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A very sweet queer love story. Beautiful art and lovely songs. Highly recommended!


Yesterday morning my aged, heart-failing cat was euthanized. This game made accepting it ever so slightly easier. Thanks.

This game is so nice, the art is lovely, the music is so nice. My single playthrough does not do it justice.

hey, i love your games, im from Argentina and cant buy your game, could you please recheck the price on steam with that currency because i think they put some minimum floor on prices or something, cheers

It does not download (I tried to download from all links). I play on Windows computer

will you translate to portuguese?


Over the years, I've picked up a few Itch bundles. I have so many games that I just get overwhelmed and never play any of them, so I started doing this thing where I play and review one game every day. I recently named a new life. my game of the month. In fact, it is the best game I've reviewed yet.

Angela, you have created something spectacular.


Your work is amazing. It leaves a ever lasting  impression onto me. A masterpiece :)

The music is good, the art is gorgeous! The story is kinda cliché, it reminded me the 70's movie Love Story, by Arthur Hiller, but with a contemporary plot, even though, it made me emotional.

Loved it.

Oh my god, Thank you SO MUCH for this masterpiece. I loved every second of the gameplay. It's well writted, and i cried so hard. The art is so good, the animation as well, like wow 🙏🏻


Please make it free I love your games ❤


I've not played this but just seeing the screenshots I feel touched..


what is it with angela in the egg blankets?


"Alright May, this is my third time, and I've done everything super safe so far, so you two can finally grow old together."


"You motherfu-"

This was my experience. Don't know about everyone else.


wonderful work!


collab request: pls


this game made me cry like a baby, i love it so much and i got so attached to the characters so fast cause it reminded me of me and my fiance. i will definitely play this over and over again and when i need a good cry. thank you for making this game om


this was the second game I played after Missed Messages.

i really hope angela continue creating and making me cry hours with her emotional and beautiful  games :) 


i cried a lot ;-; thanks for creating this <3

Beats by Jamal, I'm Sick 🤢


Is there any other way to buy the app version, except the Google Play? I'm in China, where Google Play is banned. I tried to bypass the firewall to sign up a paypal account, but the Google Play just didn't accept the paypal account signed up in China. Really frustrating.


if we purchased this here is there any way to get the Google play version? Mobile is just more convenient but I'll play on PC if I gotta


Very cute game, I love the art!! And its a good short length.


this game has been absolutely gorgeous and heartwrenching and perfect. thank you for making this and reaching into parts of my heart i thought had lain dormant. the art is beautiful, the music is soft and wonderful, and my heart hurts in a delicate way. thank you thank you thank you for making this. i am august and i am may and i am feeling everything. thank you.

Wow, there was just so much to love about this. The art has the perfect palette and every conversation flowed so smoothly. Thanks for making this and putting it out into the world!

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very good ;-;

The art is very soft and delicate. This is a thoughtful project. Thank you for sharing your work!

amazing,,, the best game ive ever played in a while. 

I just played this game for a while. It bringed tears into my eyes. I wish I could make an piece of art as meaningful as this one.


My first thought when I opened this game was that it reminded me of Missed Messages, and it gave me just as many tears as Missed Messages did, too. 

This game is really powerful. I really hope you keep creating beautiful games like these two. Such artistry and passion deserves to be shared.

Oh no my heart... Your games never fail to make me feel things, and I'm always amazed at the dialogue changes and how well-written all the paths are.


It's beautiful, I don't think I can recommend it enough


this is such a beautiful game  honestly. I  could really relate to August about her feelings about being alone. one of my first thoughts was I should just make so they never meet but I  think the better answer is to choose love even though it can hurt you.    


why do you make such beautiful games.


bought this game 13 days ago n my tear ducts haven't known peace since


Thank you Angela. I love this game. Made me cry a few times. Reminds me so much of myself and my girlfriend. I'd love to know if officially either/both of the characters are transgender. I'm curious as they have the trans flag on their bedroom wall and in my own head-canon they're both trans (but that's because in my own relationship we both are). We even have a cat!


SUCH A GORGEOUS GAME . as another comment mentioned, every scene replay plays a bit differently from the last, since your character is aware it is a replay. no two replays seem to be the same. I love the little details. wonderful writing and an incredible concept. PLEASE get this game, I promise you'll enjoy it.

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Absolutely meets the expectations set by every other Angela He game. Every single one of these games has hit me right in the gay and it hurts every time. This one isn't what I expected based on the description, and I don't think I was emotionally prepared for what followed, but it's kind of in line with most of Angela's other games, with themes of death and loss and unending love. A little suspension of disbelief is needed, but only on the fact that they stayed in the same house their entire lives without changing the furniture, and the topical nature of including the virus/quarantine was a little jarring and I'm not usually a fan of games that are doing that in this way (it's just a little too current to be using as plot drama, I think, especially with no form of content warning for its inclusion while people are actively facing that loss and fear right now), but neither in any way decreases or negates the quality of the game. Music is beautiful, art is beautiful, story is gut-wrenching. Would recommend.

Also just a specific compliment: The menu screen being a part of the actual game is really amazing, the note that is added to the book after completing the story in full made my heart ache.

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