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A really beautiful game looking forward to playing others 



Really gorgeous game as usual, but I think i completely missed the context on this one. Probably cuz of the choices that I picked!

Anyway, kudos!

Haunting and lovely. The art is gorgeous (as it is in all your games) and the music really contributed to the sense of atmosphere. It's short and cryptic, but I really loved it nonetheless. 

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love all of your games, they look stunning, sound amazing and feel like a drug trip, I really hope you keep up the great work and thanks for making these games.

I really love this!


I loved this game. It's short, but absolutely wonderful. The tone is so amazingly creepy, the artwork gorgeous, and the music perfect. Thanks for making it!


This game is so visually stunning. It's absolutely breathtaking. 

y no cpu

I couldn't download the game for some reason...


Phenomenal game and great art style and story!

wow i really didn't expect all this when i downloaded this game. the artwork is absolutely stunning, and the writing is fluid and interesting, not to mention the whole distortion bit that really adds to the game. certainly a work of art. one of my most favourite games!!

Awesome game! And with a Linux version.


Nooooooooooo! She left me? Maybe? Possibly?

my head actually hurts when the graphics turned distort.... (when the story becomes bad?)




Thank you for making a Linux version. It's appreciated.

of course!


I think, I'm in love now...

I don't get it.

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Then you are thinking too literal... 

I love everything about this game! Holy crap! One of the best games I've played in my life!


The visuals of this game are amazing, and the music fits perfectly the tone. I have enjoyed it, although i think it's got some flaws.


(first, I'd like to apologize for my crappy English. I'm not a native speaker)

Sometimes it's not clear what you are choosing with the dialogue options: For example, when she asked about her pants, I said that I had threw them off the window because I thought it was a joke, so when I discovered that I was choosing what actually had happened, it was stunning for me, but not in the right sense. It was kind of disappointing.

On another ocassion, after choosing another option, some years passed. It felt really weird that what seemed a few weeks then turned into years. It may seem like it fits the game because "when you are with that person, you lose track of time", but the character you are controlling is completely conscious about the years passing. Maybe it would be better to realize that years have passed with some twitst, I think it would fit better the point of the game.

Also, I didn't fully understand what exactly happens when the character shows his friend the pic of "the girl you have been meeting" on the phone and then it's just you alone. I kind of understood that you were having a bad time and were hallucinating, but that clashes with the previous part in whic you say you are calm and your mind is clear. I don't know, I got a little lost there.

However, it's got some kind of "feeling" to it. After I finished it for the first time, I played it again twice and got different endings. I specially liked the one in which you trust your friend to help you out of your situation. I would gladly play a game like this, with a more complex, elaborated story, and some mechanic to spice it up. 

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This game was amazing.  The visuals and the soundtrack made the game feel unique. It also made you feel invited but at the same time put off by what was going on.  At the same time, you couldn't help but to feel suspicious about what was going on.  After you play it, you have the sense of longing and a desire to see if you can get a different outcome if you made different choices.  I went back and got two of the four ending.  If you want to know what I'm talking about, play the game for yourself.  I promise you it will be worth your time. 

If you want, watch my playthrough of the game below and SUBSCRIBE if you wanna see more from me:

If you liked what you saw, check out my channel by clicking on the link below: 


This was beautiful.  The music and visuals are wonderful, and complement each other so well - both tranquil and eerie, inviting and suspicious. 

I played it late at night, lights off, with headphones, and rain tapping at the windowsill. It was very easy to get pulled into the game; I played through multiple times to get all of the endings. I was full of questions, and suspected everything - I love how you plant little seeds, and the player can let their mind wander. 

And all that aside, the "feeling" the game creates is definitely one that stays with you. Thank you for making this!

I really enjoyed the game! I liked the glitchy effects and the feeling of "is this in a simulation oorrr....". I might've been one of the only people that got that vibe, just go with it haha. But yeah, the art styles and visual of this game was absolutely inspiring as well as captivating.  

Really good game I also played "He Beat Her" really complex, simple but deep story with some hidden least that's how i feel, hope you make more games!

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didn't you already post? Don't repost on my games.

Had lots of fun playing this! hope you make more games everything about this was delightful

Beautiful art, man!

So I had a blast playing this, got 3 endings, didnt know of the fourth but I do feel as the last one I got was kinda absolute! so colors, the script, and everything was flawless, the idea of meeting a total stranger to where she becomes your very thoughts and ambitions, I find that interesting, thank you for the experience and chance to play this :D hope you enjoy this little gameplay on it, you guys did a wonderful job!

I had an opportunity to play through this game, and upload a video fo the experience. I was pleasantly surprised with how it pulled me in, and made me want to know more about what was happening to the character. There was so much mystery surrounding it, that I went through and figured out how to get all 4 endings. It was intense, and I'm glad you made it. I hope you like my video! Thank you! :)

Fun fun little game. Enjoyed it a lot, nice twist, fun endings, cool visuals. Great work :)


Yooo, the soundtrack to this is awesome. Also, the game was really interesting as well. The last part caught me off guard when she said "there's no one there" i was like what

the art in this game was absolutely captivating; i was very motivated to see everything i could!  the soundtrack and text options/graphic were super haunting and there were some surprises (NOT jumpscares) that took me just off-guard enough to turn the lights back on.  EXCELLENT game overall.  :)

Zephyo, I rarely react emotionally to games, but the protagonist's fixation with the other character got under my skin. Some relationships are transient, but people can brood over them for years. I love the graphics and especially the music -- it's dark, moody and unsettling. Look forward to more of your games!

The visuals are AMAZING. I hope you'll be able to thrive from your art. I love the story.

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