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Your art is as amazing as always. Not a big fan of the navigation style on this one; side-scrolling through the pictures becomes tedious when it comes to just moving filters over them, and the transition between slides is not quite as smooth as it should be. The images would work better in a more standard web-comic format, IMO.

Also, was there a PoV shift in the middle of the story?  In the beginning it seemed like we were following red/blue-haired girl, but by the end we're plushie-girl instead.  Just found it confusing, especially with so little dialogue to  help the transition. 


loved the story and amazing art style. very well done i had a lot of fun  it. 100% recommend 


When is the download coming out ? (Ah, pun not intended.)

The download page states "Nothing is available for download yet."

I really love this! the creative narrative is amazing and fresh, and the bittersweet story itself is tantalizing! amazing work I could say. :)


this is really an amazing game so far! but for some reason I cannot get past the first chapter, where they talk  about their books together. It wont let me swipe or do anything. even if i reload it


Ay man, I got stuck on that also, just click on the stars and connect them.

Really enjoyed this short visual novel! ^-^

when can I download this?

Really enjoyed this short story, even tho from time to time i don't know if i understood it, but still a very nice story with amazing artstyle. Keep it up i can't wait to see more from you! 

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This was very sweet and beautiful, the artwork and the music are absolutely fantastic. *This* is what storytelling is all about -- I was literally going "noooo :(" to myself as their relationship ended... and of course, the notes at the end.... aaaaa. Very sweet and very beautiful.


This was a pretty game. I've never seen a game like this the illustration was really beautiful and playable by anyone. Even without dialogs people who can't understand english would still be able to play this because there's no dialog. No need for translations whatsoever :) I really liked it even though it was short I hope there was more games like this, without the dialog just the feeling <3

I love this game!


Diamond Miner] Maybe I'll be Zombie
[Grandayy] I'm Already Zombie
[Diamond Miner] What about Vindicator?
[Grandayy] I'm already Vindicator
[Diamond Miner] I'll be Creeper
[Grandayy] Nerf Creeper!
[Diamond Miner] You're right. So, Chicken
[Grandayy] I wanna be Chicken
[Diamond Miner] I guess I'll be Mooshroom
[Grandayy] I'm already Mooshroom
[Diamond Miner] Then I'll be Donkey
[Grandayy] I already chose Donkey
[Diamond Miner] I have an idea
[Grandayy] What's your idea?
[Diamond Miner] You should be.. You should've picked Note Block
[Grandayy] I'm not gonna be any kind of block
[Diamond Miner] We ended up loosing all our diamonds
[Grandayy] Mining is what I live for

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on such a cute and amazing game, too,,, ive wondered why you decided to comment this for a long time

PREPARE TO CRY YOUR HEART OUT 💔 | There's This Girl Full Gameplay Walkthrough



[cries in gay]

also please drop the soundtrack omg


i like love this


Such good friends, so sad their friendship fell apart! :(


They're lesbians, harold.


just two ol' gals platonically kissing


That was a short and bittersweet story, told so well without a single word, and with beautiful artwork.

A question - does it make any difference if the constellations are correct, or was making up new constellations half the fun?

What a short & sweet & bittersweet queer asian narrative ♥ Can't wait to see what you make next, Angela!


lesbian* asian narrative

your game is very beautiful, did a great job, I want to know, if I accept to give another chance they stay together in history? Think about making a follow up?
And lastly, you used my favorite songs.<3
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Woohoo here come the gays! Yet another masterpiece by Angela He! There's just something about your beatiful artwork and music selection that always gives me this nostalgic feeling. This game really hits home and it portrays a feeling everyone can relate to. Not only does this happen in relationships, but in friendships and with family members too. You're real close but then over time arguments keep happening till it's draining to be around the person, but at the same time, you still care about them.  A really heartbreaking dynamic... and you portrayed it well in this game.  I know you don't really do sequels... but................... please?

You said this game was inspired by a real story, so if this is something that happened to you, I really hope you find closure with that person. :) I also want to mention that this reminds me  a lot of the webtoon Always Human, especially just the space concept and the aesthetic. Loved that webtoon. 

As always, love your game and excited to see more of your work! Huge fan of yours. Alright... well. Time to cry in my cheerios during these sad gay hours.


lol best comment!!! thanks so much <3 <3 <3 im really busy so ill prob never have time for a sequel :'( but maybe they get back together, who knows?

Hahaha well guess I'll just pretend there was a good ending in my heart! Hope you have more time to do the things you enjoy <3 

I FRICKEN LOVED THIS!  Do u think u could add more parts to the story though?

This was really beautiful! And the story was very relatable, as I've experienced something similar. Sometimes I think about how things could have been had I gone back and did things differently with this girl I crushed on (I'm also a girl), but didn't. I think about turning around all the time, but most people in these situations move on, and that's okay. And who knows, maybe the other girl had the same exact thoughts... I think from her expressions, it's very likely. I admit I did get a little emotional and tear at the end, (but I've been very emotional this past week haha!).  

As always, the graphics in your games are stunning , I LOVED the animations, and the music gave it a nice atmosphere!


Hello! I wanted to download the game but said there was nothing available, is it just for certain computers or? Your art looks amazing and I was really interested in downloading the game especially with all the positive comments.

This is so beautiful. The graphics are truly breathtaking, the story about the girls and their love is heartwarming, and the gameplay is amazing. I got the wallpapers and I’m using it for my phone and computer. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make next! 

there are no files to download lol


I really liked it, your drawing style is everything mixed with those songs.  but im confused.... why did she decided to abandon her?? Because there were some people that werent interested in constellations???? The argument they had????

Sorry if the answer was obvious.



It's very beautiful and emotional, it made me cry...

I'm glad I saw this today, your work is amazing! And seeing how fast you made "You left me" was even more incredible. This was an interesting way to present a story, and it would be a great fir for mobile devices. Sadly I played on the PC. The story was very moving and I can't help but wonder if this is something that happened to you or is happening to you at the moment? Because the first girl could be you I could imagine. If you, I hope you either find a closure or maybe better, another chance. Keep up the good work! 

Great graphics, love the astral theme!

very nice

its a nice new way of playing visual novels


you have a case of homo sextual but ok.

dude wtf?

We Are All Homo Sextuals.


Another masterpiece. I love your work.

i've been following you and your games for awhile now and i have to say this is one of my favorite pieces you've put out thus far. your art only gets better and better with each release, and i love the interface for this game a lot. the story is also, as expected, very moving and sweet. as someone who just started a relatively new lesbian relationship, it was nice to see those mirroring moments of falling in love and the star theme especially felt very near to my heart. i also like that the ending is the way it is; having those two distinct options felt very honest and on brand for you, but also a good move for people who have those same lingering thoughts. great work as always.


Well done graphics. Beautiful ☕

I really enjoyed the game but for some reason I keep getting a pink screen on the last chapter. and I'm not sure if it's my laptop but the controls seem to have a bit of lag. But besides that really liked the game. If you know why I keep getting a pink screen on the game that would be quite helpful.


I usually don't comment, but I really feel I needed to this time. All of your games are beautiful, not just because of art and music, but because of how much meaning each one holds. And this one puts me on the verge of tears. It shows how nice and comfortable a relationship can be, the experience of falling in love and enjoying each other, yet it also shows the hardships and what it's like when it all falls apart. Honestly, I'm excited for anything else you make in the future! Keep up the good work!


now i'm sad :(


This made me cry. It's heartachingly beautiful, story, art, music, mechanics. All these aspects work together perfectly and form an experience that feels so warm, raw, and fundamentally human that I won't ever forget it.

Aw, thank you :) im happy it moved you so much <3

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