*+:。.。 cats, ducks, and mysterious beings galore 。.。:+*

all manners of creatures line down the block to get your signature drinks!
but how long can you keep the cafe open, when strange customers arise in the night? 👻

-: ✧ :-゜・.

°。team ・.

✚ Alex Rose - code

✄ Angela He - art + code

♪ Atmospherium - sound

Music on bandcamp


if there are issues with the web build, try downloading the game instead. 

we hope you enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(689 total ratings)
Authorsangela he, Alex Rose, atmospherium
Tags2D, Cats, Characters, Colorful, Cozy, Hand-drawn, Ludum Dare 51, Slice Of Life, Tilemap
LinksLudum Dare


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Can you make a mobile version? (iOS and Android)


I really love this game its very cutee, i also really love the customers have no patience

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Customers got no patience,  don't know to get comics, cute game but everything goes to fast for my fingers, cute and chill-ish gameplay overall

By comics did you mean bird rock? All you need to do is click on the cash register or walk up to the cash register and press the space bar. Feel free to dump it in the sink after to make way for the next customer's order. Or if another bird rock customer is after give them the comic and then I think you get a bit of extra cash.

Amazing and super adorable :3

Well done!

How do you make the black coffee?


you get a latte cup and make a latte without milk in it

Thanks <3 (Also I love your user lmao)

love the game but was wondering if there is more to unlock after reaching day 10?


on day 60 and can confirm there is nothing after that haha

Day 16 or so here and yeah nothing. But it's so cozy and calming I just keep playing :)


Does anyone know if the game saves your progress? So far I've played until day 3 but once I leave the game and go back to it, it restarts to day 1 ;;;

This game is so good, I love the art so much noafnwbfoqbf


yes it does u jus need to press continue


I love this game tbh, i've started doing the drinks off of muscle memory lol

Is it possible to satisfy the customer when they ask for a magazine?  Can't see what I'm supposed to do

yes u just click the computer!


By the way, after they ask for a magazine I found that if the customer after is that same Bird Rock hand them the magazine in the thought bubble and I think you also get money that way. You don't have to, especially if there's a diff customer after but yeah


I love how his expression changes whenever he holds objects... like whenever he holds the shots he kinda looks nervous but, when he holds the bread his expression is warm. 

I love the small details! omg so obsessed with this game :DD 


This is probably the most engaging game I've played in a while.



I'm here to re-alive you so we can have more hooman hands to pet the cat :)

cute game! i love it! deffintly mi style!<3 have a good day!

This game is really fun though on most of the times, they don't give me time to even grab a cup before they walk away

They not waiting for me to walk away after taking their order and they ordered triple topping toast (also unrelated i just gave up and decided i dont serve toast and egg on the same plate,, those burn so fast)

The game was great but i have so confuse at the beginning. I think it would be better if there's some tutorial of making drink

Yeah I think so too. I kept making crap drinks and got so frustrated lol

There's a menu on the wall for most of the food and drinks in the game...makes life a whole lot easier.

Hi! Super cute game! I just have one question, how do I know how much money I have currently? Thank you! <33333



if only customers were more patient or put the time till the cutomer runs out of patience cuz everytime after I finish making smth they walk away haha


help how do u do rounds of espresso for one of the random crap people

theres a menu board with the instructions?

(1 edit) (-2)

yea duh but it doesnt specify where to get the rounds of espresso???? 🤓 no shit theres a menu

the rounds of shots? its in fridge of two shot glasses just click on those 


ya ik already

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when someone asks for the nastiest drink you have simply make something disgusting like put an egg in a cup, and the other one asking for shots is the 2 glasses that the cat that smokes asks

I love the game, I come back from time to time to play a little. It's a bit too hard tho, you should have a code to adapt the difficulty to the player's skills 

very nice and fun i got other people addicted to it too heheheshi got me stressed out and cussing during school tho still Love it


This is such a fun game and i am soooo glad i found it

this is an awesome game :3


easy and relaxing game. I love it! cures boredom and the music is extremely fitting

easy and relaxing:: I found the dark souls player lol


i love the mechanic of the game and the graphic but please make time go by a little slower ( T _T)


I love the faith in humanity meter.

good game, but my blood pressure couldn't hande it, so i stopped playing. other than that, its really good!


so ... the robber.. i want more info on him also i loved the butt naked people


he came in with an unwiped ass :(

Very cute and addictive game <3 <3 <3

so addictive

Does anyone know which topping is how to add toppings to toast without it turning into garbage?? My customers are suffering 


I think it's syrup (middle right), ice cream (top right), then cookies (bottom right)

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there are instructions on the menu board at the back of the cafe anyways, u put syrup, then icecream, then biscuits

i like the game, but i dont know the cooking recipes :3 but still like it alot

in the top corner of your cafe there's a sign that says menu, interact with it


i love this game so much to the point im playing it rn at school

(1 edit) (+2)

ive been playing this game for 3 days in a row now and im obsessed! this game is amazing


i love this game so calming and get the hang of it then you love it

This game was alot of fun to play and once you get in the groove it is quite satisfying.

it was hard at first but i got the hang of it rlly quickly i lik this game :D

This game is calming and peaceful, its cute and relaxing once you get the hang of it. Practice makes purrfect. (Apologizes for my cringe pun)


It was a little confusing at first but that's because I didn't read. It got relaxing once the stress went away of making sure all the orders were good before the customers had a breakdown and kept leaving one by one. It felt like a real simulation of my job. Once the night time hits, things get a little funky. The nighttime customers are very... interesting...

10/10 cute game, but give this barista a day off please. I feel like it's against labor laws or something, haha! Can't wait for more!

i really like this game , it gives players a relaxing and fantasy feeling , all the configurations and sounds are great , the characters are cute , i hope this game will create stories and upgrades new
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