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honestly i'm kind of in love with this game? i can relate to may so much it may be a bit unhealthy, and yet i want to see myself in august- both of them are such amazing and wonderful people and i was invested in their conversations and their lives in the short time i was there? i kind of just play this game and go for the conversation with may and august when i feel lonely to be honest. this is a really important game to play i think, it tells a lot about how a small action- or just being there for someone can make a difference, and it captures life so well in it's idle moments, whether you're talking to a random stranger via airdrop or talking to your roommate and friend beside you. 

also the flavor text for each item is amazing!!! we stan a gay (and trans) icon. i just love this game so much wow!!! i think there's a bit of a glitch with the endings though, like it will sometimes skip the bathroom scene and go right into the ending?

I loved playing this game on steam, and I'm not one to really leave reviews, but I definitely plan to leave an amazing one for this game. I, for one, think it'd be awesome if you were to have all your games on steam that you have here for PC. It would utterly and entirely amazing. UwU 

This game was so beautiful and emotional! The art style is so wonderful and I enjoyed playing it

this was a fantastic experience, very well written and took me by surprise the first time around and  i honestly said ok im done and walked away . It hit me hard and deep and i needed a good hour to be able to return and say ok let's see where this goes round 2, and I am not the least bit sorry that i gave it a second go.

 I know some said this but i think the  option of a show of love between the main would have  given that happy classic moment and i was pulling for it on the second go BUT i get why it was not an option.

With all that i applaud everything that this is, and the creative behind it. it's short but delivers something that stays with you . Just Bravo


I played the game and really enjoyed it. Made a big review on steam as Saul Bear and mentioned about the game on twitter because twitter is great.
but there was one thing that make me question something. Does the character you play as actually have a name? i'm not sure if it was mentioned during the game as I've forgotten but i do plan on replying it as i want to write a fanfiction haha.
Anyways, Great game and good work. :)


Haha in my mind I was thinking MC is August but you can name her whatever! Thank you :)

Aha, Thank you so much!!! You've been a real help, the name will be used :)


Dear Angela, can you give me any hint about learning how to make games?  I'm a total beginner. Thanks in advance.



so the lesson of this game is to check up on good friends if they acting weird instead of going on a date with strangers or going out with friends. i hated how mia didn't get the "going to the movie with u" and there was no option to say i like u afterwards.  i thought romance with mia is the 4th ending but missed and forgive endings are pretty much same. 

game title is clever as u have missed messages in present or past. cool that its based on a real story. good on u (?) saving ur friend from suicide, i liked the game

Thanks but that's not quite what I was going for

Great game. The art is superb and the music choice is excellent as always. 

[May contain spoilers?] Omg I just realized the title has a double meaning.  This game really hit me hard in the feels - I got a chill down my spine as I was playing some parts. The dialogue is very powerful, I would say raw at times, but so realistic in portraying what it feels like to suffer from depression. Thank you to the developer for creating this masterpiece! Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to seeing more of your games :)

I was more affected by this than I thought I'd be.  Finding a good ending after a few tries helped to  remind me of what's important about human<=>human connections.  I had a philosophy prof who believed that emotionally intimate connections between two people are "reality".  Car/job/phone/hobbies/etc. are illusions -- how we fill up our time between personal connections.   Thanks for...  this.

great game, I really love it!! 

this almost made me cry, great game!

I saw the TW and thought "nah ill be fine". Wow was I wrong. This game had such an emotional impact. But in an amazing way. [Spoilers here on out] The way May spoke. Her hesitation. Not knowing what she wants to do with her life, her purpose. The self harm and depression. I connected with it so much. And the way her friend was there for her and motivated her. It motivated me. So thank you, to the game creators. You've helped me more than you know.

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So many emotions while playing this game. The dialogue felt so real and personal. Not just personal for the character but as a player, it really hit hard.

I don't want to spoil anything and highly recommend playing this game. The ending is emotional and only played it once. I had tears at one part because i related to the situation so personally.

 Check out our game play but like i said, I highly recommend playing it first.


This is the first time a game made me cry, thanks for this incredible game, we should always pay attention around us to be able to answer the missed messages

I just played this game, and got the worst ending on the first runthrough and I'm just sobbing

Thank you for making this brilliant gem, and I love everything about the music and 'hope.' ending as much as I hate everything about the 'missed.' ending

This is the first time a game made me cry, please keep doing what you are doing this game was touching

The first time I played it, May lived, but then I wanted to explore the other endings. I couldn't. I only got through to one more ending and straight up broke down. Such a short but powerful and impactful experience.

By the way, I love all of your games and your merch is the cutest. Wish I could buy the LGBTEA pin, but I'm still not out, so... I just wanted to say that your games really touch on such sensitive topics that we all need to know a little more about. Thank you so much for creating content that helps people like me get up in the morning; knowing that there are people out there who understand is simply spectacular. Maybe it's because you've dealt with your own share of strife. I hope not.

Overall, amazing game. Keep going!

That was really touching... I love how at the start screen the message covers her head. Didn't notice that at first.

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I love the music in this game so much!


you can find them all on Soundcloud! (music credits are in About from the menu)


the game is very pretty it has a beutiful art :]

but you should put a exit button on the settings please [im sorry for be rude but i dont write in english very well]

i love it your game ;3

Thank you for teaching that's it's okay to feel these feels one game at a time. Love your games, love your artworks

Thank you for creating such a special game. The world needed this. I can't express how much I love and adore this. From the art to the dialogue. You have created a masterpiece. Thanks again.

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I cried after my second ending.
I love your games, your style, and this time, your writing. I've been slowly healing and recovering from depression, and your dialogues are very natural and raw.


Just like all of the other games of the same style, I absolutely loved this! Amazing style and I love the storytelling, makes you think and many aspects are relatable and interesting. I am very glad that you are growing, definitely deserved and I can see the passion you put into these. I'm a sucker for sad games and this hit the right parts perfectly.


This game definitely caught me off guard. This is a well told story and brings awareness to depression suicide and how it's a very patient thing and takes time. I appreciate the creators for putting this out there .
Here my gameplay on it.

the game was beautiful. from the art style to the music to the teeny tiny moments where there's audio, it all takes me to a really happy mood and makes me want to play more and more. I made a gameplay on it and found 2 endings and it felt amazing to find the other ~



I came from Steam and just tried to pass all of the endings. Thanks for creating such a great game, Angela. I would like to say it is a piece of art! The music and those pictures were just amazing!!!!

All in all ,the content was impressive and it's easy to immerse in it, especially for me haha. I am a Chinese student in Vancouver and I know how does it feel for a lonely international student. Sometimes I feel depressed due to all those fking pressures, and you are right, the help provided by the school(at least my school) was so little. The only thing they care about is DONT FKING KILL UR SELF AND RUIN THE BIG NAME OF  THE SCHOOL. You must know a lot about our lives studying in a foreign country. And I do have the same feeling when once I chose the option"listen to what did May's mom say". Sometimes my mom was like that and I felt the duty to save May!!!!

I have passed the 4 endings, but I wish there were more opportunities. I mean can May be my gf!!!! There was a time I decided to share the meme stuffs to May and she asked if I was in love with Amy.  I was like: Ummmm, cutie, I do have some one in my mind and that's you!!! And you left an answer similar to my thought. I kept trying to ask May out for a movie but it didn't work.

I noticed that May said she wrote a Harry Potter Fan fiction about devil and gay Potter. I am wondering is May a 腐女? If yes, I wish I could see another love ending in the future. Sorry I just love this game so much. May is so adorable and how can we not falling in love with her!!

Another recommendation: You can try to contact some streamers on and they will definitely love to help make it more popular and you might get more financial support from the site.

I really enjoyed this game

pls help, I cant press start the game


can you redownload it then copy and paste your log file? They can be found here:

  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  • Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Angela He\missed messages\Player.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Angela He/missed messages/Player.log
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Thank you for making this game, it really got to me and I think it helped since May is probably the most relatable character for me. I cried during the convo honestly and it was like hearing everything I wish I heard. This was a really powerful story.

Absolutely incredible and seriously moving. Really makes you feel something, especially when the story is paired with such beautiful art. You have such astounding talent. This was so powerful. Thank you.

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I loved it, it's truly emotional, and also made me cry. Literally everything was powerful, the art, the story, the meaning. Beautiful, in a unhappy way. I'm breathless and I have no more words to describe how wonderful is this game. Thank you.

Truly emotional and touching. It's not too often that I can sit down with a game and truly feel something from it. I lose my mind over the beautiful imagery and gorgeous art.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that if you meant the Goodies folder to be the one with the unlockable wallpapers for 5$, there's currently a mistake and it can be downloaded for free

thanks, fixed!!


this is really powerful and also very beautiful, in a sad way.

I'm not sure if i found every path yet, but the hope one really touched me personally as i had never before really been able to see the outside perspective of self harm...

So yeah, huge props for a great game!


Wow. Again. Angela's games never ever cease to amaze me, move me and really get me thinking about life.

missed messages is another heartfelt, heart-wrenching (and potentially heartwarming) tale showcasing Angela's hugely unique game style, with gorgeous artwork, subtle music wafting along in the background and a story (stories) that will absolutely floor you, regardless of which path you decide to take.

It's a very minimalist affair, where you interact with a few things and then decide on which way a conversation goes, but you get swept up so quickly in everything that's happening that it becomes a very personal and immersive affair every time you load the game up.

If you've enjoyed previous work from Angela, then make sure you definitely play this too. If you haven't played anything by her yet, it would be a sin to not try this out before immediately hunting down the rest of her work.

Angela, please never stop creating because you really are one of my favourites! =)

This is the best story I've ever read/downloaded and I've never commented on one before. You are -in all honesty- extremely talented to come up with this and the music gives the story more emotions. I love every ending even if its bad because of what I did in it. My favourite ending was I think its called 'hope' because May is my favourite character and I didn't want her to leave and she didn't in that one. Thank you : )


Hey anyone know where I can find the music to this game? It's very beautiful and I wanted to listen to it outside of the game.

It's in Main Menu > About ^_^

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I noticed that and thought the buttons on the top left of the about menu being interactive were pretty cool, as for the music, I meant more like where can I find the actual song and not just the names for the songs. Thanks in advance. Edit: I can't find "all we do is hurt each other - kaiko" but all the other songs I've been able to find.

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Thanks. They're on Soundcloud. Also it's 'kalko' - I'll fix that in a future vers.

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this game meant a lot to me. i can really relate to may's experience and it was written so real and personal that it had me crying both during and after i had completed the game. i've always kept an eye on ur games bc i think the art and stories r rlly lovely but this one is especially beautiful and i adore u now??

Having an issue where the settings menu wont go away. I pressed everything and it stays center of screen. I even got the game to start playing and had it stuck there.

Hi, click the top left (the close button) of the settings menu. I'll make it more obvious in a future version.

I feel like a dummy now XD I figured it out after a while of randomly clicking.

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