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Nice game, pretty chill, the movement is very satisfying and the art is gorgeous. 

Not sure why- on web the game works, but the screen is completely blurred. I'm on an old mac so I can't download it. Maybe the reason is my Mac? Anyone else experienced this?


I was able to play it fine on a Win10 laptop so it might be your Mac

What do you  do when you're trying to make an order but have the "birds rock" thing stuck in your head LOL


You can just throw it away in the sink

what do you do for the birds rock chip?


you just click the cash register again, as if you're 'talking' to him



this game stresses me out

yup! was forgetting how to make any of the drinks.


OMG, this game was so intense! My partner and I played the game together and she was a barista before. So intense and was so surprise where this game goes. Great work to the team and Angela He. Always enjoy their games.

If anyone goes past day 5, tell us what happens. We only went up to day 5.

i'm currently on day seven and you gain the ability to cook food  


i love this game so much but when it turns dark it gives me chills...


i thought the creatures/animals during the dark hours were going to do more sinister things.

is there an end? im on day 25 


I was wondering if there was an ending. Anything drastically change throughout the different days?


Here is how to make a Egg and Toast!

Step one: Cook bread in the pan first, then cook the egg in the pot right beside it.

Step two: Grab a plate, and grab the bread first, and then the egg.

Step three: Serve to the customer. :)

when do you get the egg and toast?

i haven't gotten it yet and i'm on day 7 so far :)


Actually, it doesn't matter what order you do it in. You can grab the egg first and then the toast and it will still make egg toast. This is my preferred order, because I feel like the egg cooks slightly slower and has less chance getting burned (haven't timed it or anything, this is just what has worked best for me :)


So i can't seem to make the egg and toast no matter what I do! if i grab them together, it turns into ruined food. if i try to cook them separately, or one after the other, it turns into ruined food :(


put the bread in the pot then the egg directly next to it in the pan, grab a plate then grab bread then egg. Then you got toast with an egg. then serve to whatever weird customer wants it

thanks! i realized it's just hard to get to it in time, because you have to grab the bread, put in pan, grab the egg, put in pot, then grab a plate, grab toast, then finally the egg. but they burn very quickly if you dont hurry!

not my kinda game but I really love the cute artstyle! I wanna play more of your games cuz they are pretty fun :) hope you end up making 3D games, that would be so cool :D


What is a round of shots???


You can find it in the fridge, it's two white glasses. (but its basically alcohol.)





there is a bug when bird want a smth snack idk when i press it i cant pick a cup or a stuff can u fix thi


You just head up to the cashier and interact with it.

Played it for french viewers. It's a very cute game, very chill and relaxing! Really enjoyed it, thank you for your hard work on it! 

Cute game that was not as relaxing as I was expecting lol! Hope you enjoy my video! 

I had a lot of fun with this game!

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Just a really sweet wholesome game to pass the time :)

I'm curious though, do any special things happen if you play long enough? The description says "how long can you keep the cafe open, when strange customers arise in the night?" but 12 days in and I've had nothing bad happen to me or the store. (Aside from cat burglars, but idk if giving them money even hurts me.) Also, can faith in humanity go down? I've had it at four every single day.

Yes,  my faith i humanity turned into 0 when i couldnt do any of the orders.


So cute but kinda stressful! How do I make egg toast????


You have to grab the egg and bread from the fridge and place both at the pan, after done cooking grab a plate from the drinks station and get the egg and bread off the pan.

Thank you!! I didn't realize I had to get both the egg and bread before putting them into the pan.

when do u unlock egg toast???

Yeah, that’s what i’m wondering too never saw the option to do it.


When I heard cat cafe I instantly thought of Bee & Puppycat

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It worked for me yesterday but now its a black screen :(

edit : Restarted my pc, that fixed it!

Me like, Me now play lot ;)


super fun, i play it anytime i'm bored in class. addicting <3!


im playing in class rn lol


This is cute up for 9 hours playing this game.


This game is really satisfying to play but I wish there were like upgrades and stuff idk it gets a little repetitive




get the clear cup -> get ice from fridge -> get the brown stuff from espresso machine (the brown stuff is just called espresso) -> get milk from fridge -> get the white stuff from espresso machine (which is actually called frothing the milk)


no thats the iced latte

Latte: Get mug -> get espresso from espresso machine -> get milk from fridge -> froth with the white thing at the espresso machine

no thats the drink in cute indie game "an average day at cat cafe", you're thinking of a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize. 




I like this game but it goes WAY too fast for me I wish there was some sort of difficult mode options i'd pick easy or very easy TwT


tHIS GAME IS SO CUTE. and to people who dont remember the recipes, ya have bad memory lmao


So damn hard to remember the recipes.
Good Game tho


The customers are too impatient.I know thats the whole point of the game but its still too fast


this game is amazing. the soundtrack and art are incredible. will definitely be playing lots more.

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Had my girlfriend play this game for YouTube and she loved it! A super cute art style mixed with the stress of being a barista. Gorgeous game! (video is part one in a multi-part series) 

Edit: Part 2 is at the top of this comment


Cool, I like the video!

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*some customer orders a drink*

*fails to give them the drink in time*

*throws the drink into the sink*

*the next customer orders same drink*

"GUHHHHH"(sad noises)

Really love this, although it could be a bit difficult at first...but the art, music and the sound effects - the whole experience is so relaxing. I think it would be nice to have a table or some sort of place where you can put your drink/food temporarily, it's useful when you want to make some drinks before-hand or when you failed to serve a drink in time.

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