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I Love it soo much!! the only problem is that i can't x out of the toppings, the fridge ect. and it makes it harder to create items for example i'm making a toast and I accedentally press E at the toppings and i can't x out of it, but other than that I enjoy the game so much!

press esc


this game filled me with such joy i could never describe. When i saw the lovely gobbledygook the demon thus spoke to me i first thought "this man must want money" but it didn't. Honestly though, this game is just so mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm also mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anyway i digress mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Overall, it was very enjoyable.

Está bueno, pero es triste que no esté para Android

Ive been trying to play on my browser and it jus shows me a blank screen, can someone help me pls? Ive also tried downloading the actual game itself and it doesn't work

It's a bug-- I think. It works perfectly for me

So cute and a lil difficult, I love it!! :')))

amazing, fav game




The visuals and music is enchanting. Really good gameplay loop just wish that the tutorial was a bit more clear on what you have to do for some customers. Like the birds that want magazines, the game never tells you that you have to click on the cash register. Other than that I very much enjoyed this game. It'd be cool to see it expanded with more drinks or something too! <3

Speaking of the magazines, where can I find them? 


You just have to click the cash register when the bird is there, there is no item.

Thank you so much

omfg i love it


Really fun game! Though, how do you pet the cat???


You go around the table(pet it by the client's side)


thanks (:

Go to the customer side of the counter and walk all the way down. then interact

This is such a charming game! The art is so soothing and cute, but the game itself has a really nice level of pressure that keeps it interesting. I love the simplicity of the controls

I like the brevity of the gameplay instructions! (Which I didn't read the first play, oops!) and the in-game drink steps are also well done.

I absolutley adore this game (im at day 13) I do wish that there were more drinks to make but its still great! also does anyone know what the stuff you give the ghost is? i know where to find it i just wanna know what it is. it looks kinda like a vodka shaker but i dont think its that

super fun game :)

Cute and Quaint! 


I enjoy this game, but I guess I would like a little more time to practice making the drinks or look at the menu before the customers arrive. Wow. Reading that back, it kind of reminds me of real jobs I've had where they barely train you before putting a new employee to work. 

I really enjoyed this!! has a fun gameplay loop, and I'm very in love with the art. I haven't gotten to food yet (a lil nervous for when i do lol) but i enjoy the different characters and trying to find a pattern in their orders.

muito fofo, adorei


i hope you should also receive a total amount of money at the end of the day instead of always making coffee for the customers. I also wished there was a shop where you could buy ingredients or recipes. Overall, still cute!

how do you make a cookie latte

easy! You make a iced latte and then add cookie decorations

it won't work 😭

how to save progress???

when you finish a day, it autosaves and the next time you open the game you can continue from the start of the next day!

i thought thats how it worked so i exited on day 3 but when i went back on it took me back to the beginning

Maybe you pressed new game instead of continue thats why it took you back to the beginning, I almost did that one time 


no i only have the option to start at the beginning, no continue,, very odd and sad since i want to get far enough to start cooking but i cant really play much in one go so it always resets before i get the chance to

yea;; this exact sequence of events happened to me too, i quit after day 3 and when i relaunched the game, i was back to day 1

LOLL just figured it out, i had to download a different file, thats my bad

its super cute and well polished! just wish you could do something with the money u earn

same here, maybe like advantages or upgrades or be able to customize stuff


Makes me want to open a small coffee shop✨

this game is so cute, and has so much polish - you should really be proud ✨

i feel like i shouldve downloaded the game bc i cant find my previous save from a few months ago but the game is pretty great!! :D

this game is really amazing

we went out of buisness and my cat looked so sad so i actually cried

good game tho


Wow ! The art is wonderful! I really like the ambiance you managed to create!
The transition between each hour is especially impressive imo !

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This is a super cute game, I really like it! The gameplay is actually pretty well balanced most of the time and fun. Night time was unexpectedly spooky and funny LOL

I recorded my gameplay, I had a blast. 

Wanted to let you know of some minor bugs:
1. The fullscreen button doesn't seem to work for me, if I click it most of the screen is actually just black and it doesn't make the game bigger.

2. If I use the ingame fullscreen option and tick it off and back on that works, but pressing Escape takes it back out of fullscreen. This is unfortunate because pressing escape to close the in game Menu where instructions are is very useful and easier to press than C.

I think mine has a bug, I can't make drinks they order. I've the menu to help but the espresso doesn't work :(

does it just not show up? or does it not add the cofee to the drink?


Can you make a mobile version? (iOS and Android)


I really love this game its very cutee, i also really love the customers have no patience

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Customers got no patience,  don't know to get comics, cute game but everything goes to fast for my fingers, cute and chill-ish gameplay overall


By comics did you mean bird rock? All you need to do is click on the cash register or walk up to the cash register and press the space bar. Feel free to dump it in the sink after to make way for the next customer's order. Or if another bird rock customer is after give them the comic and then I think you get a bit of extra cash.

Amazing and super adorable :3

Well done!


How do you make the black coffee?


you get a latte cup and make a latte without milk in it

Thanks <3 (Also I love your user lmao)

get a mug and pull espresso from the machine, easy.

love the game but was wondering if there is more to unlock after reaching day 10?


on day 60 and can confirm there is nothing after that haha

Day 16 or so here and yeah nothing. But it's so cozy and calming I just keep playing :)


Does anyone know if the game saves your progress? So far I've played until day 3 but once I leave the game and go back to it, it restarts to day 1 ;;;

This game is so good, I love the art so much noafnwbfoqbf


yes it does u jus need to press continue


I love this game tbh, i've started doing the drinks off of muscle memory lol

Is it possible to satisfy the customer when they ask for a magazine?  Can't see what I'm supposed to do

yes u just click the computer!


By the way, after they ask for a magazine I found that if the customer after is that same Bird Rock hand them the magazine in the thought bubble and I think you also get money that way. You don't have to, especially if there's a diff customer after but yeah


I love how his expression changes whenever he holds objects... like whenever he holds the shots he kinda looks nervous but, when he holds the bread his expression is warm. 

I love the small details! omg so obsessed with this game :DD 

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