Experience love between two girls, earnest stargazers and still searching for their path in life. 

The future is unclear: Will their dreams be broken? Will they walk different paths? And.. can their love be torn apart?

Features 💫 ∴。 *

Emotional narrative told through pictures
Original, hand-drawn art and animations
★ 10-20 minutes of compact gameplay

⭐ 。·゚*.。

You can find the code on Github! and here are some other links:

made by Angela He; music by vowl, ktvsky btwrks, dj sad wikipedia, luvbird. Thanks to Gabrielle Cohn for support 💝  

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(1,008 total ratings)
Authorangela he
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Anime, Casual, Comedy, Dark, LGBT, Romance, Short


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i played this game when i was youngerand oh my go di sobbbed

It keeps on freezing while I'm cutting the photo, I don't know what to do



i loveee this game

the artwork is GORGEOUS!! and ohmigosh the storyyy ;-;

(I did get stuck at a few scenes and had to reload the page, luckily the game saves after every chapter so I didn't have to replay too much when this happened)

THIS WAS AMAZINGG, i need the full soundtrack of this game

thank you for making this ❤


I will choke on your art style, it's so beautiful

this actually had me at tears

i remember this game when i was a yong. is relly sad story and beautiful  for me . i can't stop crying at fist time

.such a relly good game

Ok it definitely broke my heart ,man😭

I almost cried during the last parts 😭😭


So artsy and sad. I love it.

This game was my first Gameplay video lol, except for othe 2 games


This game is beautiful <3

Representation through images is so heart touching- you can feel the sentiment radiating out of this art- sdfojisdfjisdjifjdf

It's soooo unbelievably pretty, your games always are hehe

Keep up the amazing work and heartwarming/breaking art 


If you love LGBTQ  comment because LGBTQ it is real, And i'm lesbian happy Pride.






the 2 girl and deviantart sad

this is such a sweet story

nice artstyle, nice ambience, just good vibes


i love this game so much! my relationship hasnt been going so well lately, but this game gave me hope and a reason to smile!

(1 edit) (+2)(-76)

LGBTQ is pretty stupid, and I believe it is a down right disgrace of one to support it. Just think of it this way, if we support LGBTQ+ more and more, more more people will feel it's okay. If people feel it's okay they will want to accept and maybe even want to come out as Gay Bi sexual or whatever, besides the point. If we have more people in that specific community, we will be unable to reproduce, leading to the populous to decrease. which means basically end of the world. Reason being the fact that women and women cant reproduce, and men and men can't reproduce. Now you could sperm bank, but I feel that would be unaffected, as most LGBTQ relationship's don't want children. Now don't take this as hate towards the LGBTQ community or anything, Im just saying the fact that you all are way to accepting of and are flaming @JlpeDev Is downright stupid, you just try to prevent the fact that people notice there is a problem about LGBTQ and it being more accepted. Also, Masculinity drops very highly as testosterone drops through male to male to male sex. Which that poses a problem for the military, if you don't have masculine men to fight and deal with a problem then your country would just be crushed. But this is just my Point of view on LGBTQ I dont care if you call me a "degenerate fool", or a "homophobic" or whatever, but I want you to know, I will still prove my point and make it known what my views are.


gay people have existed forever dumbass, id tell u to educate yourself but  there's no hope for people like you so just run in front of a bus or smth

also, why did you deliberately click on a videogame that shows a clearly gay relationship and then post this brain dead comment, so pathetic 

(1 edit) (-36)

Im sorry to inform you, but you completely missed the point, I said nothing about gay people not being around and they are a new thing, I said it's starting become more accepted in today's society, not, "Gay people are the new hot thing, and we should stop this new trend before we all die!" and if you read my comment that way, you are illiterate, and the uneducated one here, and it's pathetic you shared a reply on my comment when you didn't even read it properly.


why are you upset? LGBTQ is shit. There. We said it. Nah, I'm kidders. If you really hate LGBTQ then pretend it doesn't exist. I don't understand who started this convo on the lgbt for this is a sweet game about love between two women. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the wrong place to start a conversation about why you dislike the LGBTQ community. Do that on twitter or something.


This is literally the only comment that got through to me in any way, and makes sense, all you others trying to make me accept LGBTQ, are just fueling my hate for it


dont comment on it if you dont like it?? common sense 

(5 edits) (+8)(-1)

LGBTQ+ people have been here like.. forever, there were many terms and names given to them, as well as the fact that some transgender people in multiple different tribes were reverred for ''knowing the secrets of both genders''. Your argument proves nothing, so please at least try to do more research on this topic before outrightly hating and commenting down on a WLW game which I might add, might be some of the only few games with WLW representation that doesn't make it inherently sexual. Besides, whenever any one of you homophobic fuckers started going after LGBTQ+ ppl in history, we just camouflaged into society to attract less attention. We have always been here, you were just never properly educated on the history of Queer people because school doesn't teach us enough about topics like this.

Another thing... men don't need testosterone to fight. Women with plenty of estrogen fight in the military, and they do just fine. Stop associating testosterone with masculinity. It's just a sex chemical that is produced by men, or people who used to be male and have now converted to one of the other different sorts of diverse genders present today. There is no study that proves that through male-to-male sex testosterone drops. this is simply misinformation.

Does that give you enough insight on a sensitive topic like this? /gen



Kay sorry not my drama, but- 

You have no room to call someone "uneducated"  with grammar like that...


Please do not comment on this if you fucking hated it. You sound dumber than that guy for saying they should kill themselves for a fucking opinion. (I AM NOT SIDING WITH THEM BUT CMON DUDE THATS JUST FUCKING SICK OF U TO DO)


If your views are this, please do not say them out loud. They are so many people that will rightfully ATTACK you in many ways than just one for saying such a disrespectful statement, but I see what you mean. Some people in the LGBTQ+ (TO ME) are actually super disgusting for trying to spread the community in an ugly, disrespecting form. Some even say straights should KILL THEMSELVES for just being straight. I agree with you. It can be a fucked up place full of people who just want to be appreciated by others, but that does not mean you should get all aggressive and say it is not right for one to support another. Please do not EVER do this on other platforms. I understand your point, yes, sure, but the way this generation reacts? It ain't good for any one. Don't support it, but ignore it as well. If you even hated LGBTQ+, why did you, stupidly, reply to this game and give horrible feed back for one's sexuality? Keep that to yourself, man. Not cool.


Then you should also say something against all straights that don't want children. Also, last I checked, the birthrate is still rising and becomes a problem in some countries. And it is totally normal for birthrates to decline in prosperous Countries. So, do you also have something against them? 

Should we all just suffer, so we produce more children. What's far more important is that the children that are here have a loving family.

And I heard far better arguments as what you said. As all you said was about survival. Which we don't do, we don't just survive. We live. Otherwise, we also should stop doing like playing video games. As that is not important for survival.

Also stop spreading lies. As you said, many things that are scientifically disproven.

And the only problem I see is the way some want to force to use gender language. As that could cause problems as information can be lost, to such a degree that you might not get what the other is saying.

Deleted 117 days ago
(1 edit) (+4)

The hell kind of stuff are you on? The world isn't going to end because LGBTQ+ is becoming more popular and known around the world. At most, the world is going to end because of either some natural event or world war of some sorts, not queer people. I could go on about this kind of bullcrap, but it's pretty well known that you're just homophobic and have been taught by Roblox TikToks telling you to "Love Jesus" and "Like and Subscribe if you hate gay people" or whatever nonsense you have gotten this information from. Being in the LGBTQ+ community is not a bad thing, and is actually becoming more socially acceptable, but with dipshits like you, that's just putting more hate onto people in the LGBTQ+ community than they already get. It doesn't matter if there's gay men in the military, it really doesn't. No matter if a man is gay, they still are masculine in some way, shape or form, so I'd at least do some damn research in your life because either you're some middle or high school kid who is just hating for no given reason, or some adult in their late 20s, early 30s with a high school degree working at a job paying minimum wage. There's also women who fight in the military too, it's not just a men's thing to do, so I'd look into that as well. 

One other thing, the fact that you're going onto Itch.io, going to a WLW game, and complaining about this is completely childish and immature. So grow up, or complain to your mom who is in debt because you keep asking for money so you can even have a housing space to live in with water, food, and electricity.


some people are gay, GET OVER IT


don't care didn't ask i love tiddies

(1 edit) (+2)

lGbTQ+ iS pReEtY sTuPid. You see how stupid your dumbass sounds?? Why do you care if 2 girls makeout hm?? has nothing to do with you. Your just mad that they managed to find love when your probably going to die alone. Homophobes are so stupid istg.

what is bro yapping abt

merci a toi angela


why the fuck is this about 2 girls that love each other does this developer is bisexual like the fucking girls of the history? LGTB is shit


skill issue


if you don't like it then just ignore it, it's not that hard

believe it or not, LGBTQIA+ ppl actually exist and should be represented


because wlw relationships exist? How sensitive do you have to be not only be bothered by relationships,love, happiness  that has nothing to do with you but go out of your way to make a comment about it? Honestly if there's any shit here it's you for thinking that and feeling the need to make that comment


Exactly! You prove a good point here man


stfu asshat


stay mad the dev is saying "you homophobes are my bitch" in their head lol




are u stupid?



Deleted 117 days ago

not dwonload?


listen i love all your games and this one is very sweet but. i've gotta say i'm getting a bit concerned over how many of these are based off of real life/true stories


This is such a beautiful well made game 




OMG I played this game in my phone and I CRIED SO MUCH. So cute, I can't believe, that I found this game again




I ate a cat


And I will eat another


rare or well done?


"well done" thanks. appreciate it


Please stop eating cats...

Grr how dare you like it "well done"

"Medium Rare" is obviously better.!


OMG I LOVED THIS GAME SO INCREDIBLY MUCH. It is so cute and stunning and wholesome <3333


tried both ends on chapter v, it was pretty. the ending made me feel empty and great simultaneously. even tho the game somehow crashes, it was ok as it is a short game. i can't believe that i am finding visual novels like this JUST NOW, but i am rlly loving it!!! <3 


It's beautiful and sad...


Some problems with the design of the game: The start button is not clear, swiping is problematic for PC users like me so being able to use keyboard would be great, and when I got to the part where 2 characters meet each other with a purple speech bubble on top, I was not sure what to do. If this was fixed, I am excited to play the rest of the game but would someone tell me what to do when I see the 2 characters with the purple speech bubble? thanks

connect the stars by clicking on them. I think how you connect them matters but idk how.

Hii! <3

I played this game a while back on mobile and absolutely loved it!

The story is super fun to follow -and also sad. One of my favorite stories with fluff and angst, it shows the sweetest love story followed by a stab in the heart, right where it hurts. 

The art was absolutely mesmerizing too! I loved the character designs sosososo much! (Their chibi-esque forms melt my heart ♡ ) And the lil props like notebooks and plushies (as well as backgrounds) were cute as heck :D


Wow, what a nice little story and such an expressive and original way of telling it! I loved it!

Full screen mode in the browser caused glitches for me, so I had to restart, but that's just a minor thing. 

Oh, and I love star gazing... so here's a little picture as thank you for you... :)


right when i clicked this game my music switched to constellations by duster

love the pfp btw, i have the same one on tiktok


wth is this


a masterpiece


um in the rememder chapter it glitched and was stuck on them walking could u fix it im really mad about it:(


the song in the first chapter is i fall in love too easily by chet baker - reminds me when i first played this game a few years back nostalgia


I love the game!!! But, I wanted to see the ending take a while, or have a last chapter... but don't matter, i love the game anyway! s2

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