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love the art and music in this. i definitely cried more than id like to admit LOL

I love all of your work so much. Your games mean so much to me, I may or may not have cried several times playing them lolol. This one was so good, I loved it. I can't wait to see what games you make in the future ;]

Quick question: What's in the Fan Pack?


Hello. I just downloaded the fan pack and it comes with what's described below the buttons for the Play Store, the iOS store and Steam: 4 soundtracks, 22 wallpapers, and a thank-you drawing.

Hello, I bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, how can I claim this game?


go to the page where your bundle is at and type this game's name into the search bar, it'll pop up and all you'll need to do is download it.

This broke me. Beautiful game <3


only time i broke was when Lightning McQueen crashed. Truly a sad day.....

I've actually never seen that... 
It's a big gap in my upbringing I know.


The art is beautiful and I love playing all the finals.

I'm Spanish and I found some spelling mistakes, in which email can I send you the screenshots with the corrections?

Awesome work!

(1 edit) (+1) Thank you!!

I've already sent you the message, thanks for your quick response.


After playing Missed Messages, this was instant buy. I loved the story, the characters and the way of repeating it looking for other endings without feeling repetitive.

Awesome work!

This was such an experience and i'm happy to support such an amazing developer! I was very invested in the characters and their feelings! 

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I absolutely loved it. I've played Missed Messages multiple times through and I've always wanted to know their story after where it ended. So, thank you so much for making this. Each ending made me so emotional. It took me three tries to get the closure ending, but I did it. Thank you again for making this, I enjoyed it very much.

Btw, I absolutely love that May's pug plushie had cameos in this game.

EDIT: It made me go play Missed Messages again since the ending made me miss May. 


Thank you for finding so much meaning in their stories! Means a lot


Suggestion on a new game: Can you make a browser game that has to do with cats that are like half human? And they have powers like: fire, water, earth, air and the long lost power of magic?


nah but cool sugggestion tho maybe you could do it


XD I have no game making skills, only pixelated art is my specialty

I had bought this game on google play and I had wanted to ask will you ever bring missed messages to mobile devices?? but this game was amazing!!

The game keeps crashing after text conversation after the marriage scene : (


what's your system OS/graphics/etc?

I played it on Steam and loved it!! Is it a Missed Messages sequel or more like an alternative universe ? ^_^


a sequel!!

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My heart has melted from cuteness! Thank you for amazing game, and tank you for representation, I appreciate all the LGBTQ+ flags in their room! // transgender girl

P.S. I'm emotional crybaby now

This game is so amazing omg. It made me feel so many things and it got so emotional near the end.  Thank you so much for making this game!!!


amazing work here i saw it on youtube in the comments down below maybe you can try your hands on a BxB next just saying 


Beautifully made! And so cute. My partner and I played it together, they cried. Love the reply concept here, feels really organic. Everything in the way this game is made just makes sense! Thank you for such a beautiful experience!


Everytime one of your new works come out, I just get so excited. I have always loved your games and your art. They convey a lot. Stories and emotions. I will never forget your games, and that is a fact. Hahaha.

I also want to say that this game is the greatest thing I have ever played and experienced. The art and story was amazing, and you told this story really well. I have ZERO regrets purchasing this game.

This will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for all the games you make and I'm looking forward to more of your stuff in the future! 


I would like to quickly say how much I adore your work. 

Your art is amazing, and the aesthetics in the game goes with your style so well!

You're someone I look up to in terms of art, and I thank you for inspiring me to continue what I love.

What an experience! Angela He knocks it out of the park with this game as well! I loved "You left me" and "Missed Messages" as well. Such great stories with amazing deeper meanings! Well done!


I was really blindsided by what an experience this would be. The art and music is really effective at creating an atmosphere to get lost in and carried away by. I don't really know what else to say, but thank you. This couldn't have come at a better time in my life, and it left a bit of an impact on me. I'm really glad I played this.

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im waiting for some homophobe to report this game 


My favorite part of the game is how you incorporated my natural desire to see every ending into the storyline so it didn't feel like I was just replaying the same game over and over to see all the endings. It's beautifully written and I was surprised by how connected it was to our current pandemic

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As soon as I noticed you have released a new game I knew I was in for a treat. Amazing visuals in combination with a great soundtrack makes this game really unique. I really liked the story and the choices you could take during it. I'm really a big fan of your work, keep on the good work!

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we've been a fan of your for so long and that your games are becoming so much more immerse and emotional. we thought this game was about lost but it's so much more. my partner and i related to this game so much and it's beautifully written. your artwork again is fantastic and the way you draw the characters and situation really impact us. the mechanics is similar to your other games but this is the only one in which we tried our hardest to get that "ending" because may and august deserve that "ending". that ending though, soooo many tears. so so many. you crafted an emotional game during these times of loneliness but also give people optimism too for lost. hard to explain.

always looking forward to your next game and actually inspiring us to make one too.

thank you again for making this wonderful game.

EDIT: music of course is great. needed to add that.

I found your games when I was younger and fell in love they are amazing!

I love the art work and cant wait to check out this game!


My heart broke within just like,, 20 mins of playing this omg,, xcjsdnfckjdfcd I thought by "loved one hurts you" it was meant there would be arguements or disagreements from misunderstandings or a lack of communication, but instead this managed to be even more relatable but in like, a somewhat terrifying way bc of how real it is hdskfcs

Anyways,,, Stunning work as alway, Zephyo, keep it up!! Your work is always such a huge inspiration to me and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Hope you're staying safe out there-




But its the price of a coffee


and? I'm really broke, but I am willing to wait for more of her free games! :). If you played this game (I bet you did because it seems like you have money), what did you think of the game? How was it?

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It was great, I would recommend playing game. I think it's really fair to pay for it considering all the hard work behind it. Next time you need to buy a coffee or something like this, you could try to save the money and buy this game instead :)


That was so pretty!! and sad!! It made me cry!! Thank you!!!


I took a while crying and thinking from this game. The art and soundtracks are always beautiful as ever; and of course the meaning of the game is truly beautiful. I played Missed Messages once and I remember all those feelings back then and now. Your stories are the bests, and had taught me so much about loving others. Thank you, and keep up with your work!


Hi !~ I just like to say that I love all of your games, and it would be great if you could make more of your games available for Android users ! Thank you for your time, have a nice day !~ 💞💞


ill remember for future works u_u have a nice dayyy

thank youu! keep doing what you're doing !~ 💞


Came as soon as I heard. I'll play it sometime soon. I love every single one of your games, especially Missed Messages.


So beautiful! I'm in love with all your games <3


I might ask my mom if I can play, but I should probably do something for her first. Just know you're very talented, keep up the good work!! I really enjoyed your other game Missed Messages, and I cannot wait to play this. Your art was very inspiring by the way


Lol gl convincing mom

thank you! :)

She is gonna get it for me tomorrow!!! I did some stuff that she has asked me, so she agreed. I'm so excited to play it!! 

I actually discovered your content through Jacksepticeye, and when I saw the art, I knew I had to look at more of your games XD

Thank you lots for your entertainment. I listen to some of your music on loop too lol. Have a good rest of your lovely day


I wish I had money to buy... aaaaa maybe in the future... 

I loved the art!


Yuri weddings are so rare and you're just gonna make it sad? Why u do dis :<

true T_T

Ahhhhh, I wanna play it so badly. I will, sometime soon.

Why am i so poor QwQ
I wanted to play it, since my loved one did hurt me too...


I wish I had money to buy it :C


Same bruh. Very sad times.

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