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You wake up to your girlfriend burying you alive, and she won't be convinced that you aren't dead.

One of several problems, it turns out, as you find yourself dealing with rats trying to take a few early bites out of you! 

And just who is the girl talking to you from underground? 


  • 2 strange (but charming??) love interests
  • 3 endings with full panel illustration
  • Original, atmospheric art and soundscapes
  • So many funky rats you can barely keep track‼️


This game deals with actively being buried alive, as well as a great deal of rats- played mostly comedically, but there all the same.

angela he • art, ost, sfx 

robobarbie • programming 

destini islands • writing 

allie vera • writing, editing 

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 03, 2023
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(248 total ratings)
Authorsangela he, robobarbie, Destini Islands, Allie Vera
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Comedy, Horror, LGBT, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 54, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksLudum Dare


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Stop Burying Me Alive Beautiful (Latest) 310 MB
Stop Burying Me Alive Beautiful (Latest) 315 MB
Stop Burying Me Alive Beautiful Mac (Game Jam Version) 213 MB
Stop Burying Me Alive Beautiful PC (Game Jam Version) 218 MB

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Hey was there a specific dialogue to get our girlfriend's ending? I was at the choosing between both K and R in which I could only ever choose Remi 😭 don't get me wrong love her but I wanted to get our girlfriend's ending. Just wanted to ask if there was a specific set of choices to trigger it, thanks ^_^ 


Ladies and gentlemen, beware of psycho thots.


The art is great and the game is very well made overall, 11/10, would show it to my rats


Beautiful game, I love the artstyle and how the grave screen slowly fills in as we get injured. Took me a moment to realise I was supposed to be scaring off the rats whenever we heard them squeak; I was far too focused on the conversations and card game. 

You did an amazing job on this game!


Just watched your playthrough lmao

the artstyle is so pretty!!! also loved kay's design and the cute rats

I loved this game

que bonito juego 

this is very clearly lovingly made, wonderful little queer game although i havent finished it quite yet!


Are both love interests women?


can relate


Really nice game.


Consegui o final em que eu simplesmente morro, o final em que fico com a garota dos ratos e não estou conseguindo o único final que quero que é sair daquela maldita cova. haha


sounds like a weird ahh fetish


it better be

The game kept crashing on me, but it's still very good nonetheless!


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel. It has been a long time since I played games by the creator and I really enjoyed the game. I went for the main girlfriend ending because I feel that we should be dedicated to our partner that we have chosen XD. Thank you for reading my comment and I will be looking forward to more games in the future. :)

Took me a couple of playthroughs to realize that I needed to kill the rats because I am foolin' sometimes. But once I grasped the concept of the game, I really enjoyed the metaphor combined with a sense of urgency.

This was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed this game. The story was amazing and I loved the choices

Loved your game. Enjoyed both characters a lot! Also that it was funny in a lot of areas but then ended with a strong hint of serious relationship problems. <3

Def an interesting play!


I love the game but i kept dying of laughter when the sound effects played in the card game

my humor is broken


Love the game its so good!!! Only been able to get two endings tho


I thought the rats were there to make a hole and not to eat me, lol. Anyway, I loved the game and the music. It seemed odd to me (at first) that Karina and Remmie have a voice but they don't actually say things as such, but I got adjusted to it quickly anyway. It was a nice experience, as well as the drawn endings (although rather than the way it's presented, I hoped it'd looked like the way the rest of the game is. It stuck out in that way, I liked it). 


I love both girls and all the rats very much. RAT ARMY

Charming little game! 


you're a fucking god.


I love the artstyle and the funny little rats, but I always get the same ending.


Which ending do you get?


I stop.. attempting to grasp for air as the earth dares to cover me. The sounds of the wind and the moonlight shining over me. The scarlet red rose of thorns that come from the love of death. This is it.. this is death..

This game was phenomenal to play, it encapsulates the idea of being able to change the outcome of life and death without being able to actually do anything. Being shackled to the earth is a great idea to play off of.

The card game was fun to play however the yes and no sounds were considered odd to me, the game designers choice to implement that idea was awesome!

Thank you for this wonderful game!


I had a great playthrough. A very beautiful game as always! Love the concept of being buried alive by a pretty woman. 

Got all 3 endings, yay! Really great game! I felt so special when the rat goddess showed up :D

I had a lot of fun theorizing about this game and thinking of scenarios to explain the circumstances we find ourselves in. Beautifully illustrated as always! 


I got the "live to see another day" ending, very nice game ^^

oh i love the art style and the mood of this game very fun!

I love the artstyle and the funny little rats, but I always get the same ending.

The game and the art style are both so pretty^^ Relaxing game really and nice ending

I am in love with the artstyle

The author's artistic style is excellent, I like it


i love gay people


Can't wait to play

Show post...

v1.1 - bugs fixed what kind of bugs were fixed the game is great


 Absolutely loved this. I liked the little rat card mini-game. I talked about it in my latest podcast episode about horror games.

Your games always have such a beautiful aesthetic and this was no exception! The more light-hearted tone definitely shone through, but there was still very much a heartfelt story behind it all. Enjoyed this a ton!

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