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I LOVE CAT"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How when i set my only cat free at the beggining do i get one back or restart?

this is so cute thanks

can you make it towhere we pc users can download it?

It won't do much, I've only gotten to the getting a random cat part but nothing appears after getting the slip from the cat, restarting the browser doesn't do anything either

Great game but I hate the fact that if you get 3 stars on a level, then play it again and get 2 stars, it keeps the 2 stars

These cats are wholesome indeed, we would love to see them on our Mobile Summer Jam 2021

it's very addictive and fun, it's great to meet other cats with little stories to tell, cats with different looks and attacks are the best thing about the game, the gameplay becomes very repetitive after 1 hour of playing, but I've been playing for 3 hours and I can't stop!

why won't it load :(


I keep accidentally hitting FLEE when I try to fight.

This game is so addictive and adorable. It feels like Pokémon with a tinny bit of Gacha elements. The art style is cut and the overall game looks neat. It des however have some glitches and bugs for example the battle wont start for some reason or the loading takes and excruciatingly long time. How I would go about it would be to refresh the page. However, i guess all this glitches and bugs might have to do with me playing on browser and maybe it is actually feels better on mobile. Cute game overall and I love it. ( cats are my favourite house animal btw although i have never own one.)

i just... cant stop playing this... why... WHY?...


so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im back again! But this game started glichen all of a sudden. I bought a cat and I did not receive it the cat box took all my coins '>'. I will restart my game but if it continues i'll try the mobile version.   

This is an amazing game! I love it so much! the at style really cached my eye. My luck was also amazing my 2 cat buy was the rarest one I had unlocked to buy! But any was good game! (I would though like a more straightforward to earn coins feeling a bit stuck

Hello! Im amazed with the art style Even the TECTURE!! Also, hello Angela He!

Im in love with the art style, and this game is More then i expected. The cats in this games was quite the same as my dreams and imaginations was. I dont know how to get more coins, But not a big deal! Keep up, dont give up, love ya. I played games created by you ''Missed message, You left me,'' and more! to be honest, i am also a big fan of you! Keep up going! <3

How do you get more cat coins and does the cat card(from the random option in the shop) give a different cat depending on which square you click on?

cat coins are given by matches in new maps like the city, fields and all that stuff.

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Hi :) Played this game with my subs on the youtube channel and twitch and we all agreed that this game is SUPER adorable :) Also as Harry Potter fan I SO LIKED Dementor's reference and some other stuff. REALLY liked the design of these cats, some silly talks about "porcelain bowls" and poop xD Thanks for a nicely spent hours :) ps also Death is my fav, he's just the best representation of myself, cause I like spooky things, but also everything cute and adorable xD pps also I see that the shop issue with money is still not solved, so maybe it could've been fixed somehow?)

I am speechless on the love I have for this game.

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game is great! I even have the app :)


It was exactly what I was looking for, not really, but it was more or less like this


10/10 cutest game ever!


How do you get coins by watching ads?


Actually I realized- It is only available on app format. likely does not support ads/


this is the most adorable thing i have ever seen. 10/10


Can you make a windows version please?


Just a heads up here- If your shop isn't working. as soon as the little paper dispenses click it before it disappears and it'll work

i do that and then it just goes away and nothing comes :(

hey! there's a way to fix this (well, it worked for me). what you do, is by spam clicking where the ticket comes out right as you put in a coin. then wait until you get a ticket. you should get a cat.


Hi! I get stuck on the beginning loading screen, with the four cats? there's garbled text beneath it but I can't progress any further. Any help would be appreciated :)


I'm not really sure if I can help but try reloading maybe?


I am ✨ShOokEth✨ This game is adorable!!

How do you get more coins to buy cats with?


idk becca


yes i'm Michelle

you get them by completing areas. sorry for the super short reply lol.

i think ur supposed to give a coin to one of the cats in the shop to get a new cat idkkk. but when ever i go to the shop and give the cat in the box a coin i dont get anything--

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yes thats what ur supposed to do but mine doesnt work either

I fixed it for a little in the early game by expanding my deck space but it didnt last long

i beat the game again

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Why is my shop broken and how do I fix it.

Deleted 96 days ago

you can't

but why is it broken

try when you buy a cat quickly click the little card or paper it dispenses before it goes away and it should fix.


oop your welcome

It didnt work

i would love to download for my laptop so I can play this during class

the deck i used to beat the game was Caticorn, Death, Shadow, and Opal.

also how tf do i block or is it just a chance if so thats so dumb 

its chance lol

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