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This was great! It made me learn bug science in perhaps the most enjoyable way yet.

Thank you!

This is a good game.  Currently trying to get all of the endings. I've got five. Will update on the situation!

I love learning about bugs so this is really interesting! I haven't finished it yet though. Thank you for making it :)

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It won't load

I keep ending up in the kitchen AAAA!

Best. Game. EVER.

I love it! So many endings and choices and you learn about insects too - this is absolutely BRILLIANT!

Why didn't I come up with this?

Lonely and Self-Destructive

it also said i'm absolutely insane

ヽ( ▼∀▼)ノ I got 

Famous Stink Bug Activist 

HOw did u make dis game.

Like what engine did you make this with?

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yay, I got "Quite Plausibly The Best Ending" C:

i feckin' hate bugs

Tbh. same but it took so much freaking time!


God I hate bugs but powering off the first Asian wasp made me want to cry lol

I didn't power it off.

i hate bugs and now im going to cry wtf is this game hOW DO I KILL THEM PLEASE


LMAO pls dont cry /wipes tears

Kill it with fire


You have to look in the fridge, and continuously look in the illuminated fridge until the "experiments" show up, then examine them, then you need to exit the fridge, go back in, and examine the experiments again, and then you need to go online and search everything you can, but do not, and I mean DO NOT click on the "your metaphorical furs bristle" option. THAT IS BAD. After that, you need to go back into the fridge and click on the "create prototype" button. Choose Asian wasp for body and the chewing mandibles, then go to underground lab, choose neem oil pistol, cilantro bait, and then when you need to help it, choose apples as bait, and then you just need to click through and Ta-da! Problem solved. You're Welcome.


One more thing, when you click on articles, repeatedly click "continue reading"

I love this game!!

Your word choice is so welcoming, so lovely, so familiar, it really increases my enjoyment of this game ten-fold!

I have only one "bug" report! The social justice ending-- when I try to go back after clicking the definition of bug research, it won't let me return! It prevents me from seeing my end game report! 

All in all, still love it!! And I've never stepped on a stink bug and hope it never happens!

lolol. Thank you!! 'bug' report haha. Hmm I'll try to look into that but I'm not sure where I put the orginal game file lol >.< Glad you love it!

I got an account to comment how amazing this is. I will definitely be getting all of the endings in my spare time. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks, haha. I'm so glad you have a high opinion of it!