got the "Hope" ending and I was so happy I almost cried. This game is absolutely fabulous, and I plan to play it again in the future, thank u so much for making this game, it's really a piece of art :) 

I hope I can read the Harry Potter fanfiction with the scenario for the game soon! :) 

Wonderful game


Really a beautiful game


this is the fucking saddest thing. i got all the endings... its... so fucking sad, dude. depending on the path you take, theres selfharm/sucicide, btw. Just a warning. Fucking amazing game


I loved this game, it made me cry


htis kinda felt like doki doki without the psycological horror alement



Made a video with two endings oral translated into Chinese!

this game is beautiful , thanks for this 


vi o Alanzoka jogar esse jogo um tempo atras, e depois de todo esse tempo resolvi jogar. e e incrivel a tematica dele. Parabens aos desenvolvedores.
This game help me to made some photography content for september and
i really apreciated thanks a lot for this and have a great day!!

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this was a beautiful piece of work, thank you for making it!

this was made in 2019 and they talk about an epidemic? hmmmmm sounds familiar

seriously, angela he is one of my favourite game developers :') they always bring a sense of nostalgia with their games, and they never fail to make me emotional. I'll often come back and replay this game just for the art style, music, fantasy, and how it all blends together. And even then I always tear up. this is so good.

i have only 4 words to describe "I love this game"

It was so good. The art style, the story, everything.  I got 3-4 endings, I wonder if there's another ending... 

i sobbed literally this was so heartbreaking. it was also fun trying to get the good ending but also so sad


i just can't believe that this i a free game , the story is so amazing and i dont think i need to say anything about the artstyle it's just phenomenal and in general this just a masterpiece .


- Lie down
- Try not to cry
- Cry a lot


i don’t have tears no more

my discord hurry before i change it vectortheqt#5591 is me .elite#5127


this is absolutely beautiful but sad this was still amazing I cried though,, </3 10/10


damn, game is honestly really touching. as someone whos lost and almost lost really close friends to suicide this game felt special, i cried a bit ngl

if possible i think there should be some new endings added, one where you end up dating may and another where may comes with you to meet amy and you all end up in a polyamorous relationship, i think that would be really cute:)


I really loved the game! It punched me in the guts after the first ending, and then I enjoyed the conversation with May ; it was really sweet, touching and it made me feel good. Ok, I even teared up. Thanks for this game.


Same here i cried this game is still amazing 

i really love this game that's all i have to say


This game was way too good, I recommend this to anyone that's interested. The characters and the story gave a lot of impact that I'm going so far as to say it's one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching games I've ever played. Unless you can be triggered by the themes of this game, I highly recommend that you play it.

So I had a crush...

this game is truly amazing. it was really easy to understand and relate to. thanks for such a good game :0


games like this always get to me, but this one was different. it wasn't overly dramatic, it wasn't too in your face. it was real. something that you can really experience. thank you for such an amazing game.

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I got all four endings. It was a very meaningful game and I cried a lot while playing it


this game is just.. beautiful. so sad at the same time. its not like other games, you just feel that feeling.. i dont know which one, problably just saddnes. anyways great work.

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