Experience love between two girls, earnest stargazers and still searching for their path in life. 

The future is unclear: Will their dreams be broken? Will they walk different paths? And.. can their love be torn apart?

Features 💫 ∴。 *

Emotional narrative told through pictures
Original, hand-drawn art and animations
★ 10-20 minutes of compact gameplay

⭐ 。·゚*.。

hello! If you support me with $5 you can get 24 cute wallpapers! Also, you can find the code on Github and play the game on mobile:

made by Angela He; music by vowl, ktvsky btwrks, dj sad wikipedia, luvbird. Thanks to Gabrielle Cohn for support 💝  


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Wallpapers.zip 46 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more


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Free, wholesome love and loss story told through beautiful art. Features two female characters in a relationship. 4/5 stars - excellent.

this was beautiful. is there anywhere i can get the music, too?

This story tore me apart, and it pulled the strings in my heart. OH MEH GAWD. I loved it. I think it was really cute and nice. I played it at least 5 times!

português ? queria muito jogar o jogo : (

This game played with my emotions way more than it should have, love it thank you!!!


So beautiful i love the visuals

Such a beautiful game I’m so glad I got to play it! 

I love the drawing and the aesthetic music and all I wish this game had a lot of chapters to play


(2 edits)

My game is stuck  on the part where shes going to cut her hair and it doesnt move.. what do i do?

edit: nvm i did it :]

I want someone to star gaze with oh my god this is so cute and heartbreaking.

Why would you use everything stays?? Is this a tactic to make me cry more cause let me tell you it worked very well. 


ngl when one of one started playing i cried :, ) love the game

amazing, as usual!

The story was handled with much care and the art was beautiful! I was absolutely blown away C:  Great job! 

I'm sorry, but this game has one of the best artwork I have ever seen. It's honestly breathtaking and so is the storyine.

this game looks so game and I love all of the games Angela He as made but the thing is....

I can't get past the scene where they start talking about the book and theres a white star with a galaxy chat bubble! :( plz help!

Not sure if you've passed it yet, but you press on one star and press on another, and they connect ^^

(1 edit)

in the III - forget, one scene for me just appear a black screen, it's just me?

edit: ohh god appeared the other scene thx 


I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1 edit) (+2)



umm nvm just dumb me.


I loved this game so much. It made me feel a string of emotions from happy to sad all in the span of  20 minutes. It was beautifully made; the artwork is honestly stunning.  I just wish it wasn't as fast paced. Despite the length, it was still a wonderful play and made me invested in the two characters relationship. I highly recommend.


The fact that even after they'd split she still had the dog plushie with her, really touched my heart. It was like she still had a piece of their relationship still with her. Even in her  accepting stage she still had it  to remind her of the good times they had. It shows even though they're not together she still treasures the moments they shared. I also loved how it was the charm hanging from the phone as well. Minor details like that make me love this game so much <3

Heyo! Any idea where I can find the music artists? I´d like to listen to some of the songs that played in the beginning of the chapters?

Hey!! I made a playlist in soundclound which you can find must of the songs in this game! Hope you enjoy ^^


Shiloh dynasty made the original someone else added in the extra

Just look up the words, the parts they chose are probably the first result if you look them up.


It was soooooo good but I wish there was more at the end.


The beauty of keeping the ending brief is so that there really isn't an ending. It's up to your imagination to think of an ending to this story. The brief ending is bittersweet, but that's a part of why the story overall was so great.


Any chance for sequel or other games? :D would love to see something like this but longer storyline!!! If there's more it is def something i would buy 


So good i nearly forgot about my fucking deppression

The art style is just fantastic! I loved your game, such visual storytelling;

That moment when you just say: oh well, I'm gay


I was cry ... I LOVE THIS GAME ! And "missed messages" too !

I played the android version. it was really good!. the soundtracks, the atmosphere, the design and art of the characters, and the story ... everything was perfect! thank you!

Such  nice and unique gameplay and experience! Conveyed a strong message about relationships and how they rise and they fall! 

Thank you for another fantastic experience!
Great music and amazing visuals. We love it!
(2 edits) (+2)

2nd scene in V - Imagine is broken, it just shows a magenta screen. it also happened in around the 3rd scene in I - Begin but i  passed it anyway

other than that, this game has one of the best stories i've ever seen so far. <3

What song? 😊

This game was really pretty and sad ;-;.  I love it!

Will you make more games like this one or update the game?


I finished the game about 20 minutes ago, then cried into my pillow until just now. I miss my girlfriend so much. I can't imagine how I ever lived without her.

This story brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. ´・ᴗ・`

im actually crying right now


Hot af

This reminds me of "Always Human" On Webtoon <3 This game is great and I love LOVE LOVE your art style!!!! Thanks for the great game


There are times in our lives where we come across an experience that is truly breathtaking and changes who we are and how we see things. This is one of those


This game is amazing! Beautiful artwork and the overall concept is very moving <3

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