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So adorable T-T


This is the cutest thing ive ever seen 

This game is adorable! You are my favorite creator and I love all of your work.  Please make more content because I know I will love it.

WOW THIS IS SO AWSOME AND CUTE! but i found a glitch :< when u fight the cloud cat for thefirst time it stops and ur stuck :(


Can you please fix the glitch were the Shop Kitty (We give it a coin and he/she takes it and gives us no cat) "steals" our kitty coins.

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First check the shop. If there are no cats, do not do Random Draw. If there is, you will not waste your Random Coins. 

Hope this helped!

-CYS, a Kid

Such an adorable game!# It's not like the OTTERS!


This game makes me go


this games is cute

this is so adorable oml- 


I love the game, its so kawaii! but.. I think the cats should have more space while playing. Just a tip! anyways I suggest getting this :3

My new favourites are soft, plushy Plush Cat, and Caticorn. Cute? uwu, definitely

Pretty please can you fix this that it can save in the new version??? Please???

What do you mean? You want it to save? Just make an account!

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Done tenth time

Edit: Still restarting!!!

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What's the difference between a cat and a comma? Nerd asked,

(Battling) Eventually, I win.

RainbowHeart my ROBOCAT asks, So, what is the difference between a cat and a comma?

One has claws at the end of its paws and the other has pause at the end of its clause! replies Nerd happily. Hehe

It's kinda OK, but it has tons of glitches. Pretty Please fix it. 


Two Angel Nekos and a Pixel Cat


Restarting for 10th game. 9th game completed with a Level 90 Leaf, Two Robocats, and Ice Cat, and Caticorn


My Team:

Princess Leaf--Level 88

Caticorn--(still 65)

ROBOCAT #1 -- Level 64

ROBOCAT #2 ---Level 42

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I got Ice Cat! For free! After the Ocean Level, Guardians! And she says, "I may be cold, but I have a lot of love to give." or "I'll do anything to make my friends happy." or "I'm serious with a soft heart.

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I am versing TWO Angel Nekos and one Brown Cat. I have a level 65 Caticorn and a Level 75 Leaf on my team.

Edit: I won

OP Team:

Caticorn--Level 65.

Princess Leaf--Level 75.

ROBOCAT #1---Level 58

ROBOCAT #2---Level 55

This is a super cute game! I ran into a glitch in the city where after beating the battle it got stuck but refreshing the page fixed it. 

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Finished 8th game! Restarting for 9th game

My Caticorn has a ROBOCAT'S head! Pfft, so funny.

Deck at the moment. June 2, 2020. 1:40 p.m.

ROBOCAT--Level 50----Magic

Princess Leaf--Level 70----Love

uwu, Level 22-------Love

Caticorn Level 46------Magic

Wood--Level 34---Swim

Fire Cat--Level 26----Comfort

Nerd--Level 37----Teach

Death--Level 37----Think

Deck can hold 16 cats.

i got Princess Leaf for 1 coin!

Done Seventh Time. Starting for 8th game

I faced of TWO caticorns with Caticorn and ROBOCAT

I got Angel Neko and ROBOCAT both for Random Draw. Yay!

Restarting for 7th game....hey Bred!

Finished 6th time already. Dunno how I still want to play--regardless of the bugs

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On the Last Ocean Level, you miss for every move. How is this fair? It is not. Please fix this. And the enemy NEVER misses a single move. FIX THIS

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