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ugh,, im stuck on the scene where shes on her laptop and the other girl is with her team. i swiped every way but nothing happens :(


gorgeous artwork! thank you


Find someone to stargaze with :)




its so sad but so cute! i love this! and the music is so good ughh




so sad but I love this game 

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i love the songs :D

So Cute

Adorable game, love the art work the story design everything. Keep doing good! :


Okay, um...

  • I LOVE THIS.  Such a beautiful game 
  •  I love the design 
  • The aestetic

How do you turn around??? im stuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

go back

october 13th 2020 im my bday for this year omg 😳

im stuck at that place where another dude is about the come to the libary with the long haired girl . is that the end or am i dumb

keep going to the right, that's not the end

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I tried refusing to throw the book into the garbage bin and broke the game HAHAHAHA I'm restarting it to see the whole story, but now I know it's going to make me real sad and I already like the game less knowing that in advance.

It's still a great game, beautiful, I'm just mentally preparing for the crying.

EDIT#1: "You'll find something waiting, right there where you left it" killed me.

EDIT#2: It was nice to have that choice at the end. And I must say, it's great when you see it as a fictional tale. And I loved it, a lot. But if the game was different, and if we knew the whole context for the break up, I wonder if the "Another chance" ending is really an option.

Let me repeat how much I loved it. Great job. 


why am i crying


the end is so cute when you turn around!!!

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What's the name of the song in the beginning of the game?

I really like it


Volw imagine ft shiloh






This is an adorable game, I love it! The ending is so bittersweet (to me at least.)🌺



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its reallly good overall, but can you make it possible to use keys instead of the mouse because it gets tiring


wow. been a fan for a very long time and every game/visual novel feels so different and you can tell there's so much emotion put into these games. this is no different. like always, really love your artwork and the way you design the scenes and interactions is so good. keep up the great work and looking forward to play another game with my partner for datenite!

I have decided I'm dying my hair liked that cause it's an amazing design and I love it


it wont go past where theres a speech bubble with 2 stars in it near the start

connect them!

ok thx



Where do i start... this game is so beautiful, the music is amazing and the characters are really beautiful, to bad my game was a little weird this pink screens came  up out of nowhere in the end of the game and in the beginning.  But it was still a nice experience! Here's a playthrough hope you enjoy : )

Free, wholesome love and loss story told through beautiful art. Features two female characters in a relationship. 4/5 stars - excellent.


this was beautiful. is there anywhere i can get the music, too?

This story tore me apart, and it pulled the strings in my heart. OH MEH GAWD. I loved it. I think it was really cute and nice. I played it at least 5 times!

português ? queria muito jogar o jogo : (

This game played with my emotions way more than it should have, love it thank you!!!


So beautiful i love the visuals

Such a beautiful game I’m so glad I got to play it! 

I love the drawing and the aesthetic music and all I wish this game had a lot of chapters to play


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My game is stuck  on the part where shes going to cut her hair and it doesnt move.. what do i do?

edit: nvm i did it :]


I want someone to star gaze with oh my god this is so cute and heartbreaking.

Why would you use everything stays?? Is this a tactic to make me cry more cause let me tell you it worked very well. 



ngl when one of one started playing i cried :, ) love the game

amazing, as usual!

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