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my discord hurry before i change it vectortheqt#5591 is me .elite#5127


this is absolutely beautiful but sad this was still amazing I cried though,, </3 10/10


damn, game is honestly really touching. as someone whos lost and almost lost really close friends to suicide this game felt special, i cried a bit ngl

if possible i think there should be some new endings added, one where you end up dating may and another where may comes with you to meet amy and you all end up in a polyamorous relationship, i think that would be really cute:)


I really loved the game! It punched me in the guts after the first ending, and then I enjoyed the conversation with May ; it was really sweet, touching and it made me feel good. Ok, I even teared up. Thanks for this game.


Same here i cried this game is still amazing 

i really love this game that's all i have to say


This game was way too good, I recommend this to anyone that's interested. The characters and the story gave a lot of impact that I'm going so far as to say it's one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching games I've ever played. Unless you can be triggered by the themes of this game, I highly recommend that you play it.

So I had a crush...

this game is truly amazing. it was really easy to understand and relate to. thanks for such a good game :0


games like this always get to me, but this one was different. it wasn't overly dramatic, it wasn't too in your face. it was real. something that you can really experience. thank you for such an amazing game.

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I got all four endings. It was a very meaningful game and I cried a lot while playing it


this game is just.. beautiful. so sad at the same time. its not like other games, you just feel that feeling.. i dont know which one, problably just saddnes. anyways great work.


The double meaning in the title, the message it shows, and the realism are all reasons why I love this game. Remember to check on your friends. A little can mean a lot.


Angela, thank you for making this game, sends a deep message about how to deal with such issues, its beautiful


ive tried so many different games on, but I never found one that I love as much as I love this game. its truly the best game that ive ever played

who made the art? is there any Instagram or youtube of them??

the game's creator also made the art, @zephybite on twitter and ig

Wow. It doesn't happen often that a game leaves me so emotional or thoughtful. Great theme, important topic and I like the LGBTQI+ representation. Love it!

Moving, pretty art, good music... I love this game!


I love it. I want more games like this, I was crying for 2 days. I LOVE ITT

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start button not working (window)

ummm how do u download this game it's so complicated heh pls help

I think you downloaded the wrong version, scince you're seemingly running windows, you need to download the "" file, hope that helps

ok i'll try thanks for suggesting

it helped! thank u!!!! :)

yw ^^

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This game is AMAZING. beleave me, If your stressed out or just having a bad time, you should try this game out! This game helped me to calm my stress of. 20/10. I tottaly recommend! And also Warning this game is about suicide and self harm..

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So it's been two days since I played and I'm still crying...

Anyway I loved the game and I'll probably play it again to get all the endings (and cry more)


I'm not crying you are

Wow this game is indescribable it's amazing and believe me it helps especially if you pass in a bad time I just love it 

Thanks for the creator 

Someone is crying, but I'm not gonna tell you who I am.

A game worth your time

A sad novel game, lgbtq related.

I mean - wow! I've never played a game like this before, I was in tears pretty much the whole time. Really beautiful art and great atmosphere/dialog. <3

Hello! I'm from Brazil and I just wanted to say that I love your games

Ora, ora s n é um br? kkkk salve


Best dialog game I ever played. Wonderful art and history. It's crazy how I relate with May. I'm from Brazil, happily a have some English skills. My suggestion is translate to others languages. I'll donate as soon as I can.

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 I love the art style of this game. Would love to play more!

i love this game a lot, the conversation feel real and catch my attention. the art style and characters are beautiful along with the storyline. 

my heart is broken. Sad and beautiful game

loved the art style, loved the story, loved May. i just enjoyed every part of it. the conversation was well written and phrased and i really recommend it!


Hm, this didn't really grab me. Perhaps because I know the topics all too well from my life. The game felt more like a PSA with Tumblr flavor than a game or story. Obviously, this is only my opinion - I am glad that "missed message" has resonated with plenty of people. The art is beautiful as usual, the music fits perfectly as well.

loved the hunger games reference 


A friend of mine showed me this game and i got so sad while playing this.

Its a really good game and it scares me how much it reminded me of myself.

Besides this im in Love with the Characters and the Art style <3

may is so cute! :D


wonderful game and brought out my soft side :) well done

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