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this game is soo amazing i was playing for hours and hours!


so I made an acount but when I put my email in and password it just says login fail. permission denied try again can someone help me?

Omg same I even did my backup account and saw it still didn't work! 


wow im suprised I thought this was just going to be some easy kinda lame game but its turning out to be interesting and challenging and fun I love it

I'm on my laptop (as many of you  are) but I cant see the cursor when I go into the game :( so when I fight cats it takes me 2 minutes just to find a cat and click on it, and most of the time I click the wrong cat.. how do I play without seeing the cursor?

i love it good job


So cute! (I'm definitely going to show this to the girls I babysit! They'll love it too!)


I'm seriously about to show this to my little sister she loves cats.


Obsessed with the mobile version


This is so cute <3 I sadly seemed to have run into a bug and can't continue, but I really enjoyed what I played.


is a good game but the cat coins is really poor of find please a way to get more cat coins and a PC adaptation



This is such a cute game! But when I needed to get a new cat I had to sell a cat. And I loved this smol cat but he was my weakest :(. So I sold him and bought a new cat but the cat wasn't on my deck or my team??! Im so upset :( 

Oh man I really love this game. so cute, so fun, and just really amazing! TIP FOR FINAL BOSS: there's at least one act that will win the game, and try to get pixel cat ASAP before the final boss. you might need her. ;3

Keep Lil Sprout or Fire Cat, they both have Comfort like Pixel Cat to automatic win the Final Battle. After you earn your, i dunno, 6,690 fishbones, and you want to battle them again, you can't automatically win with an act

this is so cute


Why is this a feature!? I want to keep them all :c

its for  if you dont want them or if there just too weak that they take the place for better cats.


It just feels sad, but I know the reason and function ~ In Life, we're really gonna go through these things.

so, I'm not sure if this is my macbook's problem, but the game doesn't let me have a cat? like, the first try when the bread cat gives me a coin, I do what I'm told, and the paper thing comes out and disappears suddenly.

Try restarting the game

This game is adorable! While the battle system can be a little jarring at times I still enjoy the game through and through. 

Other people: Do you know how I can get cat coins? I know there's a rare chance one of your cats can give you one or you can sell one of your rare cats for it, but I wanna know if there's more!


i've got a question, what do i call myself if i play your game? i mean, a person who uses scratch is called a scratcher, a person who plays minecraft is a minecrafter. what do i call myself? for now i'm calling myself wholesome catter, but i don't know what i should really be calling myself.

Why doesn't the purchasing feature work ;n;


I thought the city cats radiated bisexual vibes for some reason okay, also ignore my uh... 50% effort voice acting

Great game!! 10/10 cute agh


i like this game but i don't know how to get money

I had to come back and do another video over this game, I love these cats. I wont link it because there is already one here. Its a wonderful game and I would HIGHLY suggest a play through!

I don't know why, but sometimes on desktop, the battles get hung up and you just have to wait 5 minutes for the cat to fire.

Its awesome though!

It nearly always happens to me on the Last Ocean Level

So cute! ;w;

This was a pleasant surprise! Although the mobile version is far superior, it works nearly as well on PC! The only issues are with the store (which works perfectly on mobile.) It's super cute and a nice time-waster. The dev has got some real talent!


I really hope you don't mind but I had to play this game and make a video over it. It was just way to wholesome to pass up. I couldn't resist the urge to boop and hug my way through this game. The art, the animation, and the music just melt my heart. This game is just to cute 10/10 would love and care for these kittens.

I hope the cats mlim and bloop


Its sweet

This game is too cute

I agree with you.

same here

I also agree


Trading the coins for cats isn't working and instead keeps my coins. Please help, I want to see all sorts of cats! =^w^=

To make sure you get a cat--try looking in the Choose A Cat. If there is none-then you will waste your money on Random Draw too. It happens to me every game


same with the comment below :") Also the cat in the front got dragged and make him/her an easy target for the enemy cat :""

Deleted 3 years ago

Knockback is STRONG


Trading cats for coins doesn't work properly. :(

not always--just most of the time


ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  Hello~ 

Was honestly surprised to see you made this, but I'm glad to see you tackle something different since I usually associate you with a distinguishable art style. The art is overloaded with cuteness and I love the bright, colorful world you have here. I can't help but enjoy beating up the other cats and hearing their meows since their play fights are just so cute. Most of all, I really like the playful dialogue and gacha system.The cat gacha is a quirky way to see other types of cats while getting people to play more of the game.

I do admit that the combat gets repetitive and annoying at times though, especially at the later levels. I suppose that since this is meant to be a mobile game the gameplay is understandable as it's intended to be played every so often rather than all in one sitting. I found the small battlefield to be the biggest nuisance since the cats collide with each other and end up being unable to hit their targets. While the narrow battlefield may be intentional so people can strategize, I personally couldn't get over the frustration it brings at times.

Overall, super cute game with plenty of style and quirk. The combat system is a bit annoying at times, but I still like the game for what it is. Good job on making it~


wholesome cats- 7:30

Such a cute game with a serious story!

This is pretty good, had some issues for Windows maybe a downloadable version for PC would help, good work.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Hi! I adore the game's art style and the cats' animation - it's definitely the first thing that drew me to this page haha. I started off by playing the web version and I ended up having trouble with selecting things with my mouse as my cursor didn't show up in game, but that could just be a browser/computer/OS/misc. technical issue on my end. I opted for downloading the app instead and it worked perfectly.

Knowing that you could recruit more cats than just 'ordinary cats' (like the Persian and the Tabby cat and Bred, which are all super adorable!) was a big motivator for me. I really liked the idea of having a moss or space kitty! Unfortunately I haven't found them yet but I'll keep playing and see how it goes.

I also appreciated the cat 'purchase' system where if you got a rare-ish cat that you already had, you could send it back for 1 coin and effectively try again. You don't usually see that in other games that use a similar gameplay mechanic and I was pleased to see that this game used a more forgiving approach.

Overall - fun and cute game and I'm looking forward to seeing how its story will unfold!

The game is so ADoorable and cute

the idea is great, the art is AMAZing

I loved some qoutes of the cats "nap ones are RELATABLE" 

although i think the gameplay is sorta confusing and slow (during the fight) 

but i think if i kept playing i will get it more 


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