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Great graphics, love the astral theme!

very nice

its a nice new way of playing visual novels


you have a case of homo sextual but ok.

dude wtf?

We Are All Homo Sextuals.


Another masterpiece. I love your work.

i've been following you and your games for awhile now and i have to say this is one of my favorite pieces you've put out thus far. your art only gets better and better with each release, and i love the interface for this game a lot. the story is also, as expected, very moving and sweet. as someone who just started a relatively new lesbian relationship, it was nice to see those mirroring moments of falling in love and the star theme especially felt very near to my heart. i also like that the ending is the way it is; having those two distinct options felt very honest and on brand for you, but also a good move for people who have those same lingering thoughts. great work as always.


Well done graphics. Beautiful ☕

I really enjoyed the game but for some reason I keep getting a pink screen on the last chapter. and I'm not sure if it's my laptop but the controls seem to have a bit of lag. But besides that really liked the game. If you know why I keep getting a pink screen on the game that would be quite helpful.


I usually don't comment, but I really feel I needed to this time. All of your games are beautiful, not just because of art and music, but because of how much meaning each one holds. And this one puts me on the verge of tears. It shows how nice and comfortable a relationship can be, the experience of falling in love and enjoying each other, yet it also shows the hardships and what it's like when it all falls apart. Honestly, I'm excited for anything else you make in the future! Keep up the good work!


now i'm sad :(


This made me cry. It's heartachingly beautiful, story, art, music, mechanics. All these aspects work together perfectly and form an experience that feels so warm, raw, and fundamentally human that I won't ever forget it.

Aw, thank you :) im happy it moved you so much <3

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