*+:。.。 cats, ducks, and mysterious beings galore 。.。:+*

all manners of creatures line down the block to get your signature drinks!
but how long can you keep the cafe open, when strange customers arise in the night? 👻

-: ✧ :-゜・.

°。team ・.

✚ Alex Rose - code

✄ Angela He - art + code

♪ Atmospherium - sound

Music on bandcamp


if there are issues with the web build, try downloading the game instead. 

we hope you enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(408 total ratings)
Authorsangela he, Alex Rose
Tags2D, Cats, Characters, Colorful, Cozy, Hand-drawn, Ludum Dare 51, Slice Of Life, Tilemap
LinksLudum Dare


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This is cute up for 9 hours playing this game.


This game is really satisfying to play but I wish there were like upgrades and stuff idk it gets a little repetitive




get the clear cup -> get ice from fridge -> get the brown stuff from espresso machine (the brown stuff is just called espresso) -> get milk from fridge -> get the white stuff from espresso machine (which is actually called frothing the milk)

no thats the iced latte

Latte: Get mug -> get espresso from espresso machine -> get milk from fridge -> froth with the white thing at the espresso machine




I like this game but it goes WAY too fast for me I wish there was some sort of difficult mode options i'd pick easy or very easy TwT


tHIS GAME IS SO CUTE. and to people who dont remember the recipes, ya have bad memory lmao


So damn hard to remember the recipes.
Good Game tho


The customers are too impatient.I know thats the whole point of the game but its still too fast


this game is amazing. the soundtrack and art are incredible. will definitely be playing lots more.

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Had my girlfriend play this game for YouTube and she loved it! A super cute art style mixed with the stress of being a barista. Gorgeous game! (video is part one in a multi-part series) 

Edit: Part 2 is at the top of this comment


Cool, I like the video!

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*some customer orders a drink*

*fails to give them the drink in time*

*throws the drink into the sink*

*the next customer orders same drink*

"GUHHHHH"(sad noises)

Really love this, although it could be a bit difficult at first...but the art, music and the sound effects - the whole experience is so relaxing. I think it would be nice to have a table or some sort of place where you can put your drink/food temporarily, it's useful when you want to make some drinks before-hand or when you failed to serve a drink in time.


I sometimes play this to de-stress from college. thank you devs for creating this really soothing game and letting me imagine a different life XD


Heres a question: What does the grand total mean?

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tried to play it on my macbook but it doesnt work its just a black screen for me pls help

edit: i tried on a diff device t works just fine idk why on the laptop it doesnt work

edit 2: it works now all i did was switch from safari to chrome :D


I’m using a macbook and use safari and i can literraly play the game

Oh then ig its just me 

Nah, the same happened to me. Safari didn't work so i had to use Chrome to play

Really well made!! I was looking into ways to gamify working in a coffee shop and this game did a really good job of it!


This was so fun to play! The butt dude was my favourite!!


this game is awesomeee! 100% recommend!

i do wish there were more drinks tho

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I would suffer if there were more drinks


i would enjoy your suffering


no please


it's SUPER fun, super cozy, the characters are so cute and fun, it's full of details. thank you so much for this and good job <3 


The game is adorable! Now I'm craving all those drinks and toasts. The art style is really cool.


i have been playing this for 3 days and im on day 23 and i have become the master of the arrow keys. this is so fun. ily.


I think it needs a tutorial of where things are. By time I figured out where something was, the person was grouchy and left. Then I had to start over with the next person who wanted something and they got grouchy while I was trying to find their stuff. This is not really cozy or relaxing. The are style and layout of game is really appealing though.


I agree they should make some tutorial button at the start and say everything in the game how to make


the recipes is on the very far left wall. figured it out after 2 rounds lol.

Not recipes. A tutorial. :) But thank you for sharing where the recipes can be found.

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this game art style is so cute and I thought this game was gonna be relaxing BUT NOPE! It was fun tho and I enjoyed playing it. Thank you.


Some interesting cats here, lol. Thanks for another wholesome game, really love the art style, music and gameplay. Those customers really kept me on my toes!

its so cute!! im so in love with the main character


Which one is the syrup???????


the one right below the icecream :)

Thank you!!! :D


Cute art style and enjoyable little game. The controls are a bit  difficult to get used too at first, a prompt above each machine/sink could help the player understand what to do next :D :D.


I love the cute art style and the costumers lol, took me a while to get used to the recipes tho. I really love these types of games, does anyone know more like this? 

its all blurry, I can't make out anything. Already refreshed multiple times but nothing changed.


You can find the recipes on the left wall


This game is so cute! I love all the silly characters that spawn at night :) I'm curious, though, is there a specific day/score that the game ends at, or does it go on forever?

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I'm in love with your art style! The gameplay depends on how good you are at remembering the recipes. So after a day or so it's getting pretty easy.

I think the game would benefit from some story behind that cafe (e.g. maybe different events at night like a dialogue or an actual ending like you need to save money for college or so). But those are just suggestions. 

A real issue for me is that you are not able to save the game (at least I couldn't find out how). So it's only hard to see your progress.

All in all it's a cute short game you can play and while doing so just enjoy the cozy vibes it gives you.

----------------------  spoilers ahead  -----------------------

I refused to give the cat thief it's money and hoped to see some easter egg :D But sadly there wasn't any... :(

this game is really adorable!!

I absolutely love this game, it takes a while but once you get into the rhythm of it it's pretty simple! Love your games always, love your art style!

Its actually very easy. Watch alot of videos adout this and you’ll be a expert in no time!


super cute

which game engine was used to create this game?

This game is sooooo cute!! Makes me wanna open a real cat cafe :D

I love it! Thank you for always making awesome games, I really enjoyed this one. It was a bit hard, but a little challenge never hurt anyone!

i love this game


so eco friendly (no lights)

i didnt realize thats cool

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