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my character, Raven!

Chara Dreemur - Undertale

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this is Leila :3

very good

thanks its  me irl at least i tried to but my hair is more curly XD

its cute! i wish i had curly hair!. all i have is straight blonde, but ig its alright




I made myself! (Kind of)

cool i love it and even if it isnt you on the outside, it can be you on the inside!!!!!!!!!!! (sry...trying to be a bit philosophical, but not working out lol)

under da seaariel 'under the sea'
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luv eet


very cute. this is me


This is me

marinette dupen-cheng

does anyone know mlb/reference what i am talking about (its fin, just fanficting again

mlb - miraculous ladybug


ik, me all the time, do you know what i am talking about (just curious)


j'adore ma ghoul ;)


This is me :3


This Is Lauren



This is Kari

I'd love if you could make a guy one to, for PC. If there is one someone send me a link x








love it


Hi, so i was going to make a song about gender dysphoria (because im currently going through it) and i was wondering if i could use characters i made as a background for the video, i'll credit you, it's okay if i can't

I think you can if you credit her lol

Okay then

Yeah Is So Fun~! (Lol) I Rember playing this when i was little...

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Don't you just loove scrolling through the comments? (I'm weird) Derpy Harry Potter (OwO)  JuSt Me DeRpY pAwTeR

no me too tho



made one of my OC's into a cat/name sarah/job=Witch


i love this game so much

me too and my name is also lexi! (sry random)


I think u should add male hairstyles for trans ppl like me


The mobile version is much more updated, I think it has male hairstyles there



I love it!

I love it its so easy to create something that looks so good. here's my first by the way

so pretty! princess rulez

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This game is absolutely fantastic and so aesthetically pleasing! Please keep working on it!! Please add more updates and customisations.

I have quite some suggestions I would like to make , hopefully you can look at them.

- Maybe make body parts customisable too along with face , using sliders and such (there’s this game called Kisekae Pochi 2 which is also a doll maker but is not as realistic (only 2D) but the funcationality there makes it incredibly versatile, I really recomend you check it out! (The SFW version though as there are two versions and look at both easy and expert mode!)

- When selecting colours (through the sliders) it’s kind of hard to remake another similar colour (eg bangs to match hair) so why not there be a feature where you can save recently used colours? Or maybe be able to add colours through RGB / Hex code value?

- Possibly if you do make it possible to move body parts , can you also make it possible to position the characters too? Also what about having more than one character in a frame (e.g 10?)

- As there is only a place to save the character and no where else to store it , is it possible you could create a way to export characters so that if a file was to get lost , code does not?

PS : I know this will make the game huge but it’s so amazing now I would love to see where it can go! And potentially you can add both male dolls and female dolls in the same game? (Like there being a choice with what you can select)

Please do consider my suggestions , I would love to hear what you think of them!

I think it would be better if you asked Angela on her tumblr, not here

Ah thank you for the recommendation! You see I don’t have tumblr so I asked though this but if that’s the case I’ll consider making one 

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She stopped updating it here, her tumblr is you don't need an account to ask her when you're on anonymous


Love it

I love this game!

Yo, this game is beautiful. A e s t h e t i c

I had the game and I had some content that I paid for. I deleted the app and when I got it again all my stuff was gone

is there anyway you can transfer all of your stars because I got a new phone and I had 1200 stars and when I installed it on my new phone I don’t have them. If there is a way please tell me

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