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Can you add Afro hairstyles?

i wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Will the Male Live Portrait Maker come to the


can you add the male version? I saw it on IOS but not here...

can you change the color of the white part of the eyes?

Yes you can. 

you click the eye option then the white ovally blob then adjust and youre gucci




how do you get boys


you have to download live portrait maker boys

This is the cutest game ever! I love it♡♡


Is the male version available on the web or is it just the female version?

I absolutely love the app!! Some small bugs that are totally workable (such as layer transparency) but otherwise I adore it, and I made about 20 people download it so we could all make our own avatars! I use it as my profile pic on most apps or sites now! My main issue is I’d love love love to save a gif, but when I try using the feature, it never saves to my phone properly. (I’m using iPhone 8.) In my photo gallery, it appears as a grey square, and no other apps recognise the file type. Is this a known issue, and is there a way to adjust this?

And is there a way I can donate/become a Patron for you? I love your art and this app is extremely clever. (I have the male version as well.) I know doing what you love can be hard to balance with the real world and I’d like to support you in some small way.

Please let me know!!

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Love the game, but there's some weird texturing around the lips and chin?


Ihave this and the boy version on my phone and it's so helpfull and fun i rated them 5 stars :)


How can I change the gender to male?


It is a separate game. There is a girl game an a guys game. 

Is there a way I can change my skin color?

If you click on 'body' there should be a blank square option. If you press that you can then colour it and tone it. 

If you click on 'body' there should be a blank square option. If you press that you can then colour it and tone it. 

What are your feelings regarding people using this to make adoptables?

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Hi, thank you so much for making this game. I haven't had it for very long, but I've had a lot of fun making different girls! I'm also a HUGE fan of your art style and plan to play your other games soon! Thank you so much for all of your hard work in creating this game. <3

playing on iMac pro and if i zoom in and then zoom out she making dat creepy face wit no eyes but still love this

holy fuck


This game will be the death of me lol! On the first day I tried this, I had over 10 portraits made. I started making ones based off of my drawings and the characters from the books I'm writing! (i wanna be an author...don't judge me)  I have a hard time imagining my characters bc I change their appearance a lot, but with this, it's much easier! Thx so much for creating this....this masterpiece! I absolutely adore Live Portrait Maker! :D And just for funsies, here's a brooding Steve Rogers!  

no ones judging, love writing, too. legit almost all of my friends write. XD

Is there a guys version?


Are you going to put the male version on or keep it mobile only?

i love this soooo much , ok i went a bit extra there, i played this on web and i just loved it so much! the save button didnt let me save to my laptop but at least i could screenshot it, i love that you can stop the motion too, i love it all tbh 

Does The Web One Even Work? :/

I love the game but you should make it so we're able to change the hair length or do I just not know how??

You can in the mobile version. I haven't had time to update the web version.

Will you make a male version for the we?

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Nice graphics! Sorry for the random immaturity of others from your Tumblr blog for this mobile app. I can tell most of those commenters don't even have artistic talent to began with, let alone any programming knowledge.

When dealing with users like that just take it as a grain of salt. The comments look like they were made by those with no critique or skills and don't hold any validness other than noise feedback. Its common to encounter such things when creating nice apps, so thick skin is a plus.

Professionally, I think the app is just fine. It serves its creative purpose and is a nice side-project. I also love this type of K-art, and yours has a nice digital water-brush like effect to it. Have you considered using Live2D in future?


Thanks so much! Yeah I try to ignore them but when you constantly see them  everyday it gets tiring :/ I'm super grateful for reasonable players like you though. Idk what Live2D is but I'll check it out when I get time! <3

The game is very cute and I absolutely love the graphics.

I downloaded the app.. and i love it so much

help me every time I try to look at my aviators I can't. I can't even update them

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Hello I juts recently downloaded Live Portrait Maker and it's hella cute :3 but when i noticed I forgot somethings on my avatar, so I loaded it and did what I wanted to add on and pressed Update, but everytime I get out of the app and go back into it, it doesn't save and idk if I'm doing something wrong or not. Maybe I'm saving it wrong idk? 

same here! After I loaded the character, I wanted to edit it but I couldn't...anyone can help?

Hello! I love Live Portrait Maker it’s one of my favorite games. But on my phone after I tap on a few of the characters I saved, this glitch happens where the eyebrows go up or change angle.

Hello! What a beautiful game! Is there a chance more features will be added in the future?

yep, but give me time. Art/coding ain't easy, and I'm balancing school + other stuff

Of course! Thank you so much for making such a good app.

np, thanks for understanding!! ^_^

Love love LOVE this! the style of everything is so beautiful! I wish you could change the face shape!

Hey Angela He,i really love your  game but I can't download the picture on the gallery of my phone,i can't do nothing with it.I want to be able to save the picture as the background of my phone,I find it useless that you need to open the app everytime to only see the'd be really awesome if you can add this feature, after that I really love it!Thanks.

You can screenshot it, but I'll def put that on my list of possible features!'d be fantastic.

I need help every time I try to look at my aviators I cant. 

Hey I love love LOVE this app totally made my day awesome. But I like creating my favorite characters from games and stuff like that and I was just wondering if you'd ever consider adding color codes so i can jsut copy and paste colors? It'd really be so much easier. Still, i love the game!


ty!!!! <3 <3 maybe, idk how I'd do that w/o cramping the UI :/ Also, not sure how many people want that compared to, say, a male version

i love the app but in my phone crashed you can put a option for turn off the motion thanks ;3

will do!

oh super thanks :3

hi i donwload the new version and how can cange the setting i not can pass the tutorial the app crashed when i going to the second tap on the tutorial

oh boy

a new version should come out tonight, can you try that and tell me what happens?


This game is amazing, probably on of the most beautiful portrait maker game of all times!

so agree

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will you create one for males? this is absolutely beautiful btw


maybe ;( it'd take a lot of time

thank you! this game is awesome

i want to straight up just marry ur art can we have a june wedding


B R U H 




I loved this game! Your art style is amazing :3 

Amazing game!

Your game made my shitty day better! Thank you :)

ur welcome!!! <3 I hope your day gets better :(

It did. Thanks!


I. LOVE. THIS!!! It is the most fun and creative thing I have done in a while, and I could spend hours just playing around. Can't wait to see more, and will totally play again. 20/10

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