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that's was amazing! I wanna more!!! 

Qual o nome original da música do menu? ----> 


give my video a watch please

ay update ur app


Gerçekten harika bir oyun. öyle güzeldi ki geride bende çoğu izler bıraktı ayrıca gerçekten karakterler harikaydı..Hala onu düşünüyorum galiba bu oyun hayatımın dönüm noktasına adım atmamı sağlamış olabilir.Gerçekten çok harika ve güzel bir oyun teşekürler..

EVERYTHING you said is true, and NO ONE can deny that

thanks. bunu okuman bile beni sevindirdi. yani nede olsa türkçe yazmıştım.

Yorumuna fazlasıyla katılıyorum.

Deleted 3 years ago

i really love the artsyle<333


I've got the same ending twice...but i loved the art style and the soundtrack...awesome game !

Btw, here is my video

I am a brazilian guy and the gameplay is in portuguese


Can't say enough about how much I love the art style in these games.  It definitely brings back some past memories. 


I don't know if it's me but it says it needs to be updated to be playable for my Mac. Just wanted to know if anyone else was dealing with that too?

i am also dealing with this :/


Because your Mac OS version is higher than the game's OS version. If you really want to play this as well as other games here, you might consider buying the Crossover software that let you install and play Windows games/apps on MacOS

I played this years ago and completely forgot and now that i see it again all of those fond memories are flooding back. Such an amazing artist with heartbreaking and compelling stories!

The art is amazing as always. The story is ok, it's not the most compelling of the ones by this creator, but it's still enjoyable.

The Art is so beautiful T-T

(+1) cute i just wish the end wasnt such a cliff ange


One day, I too shall know the touch of a woman.

A really good game !

The art is so good tho ! I really like it ! :)

Keep the good work up !

This is really good! I tried to get to almost every ending lol. I love your games and your art style! Keep it up!

Sometimes, the best looking choices don't get you the best ending in life. 

Hi! i'm a fan of all of your works and because of this i would know why these beautiful games don't arrives on Steam?

This is the second game of yours I play. Both have astonishing graphics and hit me right in the feels

Hi there. The visuals, art, sound are all on point. How long did it take create all that art? Just curious. But what was more harder? Creating all that art or creating the story around it?


This was an absolutely gorgeous game. Got me in the feels in some strange ways but I loved the overall concept. <3


i absolutely love your work. this one is no different. my favorite from yours, however, is definitely "he beat her." i didn't even know the games i was playing were all by you until i started to recognize your art style. keep doing what you do!!


Reminded me of how good it all is and how much you'd like for it to never stop. But when it did, you'd crawl and beg for the feeling to come back, as you can't shoulder the world alone without it.

It has been your motivator, your guide, your reason.

It's now gone.

And now you're lost.


I enjoyed this game just as much as any game I've played of yours even if I didn't feel like I completely understood it.


All of your games hit so hard and tell so much..

Anyone playing, do go through the four endings... :)


I still don't know what to make from this game! Maybe I'm taking it too literal (the ending/plot twist) so I don't understand from that aspect but the way it portrays addiction is insane. I hope you enjoy my playthrough and can't wait to play your other games!

(1 edit) (+10)

As someone who's struggled with addiction this is... so intensely accurate to the feeling. And I'm sure that's applicable to other things, mental illness, specifically eating disorders have similar feelings attached. It's such a concise, painful, beautiful, achingly direct representation of how it feels. This toxic relationship with numbness, with escapism, with a pain that you made into a part of you... It's hard to shake. The "good ending," with the friend, that's really important to me. Having support systems is how you get away. Addictions, mental illness, even literal abusive relationships, all convince you they're your only friend, your only support. They work by isolating. Please, if you're suffering, don't let yourself be isolated. People care. If not people you have now, seek some out. Find support. Whether in support groups, online, in a hobby group, school, whatever. 


same! i think people who have suffered from eating disorders definitely resonated with this piece. i have BED and i definitely agree with what you were saying about isolation.


I'm looking at this game + this comment again a year on and wanted to leave a note for anyone reading it now. When I wrote this, I was struggling to get sober, less than a month in, and this game hit me hard. Now, I'm 2 months past a year sober, building a life for myself with someone I love. It's worth it, it's more than worth it. There's ways to exist and a world without the abusive relationship that addiction traps you in. It's still hard, and you never stop being an addict. But you stop giving to addiction, you make a decision every day to choose something else, and that something else is yourself, your life, your present, your future. It's worth it.

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i really need someone to write all the endings and how to get them \(;-;)/ edit: you don't need to but it would be helpful ;w;

linux version crashes upon start



For me, after getting all the endings I thought for sure this game has to be about depression. How you try to get rid of it but it's always in the back of your head. You try so hard to push away but it tells you that you need it to survive. But the harder you push away the better it gets. Although you may just want to surrender and give in to the fight if you keep going it's bound to get better. No one else can see the fight, just as her friend couldn't see the man/woman in the picture, but our brain convinced us that it's been there for years.

I think this game overall is just amazing. In fact, all your games are eye opening and make me reflect with every ending. 

Haven't played myself but seen other people play and it really has a deep story for such a short game ^-^


This was a really surreal game for me because I feel like I saw myself in this game in a way that wasn't really meant to be seen by playing. At the end of the game I talk about what I think the relationship between our character and the other person is, because I went through a terrible breakup where I was cheated on... multiple times by the same person... and how I still felt like I need her. Like I was addicted. I don't think that was the intention or overall meaning/ purpose of the game, but that's how I interpreted it for myself.  A reason I thought of it like this is because in one part of the game where we choose to stop seeing her after the second time you're back at your place, she seems like she really doesn't want to lose contact with you and it felt like they both knew each other from the past. But then the ending where your new room mate doesn't see her in the picture just confused me lol


Honestly, I'm curious. Was the person the protagonist woke up next to a succubus or is that a secret?


It's a curious peek into an utterly alien landscape.

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