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I almost cried when I'm playing this game on stream. you're such a talented writers. Also, I love the music and the artwork!

Such a good and moving story. I definitely wasn't expecting certain scenes. Made me cry for sure 🖤



Still a beautiful and riveting story made me feel happy and sad all at the same time much love

sequel??????? i need a another game like this in my life   pelsae

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Superb artwork, Great storyline and done in an incredible way. Focus on something and miss the other stuff. Amazing game...

Moved me to tears. Thank you for making this.

Great game, Incredible artstyle!!

Good game

This game was well made I enjoyed the music🐣

Made a video feel free to check it out🐥

Still a beautiful and riveting story made me feel happy and sad all at the same time much love

ok so I got the survivor, missed and hope ending. How do I get the last one 

you already did if you got the missed ending; the first playthrough gives you the forgotten ending (i think is the name) and then the seceond time she k1ll$ herself you get the missed ending

This is such a great game! Even though it's short, it tells a great story and the art that's in this game is phenomenal. I'm actually working on some fanart for May, since she is my favorite character here ^^

When I finish the art, it'll be on my Instagram (kurts_world5)


AHhhh, a pmmm fan. i should've expected it with all the depressing lesbians

this game has a great art styile

*in broken voice* w-wh-why do such bad th-things hap- happen to such GOOD P- PEOPLE

it glitched and i had to re-install it because it wouldnt let me open it. now its turning into a .zip file and i cant play it 


Hi! To play it all you have to do is extract the .zip file :D you can do that by right-clicking on it and scrollling through the little menu that pops up until you see "Extract.." click on that and it will extract everything in the folder and you can play! Hope that helps!


im so single bruh

Hello, are you interested in getting your games translated? Bc i can do it for free

I really enjoyed the game, glad I took my time to play it. However short, it's an experience I won't forget.

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Im actually crying while playing this game :,).Anyways good job it just perfect game I've ever exprience! :D

love this so much


i loved everything in this game. the art style and storyline is perfect. i got all the endings, i love it. <3

Love the art, music, plot, and (most importantly) the memes! This game is gonna make you emotional if you can relate to the characters. Great work as always and thank you for this game!

infinite/10 will play and cry again

I never identified with a character like I identified with may, this is sad

I remember coming across this game a while ago on steam. I had read the desc. and was so excited to play!

I went into this game knowing well that it was a sensitive topic for me, personally. Yet that would not prepare me for the sheer amount of feeling I would encounter during my gameplay. The team and Angela really invoke these deep, sad emotions from the player.

Everything about this game is nothing short of beautiful. The art, the story, the characters. It simply took my breath away and wrenched my heart out of my chest. It made me look back to my own experiences, and for that it became a very personal game to me. 

In a  way, this is my love letter and thanks to "missed messages" and Angela He for creating something so dear to me. I hope that whoever chooses to play this will thoroughly enjoy it just as I had.

With much love, Pnk <33

I absolutely love this game!

The art style was beautiful, the endings were very, very unexpected, and whoever did the singing legit needs a raise!

This managed to make me feel sad, stressed and relaxed all at the same time while I played it. It hit very close to home aswell :')

I 100% recommend playing this game (as long as the triggers dont matter to you!)


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Anyone know if there are any more games like this. I loved this game it connected in with real life.

this game broke me :(( but the drawing is beautiful i couldn't stop looking at may <3

this is so sad-

this game made me cry

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I tried to play it three times and I could not make it to the end. It hits too close to home. 


this is the only game that has ever made me full-on sob, it just hits so close to home


Over all an amazing game, not gonna lie it made me cry...


Still a beautiful and riveting story made me feel happy and sad all at the same time much love

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I liked this game is very emotional and vell made.

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