Experience love between two girls, earnest stargazers and still searching for their path in life. 

The future is unclear: Will their dreams be broken? Will they walk different paths? And.. can their love be torn apart?

Features 💫 ∴。 *

Emotional narrative told through pictures
Original, hand-drawn art and animations
★ 10-20 minutes of compact gameplay

⭐ 。·゚*.。

hello! If you support me with $5 you can get 24 cute wallpapers! Also, you can find the code on Github and play the game on mobile:

made by Angela He; music by vowl, ktvsky btwrks, dj sad wikipedia, luvbird. Thanks to Gabrielle Cohn for support 💝  


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Wallpapers.zip 46 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more


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so beautiful ;-;

this game is lovely !!


This game is so CUTE!!!!AAAAAHHHHHH

ahhh i played this a while ago in my phone this is a MASTERPIECE ♡♡♡


how do you get out of the scene after the baseball game


I almost cried playing this game its just so good



Get my  man´s song outta there!!!! My man chet baker does not deserve to be in a gay fucking game, you are just making him ashamed, my jazz guy did not create that masterpiece to be on a shitty game like this. F for Chet Baker


You are a bad person


"your man" doesnt deserve an asshole piece of trash like you <3

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Homophobic scumbags like you have their own place in hell.


It's always stuck at the scene after the baseball game.


another amazing game by angela he, currently crying this game made me so sad:(


Eu amei! Tão pequeno mas tão bunitinho <3


This is an amazing story/game. The pictures are so good and I loved this so much.


I played this on my phone and cried after I finished it.







I love this. so much ;w; This is a story of two girls who ran into each other because of sheer luck, and had something in common. They fell in love over time, but the people around one of them told them to give up, so they listened. After a long time, they pass each other on the street, and the other one is left with a choice: Turn back, or move on.

This was an amazing story, thank you so much for making it!!! I feel like it should have more choices like that, and maybe have a longer story line. But other than that, four stars!! :)


let's just say im sad cuz they broke up but i'm mad for the blue and red haired girl just gave up her dream for money but then regrets it (did she gave up her dream for money? it's all pictures so i thought that's what she mean't please correct me if i'm wrong)


I fell in love with other of Angela He’s work, and this one is added to the list. This was a fun game to discover especially during pride month. The art, the music, everything was hands down 10/10. It’s a beautiful game and the story that it tells can be related with irl struggles in relationships.

I’m glad I found this game, and I’m looking forward to new games by the creator!


I gave it a go. For some reason, I couldn't get past the third part cuz the game kept crashing but I liked it anyways.

Made a video about it for french viewers during pride month. It was a super cute experience, I loved their story. The game is beautiful, the music is well chosen, and the story, even though bittersweet, is easy to relate and realist. Happy I played it! 
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t h i s i s g a y

but like different people, different tastes, keep up the great work


Everytime I am getting stuck when a girl put her ams on the blue hair girl. Btw this game is AMAZING!!!

I actually already play this visual novel on my phone. Its really cute and the art is beautiful

This lovestory is so beautiful and the music is fire 


Im so glad its free this is AMAZING AND BOOTIFUL


im stuck at cutting the photo but it frozee!! ): great game btw ^^

The art in this game is wonderful!

im sad now

help- im at the part when they first talk and im triying to get to the next part but nothing im trying works 


swipe to the left


(ugh your ärT is so beautiful)


I really loved this game! Especially the art and animations, they were beautiful, the music is also calming. (Spoiler warning) I was quite sad when they broke up. I hope this gets a sequel.


My brain when i saw this game: * plays space girl *

(1 edit)

We are excited to discuss there's this girl on Indie Game Club! Indie Game Club is like a book club, but for indie games!

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/potionsandpixels


you know its wrong to tear photo's apart


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

This is so cute! I love the story so much! can there be a part twoo?


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Not to be overdramatic, but I don't think I will ever be truly happy in life until this wonderful piece of work get's a part 2 where everything goes right and the balance in the universe is therefore restored. 


It was soooo cute yet so sad when they broke up... Loved the art and the ✨musical atmosphere✨. Lil fun gameplay too (nothing much but just enough for a story telling game). Waiting for the next part (?)💕

Wellp...spoilers, I guess. I'm sur it'll be plenty of good going through it anyway, though.


Pls make part two.

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