❝ Welcome to Ozera. ❞ ─────

"Here, all your needs are within reach."

Everything is just as it seems. 

Just keep farming.

There must be a way off this island.

Team. ─────

✚ Alex Rose - gameplay code

✄ Angela He - art + art code

♪ Atmospherium - sound + sound code

Controls. ─────

A/✖ = Use tool/hold to throw pet
X/■ = Drop tool
Y/▲ = Pick up pet
B/ ● = Run
Space = Use tool/hold to throw pet
X = Drop tool
C = Pick up pet
Left shift = Run

Feedback is appreciated.

Have a great stay.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(74 total ratings)
Authorsangela he, Alex Rose, atmospherium
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Casual, Creepy, Cute, Horror, Ludum Dare 52, Short, Singleplayer
LinksLudum Dare


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Wow, it was very interesting although I wanted to know more

The monster is hideous


Cool concept but very confusing (at least for me)

The day is a bit too short too. It took me 6 days to fully explore the island and read all the notes.


Could've been great. Amazing concept but unfortunately there's absolutely no time in the day to get enough done.

So I was lost at the beginning for the same reason as Spirit, I threw the pets but wasn’t sure if it reached the monster or not. Apparently, I managed to do it once as the monster stopped attacking me, but sometimes it would turn into a snake form and move randomly instead… So I followed Bis35’s video (which corresponds to the dev’s advice about luring) and let the the animal plants follow me and stay behind me, then waited for me to be eaten by the monster, and it’s much easier and reliable.

In the end, I didn’t have to care about the second type of seed, nor using the plants as fuel (can be useful in emergency to recover stamina, after sleeping outside, though), and didn’t have to face the Snake form at all… It seems there were many things that were designed for the game that didn’t become as critical as they were supposed to be in the end.

My biggest issue was the current tile selector. It was difficult aiming right to plan seeds and water them, and while being attacked by the monster I had to time to aim right, so I couldn’t really have fun with the extreme experience of doing stuff at the last minute. So in my last run I just played safely, sleeping early, etc. but I’m not sure if that’s the intended experience.

Also, since you barely have time to plant and water your seeds in one day, you just stay in the same spot (preferably near the seeds); fortunately it’s enough to win, but if the game was longer we’d need more time for extra exploration each day.

That said, I’m used to these kinds of issues when testing jam games, so it’s okay. The concept/story itself was still interesting.

This is amazing

beautiful game I love it


Wow, as usual, this looks and sounds increadibly good! Gameplay wise, I like how everything is well explained and reminded. Days are reaaally short though, that was quite stressful.


I'm really struggling to do anything in this? There's practically no time to take care of my crops before things get dark, and everything is scattered across the island, making it impossible to even get seeds in time.


[SPOILERS!](I think?)

I go by Ash, so when the MC's name was revealed I panicked internally 4 a second lol-

I feel like the story could've been a bit more elaborated? Finding the notes scattered around and all got me super interested, felt like it was building up to something amazing! But it sort of fell flat with the ending & all, also the art was beautiful :D


The Artstyle is gorgeous and the game has a lot of potential, its a shame that the story lets that potential down.

It feels like a grand mystery is being set up when you first start exploring and reading notes, and then it never really goes anywhere, you don't get to do or discover anything new right until the ending.

The bulk of what there is to discover and explore is done right at the start and that leaves the middle of the game feeling very empty and bland with the ending just being sprung on you, I understand that this is the result of the limited time you have to work on jam games, and I really hope you keep working on it post jam to flesh it out and add more to discover. I adore the look of the world and what bits of story the game does have builds mystery very well and I would love to see a fuller version of this.


I won't be working on this anymore but ty for the feedback, I totally agree


well playing

Well,I just fall in love,this game is soooooooo beautiful, I love him! And M are my new pet 

( *ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)


Nice game!

I like it


im so scared T_T



5 STARS!!!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

omg love this sm already but for some odd reason the music isnt working for me :/ (downloaded on the mac btw)


I tried it on my mac and a friend's and couldn't repro, can you try the usual IT advice of quitting all other applications / restarting computer / making sure volume is not muted in the mac or game settings?

(5 edits)

ok just tested it again, it works for the opening & first night in the game but then it just remains quiet after that ? im not sure if there's sound playing thru/out the entire game but i cant hear anything unless its the sounds from opening the menu or changing the volume. im also wearing headphones while playing, not sure if that could mean anything either ':[ (everything else is working fine btw !)

update: the sound audibly cuts the moment i go to bed on the first day. if i dont & end up knocking out, the music keeps playing for the next day. tested that on the browser vers & the music continues regardless, not sure if something happened w/ the download so will be re-installing to double-check on that— ok just re-installed, the audio is still cutting off there :[

(1 edit) (+2)

tysm for the detailed report! so..... just to clarify, it doesn't reproduce on the web version? it only happens on the mac version and only if you sleep on the first day? does it matter what time you sleep on the first day (e.g. right away, or when it gets dark etc). could you also try not using headphones?

yes, it only happens on the mac vers & once i sleep on the first day. alright just checked that rn, & it doesn't matter what time or with/out headphones. i apologize for all the bother with this & for the late update as well !!


np and ty for the details, I was able to repro it! I think.... I am going to just not build for Mac for this one, lol, that's probably not the news you want to hear but atmos (who did the music code) doesn't know what's going on and I don't really have time to debug it given my job T_T


First attempt!

I love your games! Would it be okay to stream this? 



you guys always make the best games ^V^

what a fun short journey!


i am now ✨ gone ✨

disappears when walking into north wall. on web version btw


lmao fixed

im on the web version, and I dont know how to put things down.

does anyone know?


hi it should've said "to drop press X" - did it not, and if so what were you holding when that happened?

i was holding the hoe 


can you try again - I uploaded a new build

alright, i'll try


oop i figured it out - fixed for real now


How do I water the seeds ?  It's not working when I press space..


try reading the note next to the can

Good game

i must play this later

I have a question because I am kind of ... not a good gamer LOL. 
So I've been trying to throw the plants at the mosnter, but it won't eat it. Am I just cruel (because I feel horrible lol) or is there something I'm missing? I'm guessing I have to find a motor and escape, but there is a mention of (SPOILER) using them as a food source? Or is that just for your character? I am just wondering is there anything I have to do aside from getting up, watering, being inside before aproxamitely 18:00? I could uh... use a little help LOL 


(Spoiler) You should be able to feed it by throwing but the eating radius is a little off ^^; going to push a build to fix that. In the meantime you can just lure it to eat your pets without throwing.

Oh, huh. I was able (SPOILER ALERT)  to feed it by figuring out you were able to aim, and I felt really bad afterwards but.. the stuff we do for survival, right? I've tried luring it but the thing that works for me is is aiming the circle directly into the monster and then ... uh... blood appeared. Twice. So I guess I am doing something right :') Thank you for the help!! I will try to figure it out and try to feed it more to see what happens. Thanks again, means a lot ^^ 

I figured it out... that was.... 

.. very sad actually. Beautiful and sad. I wish I could save the 'monster' :') It's not their fault those people on the radio gotta go help!!!!! 

If you're in your house and you walk up she just disappears until you move back down. (Just a visual glitch nothing changes) 

Ps: I am using the web version, maybe it's cause of that.

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you try deleting your cache then reloading the page? If that doesn't work could you send me a video of this issue? I can't seem to repro it

already fixed right?


should be lmk


It's not letting me pick up the seeds and the shovel thing. Does anyone know how to fix this?? This game is soo cool!!


hi, you tried pressing space and it didn’t work? If you have Steam open could you try closing it - Steam sometimes misdirects inputs

Ok I'll try tyy!


np let me know if closing Steam works!

Hey, I tried what you told me to do and it just does the same thing. I soon as I go in the game I am able to pick the shovel, water thing, and the seeds. But when a day goes by, I am not able to anymore. Maybe it's just something on my end, I'll keep trying to get it to work. But thank you for helping : ))


which build are you using (web, windows, etc)? also if you have any sort of game app open like Steam, maybe try closing it? sorry, i'll keep trying to debug this with you!


I'm literally mid homework assingement but this email that Angela made a new game is important. Currently downloading <3


same dude i had like a bunch of stuff to do and in my head i was just going "dw angela he uploaded a new game all is good in the world" the whole time


Such beautiful art! 🌻


I can't find the controls and i dont know how to drop things 😭


have you checked the pause menu?

thats the thing i dont know how to get to the pause menu i tried everything

Just press the escape (Esc) key

i already tried that

I loved the transition from cozy to creepy and back again.
(1 edit) (+1)

you didn't till the soil ToT but ty for playing! maybe I should make it more obvious that you have to till the soil? haha

I'll definitely be playing again once the update comes. Your use of music was amazing.

And yes, I will till 🤣


babes wake up new angela he game just dropped

Hihihi! I will play now! Sounds good! :D

Can't wait to play this!


also i spent a lot of time trying to find the seeds. maybe i'm just stupid, but maybe some guide arrows would be appreciated 😭
aand the little crop thingies following you around are SO DAMNC UTE
but... they eat your plants. the stupid carrots following me around ate the carrots i was trying to grow. this is cannibalism.

anyways, Ozera is very very very cozy. This is a very very very very fun and very very very very very very very very wholesome farming game. Main character conveniently wakes up next to a nice, simple small house.

11/10 died of a heart attack very nice island. would come again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!