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reminds me of warrior cats


It 's pretty f**ked up playing it online. On computer I can't see mouse controler, which means I can't see where I am clicking. On phone it' s freezing. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž


I found the smol BORKER



Now I have the  Cat Cream.


I think I just got some luck.... The meow of Scottish Fold was 29 at a level 19 and some how the meow got to 32 which defeated the Cloud King!

I can't defeat the Cloud King he so hard to beat....


Do act and hug him. Then you win

I did not have hug at that time bc i did not have right cat

help please, if someone keeps playing with me could you please help? I can't pass the level "Internet_magic.jar" I almost got to beat "Angel Neko" please Would you tell me how to beat him?เฎ‡wเฎ‡"""

you could use the acts 'fly' or 'magic', but if you don't have cats with that you'll need to progress farther into the game. Hope this helped!

You  need better cats and a team of four keep leveling and you probably need to get your cats to a level 25 or a little more.

And Angel Neko is a girl/Anime cat Just so you know...

I love the game though


The shop is stealing my coins and not giving me a kitty! >:(


Thats happening to me too


If anyone's struggling, there's some useful hints on the wiki. Just thought I'd put that out there.

thx for hints


Also how to change the game mode? I clicked current mode when I logged in and my progress wasn't there. I logged out and logged in again, but it just stayed the same.


sometimes i get a good cat and my team is full of bad kitty's but i don't want to hurt their feelings so i don't put the other cat in.


Me too



oh my god, i love this game and i just realized its on iOS, i'm gonna cry.


Whats wrong with it being an iOS?


I think they meant they were super happy that the game was on iOS

What is an iOS?


I just had 1 heath left on my last cat in fighting OxO



When I want to get a random cat it gives me NOTHING!!!! pls fix this

I like the cat named Strawberry she cute!

Um...I'm new and this game I love it and sometimes it stops in the middle of the game but that does not really bother me (^ ^)

Cats? Absolutely cute. I love the idea and I really enjoy sooo many different designs. Sounds? Purrfection. Game is generally super sweet despite few not really siginificant bugs that can be ignored since we talk about simple mobile game.

So why 4/5? MOST of the game, let's say 95%, is pretty easy. You either win the fights by "force" or by using proper acts. When you lose it takes about 2 or 3 more battles with different cats and that's it.

And then... then comes the Ocean level. It's ridiculously hard. Opponents are than twice powerful and they dodge attacks most of the time. This level requires some grinding which is simply boring (I hate grinding but I did it anyway because it's so cute I just couldn't leave it lol). Next level is suddenly back to being nice, relaxing and rather easy, and then AGAIN, Space level. Oh, mother of cats, why, oh why. Why the difficulty curve is so... weird? I get that the "final boss" should be hard, but come on, this is just too much. All that cute, relaxing atmosphere... gone.

Is the Final Boss for the Space level the Galaxy cat up top?

I can't beat the last ocean level, can anyone help, or tell me what cats/levels are needed?

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I can tell you ya have to be over Lv. 40... I have all my cats over Lv. 40 and STILL can't get past that level! :/ Oh yeah, and the best way to get silver is to just go between da computer and home :p Idk if you already know so... xD 

Ok, I finally beat them, and I got to the end :DD This game is sooo adorable, and I love it a lot ^^


Wow. Just wow. I just gave a coin to the shop but it didn't give me a cat.

But overall, the game is so kawaii and cute and it's fun! 

this game is the cutest thing ever!!!! loved everything from it.

Such a cute game!

very cute those feminine boys

Can you add a dark mode. or a autumn theme?

Made a short gameplay video of your game!


I'm having a glitch where sometimes if I choose to get a random cat the paper will come out of the box and then disappear and I won't get a cat, but I still lose the coin. 


also sometimes the game decides to just be dumb and make my cats do random stuff like literally just walk into the other teams cats, or something dumb like that.  Something is most definitely wrong with this game, but its cute at least!


(hitboxes?)  are wack

I just love how all the cats bob up and down at the same time :P

Cuteness overloaaad!!!

lol :)

The most adorable game I have ever seen!  ^w^


Bred: Bet you haven't seen a pure bred like me before!

Me: Has a Bred in my party.

Also me: U lied. So you must be attacked by yourself.

Good game!



ma pet

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so fun!! reminds  me of this fun app called bread kittens, but this is 100x cuter.

black screen while trying to explore :(

same :(

hhh same

How do I beat the ghost cats?

Use either 'comfort' or 'deal' in order to defeat them without having a need for battle

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