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So I had a blast playing this, got 3 endings, didnt know of the fourth but I do feel as the last one I got was kinda absolute! so colors, the script, and everything was flawless, the idea of meeting a total stranger to where she becomes your very thoughts and ambitions, I find that interesting, thank you for the experience and chance to play this :D hope you enjoy this little gameplay on it, you guys did a wonderful job!

I had an opportunity to play through this game, and upload a video fo the experience. I was pleasantly surprised with how it pulled me in, and made me want to know more about what was happening to the character. There was so much mystery surrounding it, that I went through and figured out how to get all 4 endings. It was intense, and I'm glad you made it. I hope you like my video! Thank you! :)

Fun fun little game. Enjoyed it a lot, nice twist, fun endings, cool visuals. Great work :)


Yooo, the soundtrack to this is awesome. Also, the game was really interesting as well. The last part caught me off guard when she said "there's no one there" i was like what

the art in this game was absolutely captivating; i was very motivated to see everything i could!  the soundtrack and text options/graphic were super haunting and there were some surprises (NOT jumpscares) that took me just off-guard enough to turn the lights back on.  EXCELLENT game overall.  :)

Zephyo, I rarely react emotionally to games, but the protagonist's fixation with the other character got under my skin. Some relationships are transient, but people can brood over them for years. I love the graphics and especially the music -- it's dark, moody and unsettling. Look forward to more of your games!

The visuals are AMAZING. I hope you'll be able to thrive from your art. I love the story.


The art is so gorgeous <33

The story is captivating in a way and the music adds to the beauty of the game. 

(p. s  am i the only one who finds the guy in the game hot af?) 

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When I came across this, I was surprised on how good looking this game is. Definitely fell in love with the artstyle. I haven't tried it yet when posting this, but looking on the incredibly good feedback so far, I'm excited. EDIT: I made an account just to write this comment lol.

I loved the art style and the particle clouds you used for the dialogue. I played through the game a couple of times and each time I grew more curious about why the main character moved and why they started seeing (I chose her) the girl and why they felt attached to her.

thanks here is my playthrough gg 


This is beautifully made! Artstyle is wonderful, music is astounding, and everything went smooth. I made my own playthrough of this game, did twice but with the same outcome. But overall, an amazing game! :D

Fantastic stuff again Zephyo, your art style is really something special. Nicely done.


:) thank you

I played your game on my channel! I LOVE your graphics. The sound really creates a driving sense throughout the game and the story telling makes me want to keep playing. I will post a part 2 soon!

This video will be available at 9am on 9/28/17

very well put together. the music and art make the game that much deeper

I loved the message in this game. I've had a lot of friends struggle with addiction so this really hit home.


Awesome job and amazing game!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

We did a quick promo for your game on MGN today since I played when you released it I thought it would be cool to share to more people!!! 

thanks Frosted Fricks!!

I really love the game and how it has multiple endings.  I also love how you get to choose what happens as well! In other news here's my let's play of the game hopefully you enjoy! 

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This game was good! If you are not sure if you want to play watch my short video below. Multiple endings so you might not get my ending...

whats the games song does anybody know? :D

It's available through this gamejolt

Another fantastic game from you, after being super impressed with He Beat Her, I came here expecting great storytelling and gorgeous visuals and was not disappointed.

Every second of this game builds up to such a good ending (I've only seen two of the four so far, but will be playing through again to see the rest), and it's a really well put together piece of art. Keep up the fantastic work, really looking forward to seeing where you go next =)

This game sure does raise this question. Still haven't found all the endings, but I did my best to do so. Loving the art style so much.

This is incredible. I didn't read the description about addiction, and got it from it about my second go through. Your art also just really perfectly made me feel the things that I had to to get this game. I can't wait to see you make more things, you're incredibly talented.

I love the musical instruments in the game. Could I please get the links sent to my email 


super different

Nice game and gameplay let me know of your different endings.

Hope you enjoy it!

If there's anything I got addicted to while playing this game other than my ONS, 

it'd be your beautiful artwork.

Looking forward to your future releases. o7

I normally don't care for black and white. Something about it in this just felt right. The atmosphere, the tone,  it all just came together. I enjoyed the dual meaning! Where it could represent what it actually does with addiction to drugs or, just a straight kind of abusive relationship!

Looks great, and the subject matter is explorative and deep.

I especially enjoyed the art style, and undistracting background music.  Thanks for creating this!


I MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE | I Woke Up Next to You Again Full Gameplay Walkthrough

played it and i liked it ^^

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Wonderful VN dear Devs :) P.S TRUE ENDING :D

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The way you presented this actually hit really close to home for me, I have a very different style of approaching games when I record, but the way you made this had me questioning my life choices by the end. I'm amazed, really. In my video, I kept calling it "I Woke Up" Because I'm sick and haven't gotten more than a few hours of sleep in the past few nights, so sorry about that!

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