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you have a good concept game but it is real hard to understand how to make a latte or any menus without tutorial that make some player who want to enjoy with atmosphere like me have a bad impression.

good points
-cute artwork
-interesting customers wtf why I need to give my money to the thief lol.
-good atmosphere
-I like T-pose cat.
-it has a horror sound(?)

bad points
-misunderstand interface. why this game use ONLY keyboard button to interact and C/esc to paused the game. Normal cafe game can click paused in the menu game at the first place.
-do not show the name of ingredient then new player will misunderstand when some ingredients have too similar colors
-I don't know WHEN new menu unlock.
-I don't know WHEN my customer is angry.
-the screen freezes when I click with mouse to quit the game. why this haven't keyboard button for quit too.

-can I replay only day 2 without play at the start?
-this game can add easy/normal/challenge mode.
-It would be better if this game can PLAY WITH MOUSE.
-I'm not enjoy with strange customers. it would be better if they will do something when I fail. that can make your game more fun.

Some other player can still challenge themself to win your game. It's just opinion for me. I can't feel comfort when I make a mess to my costumer and I don't want to be that challenge.

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I love this game! But when I tried to download it, it was the older version. Please fix this :(


very cute game! it runs so well for me, and it's really relaxing to have a cafe management game where it's okay if I mess up an order- the customer just leaves, but the game just goes on, no percentage at the end telling me I messed up or anything. I like that  a lot. It's fun and a good, manageable pace.


I randomly got to this game last night and I'm in love. It's cute and fun. Had to look in the comments to figure out how to play. **If you want to figure out birds rock on your own stop reading**. Go to employees only, get money, throw it in the sink, and then Birds Rock will show on your character and you give it to the birds:)

I don't know how to play! I understand the controls but I can't get any of the orders ready :(

get to the menu and you can look at the recipes. It shows you how to make drinks, food, and other


what is the strongest drink you can make, i can't figure it out

Make a nasty drink, like when you mess up a drink, and it shows you the greyish drink, that's the strongest drink

oooh thxx

cool game love it but so confusing....

I LOVE THIS GAME! At first I frustrated to play this because I'm don't know about the menu and takes time to made the drinks/food. Now I play it smoothly and sometimes really happy how smooth my hand on the keyboard ar

Cool game and the customers are so cute and funny hahaha

I really love this game, it's something fun to do with boring stuff in the background. REALLY WISH ITEMS, SPICIFICALLY THE TOPPINGS, WERE LABELED THO OwO;;

very calm,good game to get away from problems

this is a great game to play when you're board and also a calm game


I don't understand how to do anything. A simple tutorial at the start would help a lot.

If you got the controls right, try looking at the menu (next the fridge, by pressing e when you're next to it), i f you need "random crap" or money, press e near the door on which it's written "employees only" :)


super super love the game! maybe you can add more menu?

can only select the mug and not the cup, can someone help? (tried using arrow keys or "s" to hover over it but "e" or clicking doesn't select it)


this game gives me anxiety i'm not even kidding 

I love this game soooo much! Definitely recommend it to people who want easy games :)

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I have adhd and i play this game whilst I study. Thankiewww it really helped me a lot because its easy and calming. I'm currently on my 68th day (in game) :D

PS the grand total doesn't add up???


Very very fun! I enjoy the spooky happenings at night and trying to decipher some of the orders. My only complaints are sometimes customers who come in after the person im serving will get angry and leave before they even get to the counter and the time it takes to make the bigger food orders is a while and the customer will leave before its finished


This game has been so fun to play!! Love the style and everything <33 more recipes could be cool. Some of the customers leave really quickly T^T sir i have ur drink come backkk XD <333

O jogo é muito bom, mas o fluxo de clientes é muito rápido e existem bebidas que eu simplesmente não consigo entender como se faz só vendo o pedido do cliente, mas fora isso o jogo e muito bom e bonito. s

Slay bean:)

I like it alot. its hard at first but then its fun!! BIRDS ROCk

its just so cute :D


Love this game! the artstyle is soo cute and the beverages looks tasty too! But the customers are too fast and I couldn't handle all of them. 


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it's so cute and fun! it was kinda hard to figure out a first, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy! i wish customers didn't leave so soon but other than that, it's an adorable little game :3


i haven't played in a while, today i come back and all the progress i had is gone, i wasn't given the option to continue like usual all i could do was start a new game :')


adorable game!


I love this game! The art style is just so cute and there are so many interesting customers. I had so much fun playing it! :D

Soo hard


can you add an update that would slow down the customer flow? once I get to day 3 with the bread and egg i start getting really stressed out. could you also add some way to make sure every available recipe/item is requested in a day to give us practice making everything?

what do you serve for the 'nastiest drink'?


anything that is not supposed to combine will make a nasty drink. To be quick I usually just put eggs in a cup or something.

thank you! ^^

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I figured out how to play it even though it's so simple (im stupid) and it's so awesome I play it nonstop <333 my favorite customers are those tinted gremlins on all fours <33 love this game so so much


SO cute!! But SOO repetitive. Please make more games like this, but add new things. Love  it tho!!


super cute game,i love the characters and the ambience. i like the fact that it turns night and then all the weid things happen, this def one of my fav games its literally so fun and im never bored tbh. the only thing that i dont understand: sometimes when i take the order of a cat they're imidiately desapointed and leave, why is that? But anyways i love it!

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Very cute game, quite addicting. I think my only complaint is unmappable keys. Id rather either have the interact button on the right side of the keyboard or use my mouse. Also some patrons leave before you can even get ice in the cup. It doesn't happen often but it happened probably three times within 7 days. Also there is no explanation for the music ducks who want something we cant give. I agree with other comments that there should be a tutorial and a difficulty setting or at least a gradual difficulty increase over the days up till a certain point. It isn't relaxing when you're stressing about patrons lol 

But I really like this game. Its adorable and the art and music are cute. It's really fun too

Edit:  This is reaching a bit because I know it would take a lot more time, but I would love to see this game expanded on with a customizable cafe, pastries and sandwiches, and more music!


the music ducks are giving you the snack not asking for it :)


one of my favorite games, gatekeeping from friends.


this game would honestly be so much better if there was an option for slow paced orders for beginners and a tutorial because i spent like 2 days before i even figured out what i was supposed to do. and then when i finally do and im completing the order they get mad and leave before i can even finish


Such a cute and cozy game! Perfect for Autumn with some tea! Love it 10/10 (^▽^)/ ❤

i agree its so fun! :3

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