v1.5 - bug fixes, QOL additions, probably final update

changelog (may contain spoilers)

  • stamina bar flashes when close to 0
  • it's more obvious when you're eating - sfx + longer sparkles + stamina bar flashes
  • no longer see reflection in bad end
  • ??? says "give me those veggies you have" once you have like >=3 veggies
  • instead of "Seeds." character says “Seeds. I can carry about 3 handfuls at a time." after picking up seeds for first time
  • when pet hops or thrown the shadow gets smaller
  • fixed ui orderings
  • increased radius for thrown pet to be eaten
  • made most shaders SRP compatible
  • showed creepy bunnies more often in beginning days
  • custom shader with pulsing, displacement, glow, etc for ???
  • collapse on entry
  • variation in color of trees
  • water particles are relative to character, not absolute
  • tutorial tip for "drop" shows on seeds too and lingers to avoid bugs
  • after having eaten 1 veggie add “more” in bloody letters in front of house
  • sprite holding seeds is more obviously holding seeds and not a random lump
  • carrot nom and beetroot nom are more obvious
  • cutscene on good end
  • additional art on good end

That's probably my final update unless people are still confused about the controls after this because I have a full-time job rn

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