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This game deals with some heavy topics and Angela He shows them properly and fantastically like all of their games do. The artstyle is always lovely and the message strong! 


this is a beautiful game with amazing art and i can relate to some of this i made a video about this and it really hit me after i started editing  thank you for making this game


(I've already left this review on steam but I felt the need to leave it here too.)

This is probably one of my favorite games. Just in general. I'm in love with this game. This game made feel lots of things, and I personally felt like I could relate to some of the dialogue. I feel like other games that try to talk about these issues never really do it right, or at least not in a way that I feel is correct, but this one is perfect. I will admit, this game did make me cry. And I'm glad it did. I don't get to cry as much as I would like, and this game did that for me, and I love it. The art was beautiful, the atmosphere made me feel like I was there, and May makes my heart melt, goddamnit. So honestly, thank you Angela, for creating this game.


A relatable and visually stunning game about mental health and friendship~ Lovely as always♡♡

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I love the art style! So pretty! Anyway, great game! 


I love this game, just wanted to say that I think this is very nice to play, when you don't miss any messages. But I still love it though!

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Is there a way to find the music without buying the game? I would buy it myself but i am poor and can not afford it, though i have seen other people play it. Or could someone please send me the track names? I’m sorry if this is inconvenient for somebody. Thank you in advance.


Yeah, it’s all from SoundCloud. You can look up the song names and artists in the credits.


Really interesting game with, I think, some very important messages. This is the kind of game that I think it's genuinely valuable for people to play; it's even entirely possible that it will save some lives, by the improved awareness it raises in its players. [spoilers ahead] 

It's kind of brilliant how the game at first just seems to be some kind of lighthearted romantic story, or at most like this "goth gf" is going to turn out to have some personal issues that need working out; and that makes the sudden turn with your roommate hit you completely off guard, which is the perfect way of evoking in the player the emotions of how sudden and devastating an impact suicide can have on everyone around the victim. I can see an argument that it's kind of unfair the way it's basically impossible to catch your roommate's issues on the first issue even if you're trying to pay attention to anything, since you can't do anything without stepping away from your computer in the middle of your conversation (which there are no hints to do and which is kind of awkward with the interface); but I think that lends to the point of how hard (and maybe sometimes impossible) it can be to catch the warning signs of suicidal thoughts. 

Honestly, when that dream sequence started at the start of my second playthrough I was expecting this to turn out to be game like "One Chance" where if you try to start a new game it just puts you back into the ending where she's already dead, emphasizing that there are no second chances after someone dies; and that might have been effective, but allowing you to go again and talk to your roommate and help save her by listening to her and supporting her DOES send a more proactive sort of message about how you CAN reach out to people in that sort of situation, which is probably a more important lesson to put out into the world. 

If I have one criticism, it's that it's a little TOO easy to get your roommate to confide in you and to help her out once you actually talk to her, and that some the dialogue in the good endings is kind of cheesy and a little too saccharine.  That, combined with the ability to replay after getting the bad ending and change things to a happy outcome, makes the good endings feel more like a bit of dreamy wish fulfillment than like reality; however, if this really was based on true experiences, and for anyone who's really had to deal with someone they know committing suicide... I can completely understand wanting to include the chance to end on a bit of cheerful wish fulfillment, rather than the dark finality of reality.

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I don't really think that's a fair criticism, as someone who suffers from suicide ideation and has attempted multiple times: Most people don't want to die. Most people want to be heard. Most of us will grasp at any "sign" that we shouldn't do it that we can. I don't think she opened up too quickly, that's like, fair to how a lot of us handle it. The road to recovery isn't as quick and easy as the good ending made it out to be, but it makes sense for the game that it is.

And as someone who lost a very close friend to suicide, maybe the dialogue is saccharine, maybe it is a bit head-in-the-clouds, but god, did it feel good to play through. Because I wasn't there. And I couldn't stop it. And it was really nice to have the opportunity to.


I a new here and want to play the game someone plz tell me TwT

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I'm on pc so i have no idea what it looks like on android, but in pc, you click the download button, and then you click the ''No thanks,just take me to the downloads'' then click the top and click the bottom and there you go!


Amazing game!


you can tell some of the dialogue is from the heart. i really felt it. also the trans flag and junji ito's name really caught my eye when i played :0


I really Want to play plz tell me how TwT

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You gotta stop spamming in the comments.

Anyways, unzip the downloaded file, open "missed messages"

folder, open "missedmessagesWindows" then click the exe file "missedmessages..exe" and there you go! :)

Or alternatively, using the itch app, press launch. Voila!


click link

i’m 90% sure that’s a virus


Does anyone know the song on the main menu? :<


"It's just another day" by ktvsky


losing interest


another awesome game like it ^_^ 

but man it's just hit the feeling 


Is the Protagonist Transgender?


dude no. why would she be?


she did have the transgender flag in her room so i think that either she herself is transgender, or she was supporting a friend/the transgender community


I don't know. She had the trans flag, so that's what I suspect.


This game is a emotional masterpiece. Everything from music to art is amazing. i hope to see other amazing games from you in the future.


I love this game so much. But I really wanna know how you made it? I wanna make one like this and I don't know how...


I have completed ALL 4 ENDINGS!

This game...I absolutely loved it! This is my first visual novel on my channel, plus it's more on suicidal thoughts which I've made a couple of videos about and I even encouraged people at the end of my video to contact and help people who may be in need of such help.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. It was an amazing story and game and hope to play more visual novels like this.

Here's my video if you guys wanna check it out!

Can we play without downloading it, i want to play


yeah here on newgrounds!


Awesome game man, 

Image result for breathtaking memes


i...i love this game and as a person whos attempted scuicied when i saw that note it hit hard for me tbh this is honestly a very very beautiful game and im so glad i played it

I love this game so much. This game definitely has an impact and the message is important.

This game is very interesting!

we tried to find all the endings

I had quite an experience playing this game. At some point it stopped feeling like a game. Its had an extremely hard impact on me towards the end. Beautiful game, I absolutely loved it.


I want to play


Did you downlod it?


Plz reply



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the sound effects were mad satisfying, makes it feel a lot more polished than it actually is, excellent music. actually made me emotional and that's saying something.

I loved this game, tugged on my heart strings.

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Absolutely Fantastic!

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Wow. Your game was amazing; the music, art, and story were all so well done. I managed to get two of the four possible endings in this game. I read elsewhere that the other two endings that I didn't get were very similar to the ones I got but just slightly different. Anyway, I love how your games always have deep meaning to them. Thank you for creating this game!

I made a gameplay for this visual novel for anyone that's interested in watching! Have a nice day! :)

loved it! I got your game on steam and just awed on how beautifully this was created. Was not able to get all 4 endings but will try again lol I made a gameplay of it on the youtubes if anyone wants to check it out first before playing it for yourself.  Amazing work <3 

I need some help,I would like do know why the game isn´t charged by my pc,and it says that it must be a file compatible with windows 32 or 64 bits.

I´ll wait for a response.

Hey so, I played this game literally yesterday and I had to hold myself so I did not cry in front of my friend. 

Wonderful game 20/10 would pay to play

Excellent game. Very emotionally immersive. Played the game more than once to see if I could achieve different endings. Aesthetic graphics, relatable themes. 10/10

Another fantastic game by Angela He. We really loved it!

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I freaking loved this game! it was quite an amazing experience to play it and the message is so sweet.

Always impressed with your work. This story was particularly bittersweet. 

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