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This game is so much fun. maybe hope to see an expansion like new cafe locations with different drinks and customers or maybe a shop where you can buy new recipes and equipment. Overall really Great!!

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Wow! What a nice game! Thank you so much for creating it! I got stuck playing it!


This is a really cute game!! It runs so smoothly, and the design is so cute however just a recommendation could we get a tutorial on how to serve unusual customers, like the ones that come at night because I'm really confused as to how to make a black coffee, a shot, how to serve the music cat and what to do when the robber cat tries to take the money. But overall, it's an amazing game, definitely recommend 9/10. :)


omg i was confused too bc i kept trying to grab a cup b4 going to the fridge to do the shots but u just click the icon that the night customer wants! for the black coffee i just get a mug w/ only espresso. press e for music cat & then throw away the item. the money for the robber is at the employees only door !

i don't know if it's a bug or not, but if you click on the robber twice, you don't need to get it in the closet. might be just me tho
also i'm not sure, is giving the robber money a good thing in the game?

thank you :))




really cute game and runs smoothly would love to see a tutorial of how to make the drinks as going back to the menu each time was time consuming


an adorable game, would be great if the speed of the customers would be slowed down a bit due to, if you just make one mistake, the customer would already be annoyed and leave. However the art style is absolutely gorgeous and the backing sound track is great! 

How cute

Can I play this on mobile?

this was such a cute lil game I loved it! the night time is so funny and after a couple of days the orders were pretty easy to fulfill :)

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many are talking abt the learning gap considering the speed of the customers so i reco writing down the recipes on a notepad on pc ! u realize that you just have to memorize a simple latte & everything is added to it. art style is amazing as always.. love being an overworked barista.. have not felt this stressed since papa's freezeria (starbucks employees were right)


i took pictures of the menu on my phone! it's easier to just pause and look at my phone rather than go back and forth imo


Holy shit. Okay... Soooooooooooooooooooooo. I get what you're going for. And I've managed to navigate myself around your counter and engage your many options and congratulations. You offer much with many before you have not. But there's not the structure many which have had to offer before you. You are not breaking new ground. That's okay if you refine it, but you're not refining it. Refine it. 

This game is so cutee!! The art is really pleasing and calm. Though it was hard to play at first, I got used to it fast. I pretty much like it!!

Its a delightful game with a really nice aesthetic and cute characters. But I think when you start the game, it goes really fast. If you're new to the game it would be a bit hard to start. I think their should be some sort of tutorial or atleast a slow start to get the hand of it instead of being bombarded with requests. But overall, it is a nice cute game. 


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This was a really cool and "relaxing" game where you play the role of an owner and the only employee of a cat cafe. I found the game really warm and cozy due to the wonderful art and calming music in the background. The gameplay was quite hard to cope with on the first day as it took some time before I got used to the game mechanics but once I got used it on the 2nd/3rd day, I was acing through the days. I am unsure if there is any ending for the game but I really enjoyed running around making coffee, getting toilet paper, and getting robbed. I really enjoy the games made by angela he and can't wait to play some more games from you in the future.

Thank you for reading my comment and will be looking forward to more games from angela he in the future.

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save game ?


overworked and underpaid 😢cute art and character designs! the game was also very fun to play once i figured out how to make the drinks hehe


The game looks so warm and cosy, the artwork is simply gorgeous. But the steps are quite hectic, especially for a first day - the steps have to be so precise. >< I spent a long time  going back and forth checking steps because a simple misstep ruins the whole drink. Very cute though!


Great little game but might benefit from a slightly lower difficulty ramp to help first time players get adjusted.
I also could not for the life of me figure out what boombox bird wanted. I assume I'm missing some kind of pun?


just press e on him, and trash away the "birds rock" item in the sink later

absolutely adorable game :) love love love <3

No way, the hustle are so realistic. Amazing, the visual are sweet too!


this game is so adorable i love it so much but turning down the sfx doesnt seem to work :( im using the downloadable mac version if that helps at all

oh woops that's a bug - will fix in a future update!

i had this same experience on the downloadable mac version as well!


Very cool little game, though a zen mode where I can get the groove of the game would be a great addition, should you guys want to add that xD


Totally agree! This is really delightful, but too fast for me (at least at the start). A zen mode or graveyard shift mode, or some way to toggle the speed lower, would be great 😅

A menu sidebar to keep visible without going up to the menu would be really nice too.

Great game! I liked the art and music. Fun to play, although it takes some time to get into it. Unfortunately my bussiness was closed after one day ;).

hello! ive been trying to download the windows file, but when i click on the  download button, it says "Your request could not be completed. Invaild upload." Could you please fix it?

hi i reuploaded it - does it work now? had to reupload to remove Burst bloat

Yes! thank you so much

this game is so cute and aesthetic but also hectic at first hah but once you get used to the recipes its starts to feel kinda relaxing

Woah, very professional and aesthetic game! For Unity builds, to reduce the file size, don't forget to delete the $binary__BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame and $binary__BurstDebugInformation_DoNotShip.


omg that’s why the file size was so big,,,, i’ll remove that and reupload 🫢

Really cozy and cute game. Hectic, though :P 

Very funny characters! Nice music and arts)

Nice art style, but maybe hard to find at the first place the recipes until you know where it is


This game is so cute! Did you build it with unity?

I love this soooo much its so cute!! Literally my dream game


try downloading it instead if the web build doesn't work

my parents won't let me download games but I luv ur other games I can play on the website keep it up! plus, can you make more games that you dont have to download and play on the website? if not, that's alright! thank you though for recommending that! -Xxmha_fanxX2

nvm idc I downloaded it its awesome


so so super happy for a new Angela He game :D

art style is so pretty! and this is stressful but so fun lol, I'm kinda happy that I finally figured out what the bird with headphones wanted

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Very fun and hectic game! The visuals look beautiful. I love all the quirky animal/creature designs. The music sounds great as well! Gameplay-wise, part of what makes things chaotic at first is just learning the recipes and the right order to do things. Once I started getting the hang of things, I was making orders pretty quickly and without any mistakes. It was a satisfying feeling of progression! Overall, I loved it! Great work!

i ADORE your games <3 but i cannot figure out how to make black coffee L

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just fill it with coffee from the coffee machine and no milk!

can't wait to play it! i love your games and art style so much <33

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aww this is soooo cute !! and kinda stressful.. haha.. ;u; petting the cat was a nice touch tho ^v^

i always love ur games, they're so comforting :D

it looks so good!!! love your games, dearly an old fan of you <3

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