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Hii! <3

I played this game a while back on mobile and absolutely loved it!

The story is super fun to follow -and also sad. One of my favorite stories with fluff and angst, it shows the sweetest love story followed by a stab in the heart, right where it hurts. 

The art was absolutely mesmerizing too! I loved the character designs sosososo much! (Their chibi-esque forms melt my heart ♡ ) And the lil props like notebooks and plushies (as well as backgrounds) were cute as heck :D


Wow, what a nice little story and such an expressive and original way of telling it! I loved it!

Full screen mode in the browser caused glitches for me, so I had to restart, but that's just a minor thing. 

Oh, and I love star gazing... so here's a little picture as thank you for you... :)


Go touch grass.


right when i clicked this game my music switched to constellations by duster

love the pfp btw, i have the same one on tiktok


wth is this


um in the rememder chapter it glitched and was stuck on them walking could u fix it im really mad about it:(


the song in the first chapter is i fall in love too easily by chet baker - reminds me when i first played this game a few years back nostalgia


I love the game!!! But, I wanted to see the ending take a while, or have a last chapter... but don't matter, i love the game anyway! s2


Thank you so much!.....I love you and your games

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Here's the video and sorry for muting the sound of the gameplay [you know copyrights] but I replaced it with calming piano sound ♡ 

idk GIFfanny


This was pretty cool! I'm assuming this was based off of Florence, the interactive wordless storytelling alongside the little minigames that you do, and of course the love story that you get connected to.

I was admittedly not expecting to get connected to the story in the game, but yeah. Super nice! I was really wanting to see what happened next for the two when playing.

The artstyle was nice, very cozy. The music sellection went along nicely to that cozy feeling, although the audio polish itself was admittedly rough at times, but that's not a big problem considering this was a jam game.

Good love story, cool little interactive experience, 10/10

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Ps i cried like a 1,000,000 times. I'm rlly sad now

Love thisss


i cried gay tears :(

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how can I contorl it???by click or any more?

So cute 

I love it 

Omg!! love it

Bro that music should go with like some drill song or something lol


do you have a list with the music use? i'd love to keep listening to these songs

ngl it made me cry


because i didnt want to throw the book out i moved it to the side of the screen and i had to reset

towards the end my screen just turned purple and i can't advance on chapter V :((


me too T_T

i put the book some where help


i.. accidentally threw the book of stars upward

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I Love The Storyline And The Artstyle has input to the game!♥️ And The Meaning Of It 10/10 Recommended To Play It!


bro i ritorly cried



so cute 🥺 🤩. loved it.


this was mad relatable

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loved it.


Short, gay and bittersweet. Nice quick experience, I whish there was more.


just like my life. but without the gay part. I am very much attracted to women.




The dev said on her Tumblr that there wouldn't be any new content :/. Source: Angela He


Ur joking right? Noooooooo


just hoping nothing bad happens because i'd actually cry


i spoke away to soon


i did it again


Hi! I'm interested in your games (in fact, i loved "missed messages." and i want to buy "a new life."), but i would like to buy them on Steam: there are possibilities to see them on that platform?


not sure if you saw it, but it's currently availabe on Steam, I just added it to my wish list, lol.


Really? Because on Angela He's page i found only "COME ALIVE!", "a new life.", "missed messages." and "Suppressed"... well, at least, now we know that Zephybite will release other games on Steam! :)


i cant move on one screen


is it the one when the 2 people speak about the book? same here

Deleted 332 days ago

if you're at the part i think you are, try connecting the stars in the speech bubbles.


It says "Nothing is available for download yet." :(




WHY SO SAD ( = o = )


I loved it  :) Really adorable.

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