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Why are all of your games make me CRY SO DAMN MUCH?! It's amazing that's why! God I gotta comment about the art style, absolutely gorgeous!


my dislikes and likes

1. the baseball mini game

it felt a little to delayed should have had it simply be an animation

2. the art style

AAAAHHHHH its so beautiful like is there more stuff like this

3. full screen doesn't work

when I go into full screen it only displays the top portion of the picture

4. sometimes its hard to scroll

sometimes I find it hard to scroll and I know I'm not the only one Sarainia, Juliefisher and probably more are experencing the same problem

5. the art style

dunno why but this art style leaves me to mush and ferment with love AAAAHH its so good

6. the inclusion of mini games

I like it. it really breaks up the gameplay and makes it interesting (though one of them being glitchy but its all well and good)

over all 9/10 game good aesthetic somewhat glitchy love the inclusion of little mini games

Does the game end where they walk past each other on what seems to be a bridge? Cuz I tried pressing every button and swiping and clicking all ways, tried clicking the purse and the cherry blossom leaves so is that it and all? :)

Go from bottom to top with your mouse and that makes it work :)

love when u go for that cute stuff (my fav game of yrs is hi no homo). cool mechanic, wld love to see it explored even further, i think its got a lot of different directions u cld take it in!

Yet another wonderful game highlighting your beautiful artwork! I appreciate the experience of the manual swiping, but to balance that mechanic with gameplay, I think it would have been a more seamless choice to have each element swipe on its own just by clicking or hitting space. The musical transitions also need to be smoothed out so they blend a bit better going into each section. Great job either way!

this was a really REALLY good one. also, when that piece of everything stays came up on the last chapter i couldn't help but smile. thank you.

Oh my gosh please between you left me, I woke up and this one IM DROWNING IN TEARS!!!

I’m just wondering...on the last one in the end it says “Another Chance” is there actually another chance 

The drawings are  beautiful ! Thanks for this :3

But I had a bug... *spoiler* When one of the girl cut the picture of her and the other girl , I swipe (as usual), but the next picture appeared behind the last one. The music continue,  particle animations too, but I can't go further.
I hope this comment will help you ! ^^

PS : Sorry if my writing is bad, I'm not english ^^'

I'm also stuck at the same part

As a "beginner" game developer (i'm already a dev but new to the game dev scenario), i found this very lovely and inspiring <3 wish you all the best

i can't get past the baseball scene ;;;~;;;;; its stuck

Sadly it hangs for me after connecting all the Stars, the 2 girls looking into each others eyes...

bruh just drag to the left

Duh... why didn't I think of that.... OOH I did... that is why I said it hangs... I can't drag it left right up or down... It hangs dead stop.



thx 4 following me! :3 I appreciate it!

Well this was just an absolute delight. I was sucked in right from the start and just never wanted this experience to end!

A few people have mentioned that there were some issues with the transitions and changing of scenes which I also ran into, but it was no huge effort to replay the chapter when that happened. I was so invested in the characters I also had no problem with doing that!

Every single one of your games has such a unique charm to it and I always get super excited when I see you've released something new. Again, I was not disappointed. You never cease to amaze! Keep up the as-ever awesome work! =)

I urge everyone to get this played, it really is a tiny powerhouse!

This is honestly SO CUTE. The art style is AMAZING, the storyline is so sad and cute and MY FEELINGS HURT. ;-;

your art is absolutely stunning!! that s definitely the best part.there were some flaws in the gameplay/transition, but HOLY JABEEZUS CHRIST, you made this in 36 hours????? without any hesitation at all that factor is easily forgiven. 

all in all a great game! (not like we were expecting anything less from you)


You did a great job in a visually interestIng way!


I really enjoyed this story. I found it very cute and bittersweet. My only problem was transition from one to another.  


This is seriously adorable and as a cosplayer I'm seriously considering, finding a way to cosplay one of these adorable beans. 


Your art is as amazing as always. Not a big fan of the navigation style on this one; side-scrolling through the pictures becomes tedious when it comes to just moving filters over them, and the transition between slides is not quite as smooth as it should be. The images would work better in a more standard web-comic format, IMO.

Also, was there a PoV shift in the middle of the story?  In the beginning it seemed like we were following red/blue-haired girl, but by the end we're plushie-girl instead.  Just found it confusing, especially with so little dialogue to  help the transition. 


loved the story and amazing art style. very well done i had a lot of fun  it. 100% recommend 


When is the download coming out ? (Ah, pun not intended.)

The download page states "Nothing is available for download yet."

I really love this! the creative narrative is amazing and fresh, and the bittersweet story itself is tantalizing! amazing work I could say. :)


this is really an amazing game so far! but for some reason I cannot get past the first chapter, where they talk  about their books together. It wont let me swipe or do anything. even if i reload it


Ay man, I got stuck on that also, just click on the stars and connect them.

Really enjoyed this short visual novel! ^-^

when can I download this?

Really enjoyed this short story, even tho from time to time i don't know if i understood it, but still a very nice story with amazing artstyle. Keep it up i can't wait to see more from you! 

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This was very sweet and beautiful, the artwork and the music are absolutely fantastic. *This* is what storytelling is all about -- I was literally going "noooo :(" to myself as their relationship ended... and of course, the notes at the end.... aaaaa. Very sweet and very beautiful.


This was a pretty game. I've never seen a game like this the illustration was really beautiful and playable by anyone. Even without dialogs people who can't understand english would still be able to play this because there's no dialog. No need for translations whatsoever :) I really liked it even though it was short I hope there was more games like this, without the dialog just the feeling <3

I love this game!


Diamond Miner] Maybe I'll be Zombie
[Grandayy] I'm Already Zombie
[Diamond Miner] What about Vindicator?
[Grandayy] I'm already Vindicator
[Diamond Miner] I'll be Creeper
[Grandayy] Nerf Creeper!
[Diamond Miner] You're right. So, Chicken
[Grandayy] I wanna be Chicken
[Diamond Miner] I guess I'll be Mooshroom
[Grandayy] I'm already Mooshroom
[Diamond Miner] Then I'll be Donkey
[Grandayy] I already chose Donkey
[Diamond Miner] I have an idea
[Grandayy] What's your idea?
[Diamond Miner] You should be.. You should've picked Note Block
[Grandayy] I'm not gonna be any kind of block
[Diamond Miner] We ended up loosing all our diamonds
[Grandayy] Mining is what I live for

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on such a cute and amazing game, too,,, ive wondered why you decided to comment this for a long time

PREPARE TO CRY YOUR HEART OUT 💔 | There's This Girl Full Gameplay Walkthrough



[cries in gay]

also please drop the soundtrack omg


i like love this


Such good friends, so sad their friendship fell apart! :(


They're lesbians, harold.


just two ol' gals platonically kissing


That was a short and bittersweet story, told so well without a single word, and with beautiful artwork.

A question - does it make any difference if the constellations are correct, or was making up new constellations half the fun?

What a short & sweet & bittersweet queer asian narrative ♥ Can't wait to see what you make next, Angela!


lesbian* asian narrative

your game is very beautiful, did a great job, I want to know, if I accept to give another chance they stay together in history? Think about making a follow up?
And lastly, you used my favorite songs.<3
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Woohoo here come the gays! Yet another masterpiece by Angela He! There's just something about your beatiful artwork and music selection that always gives me this nostalgic feeling. This game really hits home and it portrays a feeling everyone can relate to. Not only does this happen in relationships, but in friendships and with family members too. You're real close but then over time arguments keep happening till it's draining to be around the person, but at the same time, you still care about them.  A really heartbreaking dynamic... and you portrayed it well in this game.  I know you don't really do sequels... but................... please?

You said this game was inspired by a real story, so if this is something that happened to you, I really hope you find closure with that person. :) I also want to mention that this reminds me  a lot of the webtoon Always Human, especially just the space concept and the aesthetic. Loved that webtoon. 

As always, love your game and excited to see more of your work! Huge fan of yours. Alright... well. Time to cry in my cheerios during these sad gay hours.


lol best comment!!! thanks so much <3 <3 <3 im really busy so ill prob never have time for a sequel :'( but maybe they get back together, who knows?

Hahaha well guess I'll just pretend there was a good ending in my heart! Hope you have more time to do the things you enjoy <3 

I FRICKEN LOVED THIS!  Do u think u could add more parts to the story though?

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