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This game is just too cute to be real UwU. I love your game hehe


hug broly males


my name is Micol and I’m a professional video game freelance translator.

I was wondering if you would be interested in an Italian localization of your games.

We are a small team of people (4 translators + 1 proofreader), and we have recently localized a video game during a Jam here:

We have studied at the same academy and since we are new in this industry, you will find that our rates are very interesting.

Since we understand that the cost of localization could be hard to afford, we are open to discuss other forms of agreements. 

Please, consider discussing the matter with us. I’m sure we can find a win-win deal for both of us.

Kind regards,


honestly haven't cried so hard before from a vn. this was really good, amazing visuals and sound effects. one of my all time favs


Still a beautiful and riveting story made me feel happy and sad all at the same time much love

Po prostu kocham ten ending gdy zostajemy bliskimi przyjaciółkami z Mayy

its a really sad game and it shocked me how dark it was i cried alot and the sound affects are really good too very creepy 

Cool game it seems. Unfortunately i got stuck twice, where the dialogue simply stopped progessing and there was no action i could take.

So i wasn't able to complete it, unfortunately...

Visual novels by Angela He never disappoints, and this one in particular was one that hit a little too close to home. From the illustrations, the all-too-real story and plot, and the music, this was a masterpiece and I loved it. I'm in a similar situation right now, but to be reminded that there is always help somewhere, and that there will be something to look forward to, to know that there are people who'd be there for you. I'm grateful to have that kind of person in my life, and I love them to bits. That aside, this was definitely another amazing visual novel <3



also way to go with the game LGBTQ+

i am gonna play it today also what age is this game for just a question cause a brother of mine wants to play it 


Amazing game, love it. Side note:

ME: May, how do I tell someone I love them? 

MAY: Ask to movies

ME: Wanna go to the movies with me 

MAY: Okay 

ME: Internal screaming ;-;

Beautiful game, great message, amazing graphics, overall the perfect game in my opinion. I of course rate this game five stars. First of all, the art is just so pretty! Quickly caught my eye when I was scrolling through the list. Second of all, the message is just amazing is all I gotta say!!

Hey! Just wanted to say missed messages is the top game on my list at the moment because 1. It reminds me there's help out there. 2. It helps me learn how to act in other peoples situations and finally this game just hits in the feels and really shows the reality of yk mental illness etc; After playing this really helped me see the signs in my girlfriend and after a year they are somewhat happy agian... thanks to this game! Thank you so much for taking time and effort into this and making it really show the true emotion and understanding around this topic and novel! Stay Safe Xx

i love the artwork so much omg. I cant imagine how long this took and how much effort was put into it. Beautiful work <3

at first the game didn’t appeal to me, but the drawings looked so beautiful. when i had played through all the endings, i needed my day off from the computer. i find it impressive that such an interesting story has been realized so beautifully and sadly at the same time.

Really hits you in the feels, Great game!

Gut Punching, Amazing work

This game really got my emotions floatin.. Not every game can do that. Loved it! Really good job on this!

muito tocante... me emocionei jogando

é difícil eu ter perdido algo


it hits hard.

𝘈𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘰𝘪𝘥 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦.

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𝘞𝘩𝘺 𝘯𝘰𝘵


ehh idk i didn't make this game


that was very touching!

yep it was 


This was beautifully done. Every attempt, every expressed ideation is a cry for help. They are "seeking attention" because they desperately need a hand, hug or a shove. Be vigilant, be loving, be present, you may save someone's life. KEEP GOING; 


Not a horror at all. Very bad

Yo. Way to talk much.


Incredible! ❤️

it wont let me play? ive downloaded it but it still wont work, can anyone help me out please?  


oh god jfc i was so shocked and felt guilty when i left her hanging for goth gf. goft gf is permanent but may is eternal

great game!!!! i definitely felt a lot about what was being said in the game. love the art style as well

is pretty cool good job :

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I cant force myself to get all the endings because I don't want to see the bad ending again


good game i got happy ending yey


damn.. this game... didn't cry this much cuz of a game holy still love it but damn :sob


I really love the plot and the illustrations. One of the best visual novels that i have played. 


I'm trying new endings. 


I'm kinda confused on how to get the ending I'm missing. So far, I've gotten forgive, hope and survivor. Anyone can help plz? I'm too stupid rn.

Also, this game really helped and I enjoyed it. Love the art! Get the game bcoz it's cool and it's free

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maybe you already got the another end but im gonna say how to anyways

  • you have to talk to the goth gf´s Iphone
  • tell her to show you her make up
  • tell her that she´s beautiful 
  •  agree to meet her
  • talk and then you get the other ending

i´m not gonna say anything else so you don´t get spoiled.

Ty!!! <3

yw <3

meu jogo favoritoooo 


This game was life changing.

Today I only installed it because I thought the art was pretty, but it ended up being an awesome game. 

I'm in a similar same situation to May right now, but the main difference is that I'm in high school (I'm assuming they're in college?) I'm also bisexual (which isn't gay, but I am a woman) so this was great representation as well. 

Thank you. 


Hey. Just wanted to say if you want someone to talk to I can give you my discord.


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Try to insult me once you learn how to spell "Stretch

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