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what should i name her

What should i name her?✨

I'll pick one in the comments!☺️💗


 is it going through?

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Name: Zinumi Bakugou

Parents: Izuku Midoryia, Kastuki Bakugou


Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Straight

School: UA

Fave colors: Orange

Quirk: Glycerin (same as bakugous mom)

Personality: Mixture between bakugous and dekus

Let me know what you think!

Its cool, but what about the personality?

OH YEAH i forgot about that hehe

lol its good

i kinda wanna rp with her, im not really a mha fan tho so im sorry if i get stuff wrong TuT

fiz a oc do gacha club da minha irmã e ta perfeita manoo

what should i name her

what should I name her

i like judo!

this is Dakota :)

could you please add the boys one on computer because I don't have a phone right now

Did i copied it right?

that looks ✨AMAZING✨

Love it looks alike!

but umm how do i post the pic

im new and this is me or who i want to be

yeah scarlet is good it good name for her


What should i name her?


ummmm... scarlet??

zero two xD


i like isabelle

what should I name her?


It feels like a Mocha IMO

Nia or Norah

oh that's nice

i like carla

Here is mine

amazing ✨

i would name her lisa

this is mine     

it's very pretty



this game was so fun!!! This is what I made! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORKS!!!

I liked the game very much, and i also made me, i so much more prettier in this game than irl

Please Make one for boys, I was trying to make SMP characters but I can't cause there's no boy things.


there is actually a male version in the play store! 

I named her Xia <3



misty ;)

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Lucia :D    


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 UwU I really love your games! I really love this game!! XDD

its a great game tbh its pretty fun :D


What should I name her?






Hi so I was trying to download this game cause it looks sooo cute but i can't download it. I am clearly blind

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