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My kinda game! ♥

This game is wonderful

I'm so happy I got the good end the second try. I didn't know if I could stand to play it again. Hits hard.  

What choices did you make? I gave up on trying... I figured there was no good one since i played like 6 times trying to get it... hence the message...

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the good ending is where you knock on may's door, maybe a couple times im not sure until she answers, and then convince her to talk with you. talk about the most serious stuff. then, go to the bathroom after.

also, it's kind of funny how i got the good ending on the first try. great game, though.

EDIT: the time matters too. look around the room and hear whats being talked about until like 2:10, then when you click on may's door you can hear her mom screaming at her.

an hour later, at around 3:10ish or later, you can then knock and start the dialogue.

"the end: hope." or is there a better one? because that one was still a little sad... it ended with a note with a poem about being dug out of a storm, is that the happy one or is there a still better one?

that's the one. it's the best ending in the sense that she gets help.

That awful! Is there no happy ending? She kills herself no matter what? that's sad man...

I mean it's a great game 5 star for your work and the graphics are addictingly good but you really need to give a a better ending...

Please, it says is a "based on real life events" game and if that is so do you think the real person would the game made in honer of her to only ever end in her death?

Just my Opinion but i would love to see it happen. best wishes, -FailurePoint


im pretty sure there is a happy ending! or something like that. you can probably search up a youtube tut, or try to figure it out but i do know theres one! 



This game bro it's beautifully written yet it messed me up by the end.

it is sooo really touched me, I wish it was longer and had more endings!!...

i wish there was more endings :(((((((( this game is soo good

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Dude this game is so amazing. It's sad and perfect. A great reminder to check on ur friends <3


True true

im crying rn i tried so hard to get the good ending and i finally did omg its just not enough i feel so weird rn



god, this is a supeeeer great game, i was survive but made me cry😭


god, this made me want to cry. this game makes me feel scared because i dont know what i would do if i  lost a friend this way


Glad I was able to save her in another playthrough. I don't think I'm the right demographic for this game, but I still enjoyed it. Loved the music

beautiful game

great game.


Still a beautiful and riveting story made me feel happy and sad all at the same time much love


i love the developers, they make these heartfelt games, and the art style is beautiful.


it really touched me... i need to take care of myself, look for help... i identify with May.


it's mid


I cried.

Being myself a person with bad mental health and sh problems I am really thankful for this game. It made me emotional because the MC "we" are able to talk with her about her problems and hug her in the bathroom. It means a lot to me because I myself would need this love from someone so I am really happy that i was able to help her and get through this together. 

Thanks for making this game, its wonderful and has a deep meaning. <3

me and you both bud, me and you both...



i saw gloom play this once i think


this is the main reason i played this game a few years ago ahah i also bought the game 'a new life'  for the exact same reason. this game creator has such a beautiful art style and such great dialogue, i love their games. 




the art is so beautiful


the way every word coming out of May's mouth was relatable??? but i felt like i embody the mc a bit with my tendency to always talk about feelings and help other people with what they're feeling. but i loved the ending <333



i relate to May so much
it feels as if shes the embodiment of me 




the ending is soooo sad


I love this game so much. Genuinely don't even words to describe my love for this game. 

Literally, it's one of my favorite games and I love it sm. It has stuck to me for so long and honestly i'm so glad to see that other people love it too.

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The best sentence from this game is from May: “Hug.”

Edit: NEVERMIND! Best sentence was about May’s pug stuffie.

Edit No.2: NEVERMIND! Best sentence is from the player character “Aw yeah, bedtime stories!”

This game is honestly really depressing though. A tip I can give you is to check in on May’s door after every click of the work button. This might open you up to the happiest ending possible.

Really a beautiful game. Short, but so emotional and meaningful. Thank you for this experience!

this end of the game ended up with me


I genuinely cannot describe how I feel about this game.I love it.


Still a beautiful and riveting story made me feel happy and sad all at the same time much love


i love it

its pretty i just want to bad endig but i keep getting the good ending

i really loved this game you should make more the art style is so good 


I absolutely love this game and how it tackles a very serious issue. Great music and art style too. Here's my gameplay of it


I loved this game! Talking with May and working with her felt a little like talking to my old self, back when I wasn't in a good place. I also loved the tiny bits of foreshadowing between the scissors with blood in the intro, the rope necklace tied in layers around May's neck, and the deep self-reflective dialogue that implies something very serious might happen if the player isn't careful. 
Great work! 


 made me cry when i opened the bathroom door and saw may cutting her self i went through the same thing when i was younger in 7 grade and Im so great ful Im alive today.

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