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How do I get more coins, for free?? I just started this game : )

sell cats or beat boss levels! once you beat the game, you can switch to the mobile version and trade the probably 6k fishbones you got from the level to 6 coins (1000 = 1 coin)

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Ooh, okay, thank you!! This game is soo fun!: ))

of course! i love to help beginners. and so true omg

I cant get my account back :(( Does anyone know how to get it back?

have you saved your login information? try logging in. then there'll be a prompt. pick the saved option.


I like ice cat's general design :3

WOOOO GOOD JOB!! ive never gotten ice cat from the guardians level </3

yeah, their design is really cool :D


leveling all of them up to 99 is my new goal!!!!

hi! i return and i have some stuff about the mechanics

  • in the shop, the cat you have will always be the first in that section. alright alright, you're probably thinking "sprout, what are you talking about?" well first here's some examples:
    • i have a plush on my team, and plush costs 14 coins. alot of cats also cost 14 coins, like ice cat, water, sleepy and so on. if i go to the shop, plush is the first cat showing up in the 14 coins section
    • i have a princess leaf on my team. princess leaf costs 20 coins, and others do too like prince star, death and angel neko. if i check the shop, princess leaf is the first cat showing up in the 20 coins section

y...yeah LMAO so for some reason, a cat you have will show up as the first cat in a  section in the shop. if you have multiple cats in the same section they'll show up in the same order they're in in your deck

  • many cats have custom bullets/backgrounds!
    • this is honestly a really cute detail! special cats will have their own bullets and backgrounds. all of them: (oh boy, buckle up)
      • cloud king is the only cat with a totally unique background AND bullet! the bullets on the stats are a pink crown, and his background is a cloud-filled field full of flowers. it might look similar to princess leaf and water's backgrounds, but compare it and they'll be different!
      • rainbow's background aligns with caticorn and oxo's, however their bullets are unique. it's a shiny rainbow!
      • plush's bullets are little pink houses! however their background aligns with pinkie's.
      • strawberry's bullets are big, shiny strawberries! their background aligns with artist's.
      • ghost cat's background (wow, a background this time!) is different than others! however, their lil ghost bullet aligns with death and cerbercat's.
      • chocolate's background is a unique one! it seems like a plain wafer's texture with a little bite in the bottom right corner. instead of the bite is a little heart. you can peek out the bite and see your cats!
      • business cat's little bullets are unique. they're just plain envelopes! their background aligns with sphynx's.
      • pixel cat's background is unique, it seems like a computer screen with a few sparkles in the top left!
      • opal's background is unique! it's a shiny repeating pattern with small purple corners.
      • sleepy's bullets are unique! it's just a few dialogue bubbles with sleeping noises inside of them. zzzZZzzzzZzzZzZzzZzzZZzZzzz
      • water has custom bullets! it features a tiny blue-greyish cloud raining. their background aligns with princess leaf's.
      • speaking of princess leaf, her bullets are custom! her bullets are just healthy looking pink roses.
      • prince star's background is custom! it's a very packed and very endless galaxy filled with all sorts of gleaming stars. there are alot of star decorations spanning across the top and bottom.
      • night queen's bullets are custom! her bullets feature a crescent moon with a gradient of pink to blue with a neon purple star at its end. her background aligns with angel neko's.
      • speaking of angel neko, angel neko has custom bullets! they are pink little ribbons.
      • dr mlem's background is custom! it features a kilt-like pattern of blue and white. the edges seem to be like those of a kitchen mat.
      • 3-eyed cat's bullets are custom! it's just a simple yellow star.
      • bred's bullets are custom! it's a piece of brown-golden toast with the crust outlined.
      • lala's bullets are custom! it's a blue, shiny musical note, probably referencing lala's attack type (which is a blue musical note!).
      • i thought my suffering finally ended but it isn't! fire cat's bullets are custom. it's a glimmering orange star of some sorts.
      • please let this end after this. jack-o-lantern's bullets are custom! it's a grinning carved pumpkin, referencing their head. funnily enough, the carved pumpkin dosen't have a stem.
      • more later

Did I just waste 15 minutes scrolling down and reading this comment? Yes.
Am I staying up late for this? Yes.
Do I need to wake up early tomorrow? Absolutely.
Was it every second worth it? definitely y e s


Does anyone know how to fix this bug or glitch?

try refreshing the tab! its a new bug..

I already refreshed the tab but the bug is still on :-(

hm.. interesting. try hard refreshing, or log out and try playing on incognito (what i do since i have multiple saves and i dont wanna let them all stay on! sweat

Is there any other way to fix it though?

not that i know of. this bug is new and i've never seen it before

Guys help me, Im stuck on the computer level stage 2 and I cant defeat the cats T-T

Deleted 164 days ago

do you have a cat with the love act? love autowins! uwu and princess leaf have love. if not, clear fields and get to stray kitty. accept uwu at the end, then return to computer

*Cry on pc user*

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Anyone know where I can get coins? And for some reason when I do a random draw I don't get anything? Yall know what I can do abt that?

Btw love this game! So fun!


hi! here's my response to someone else:

 a good way to earn coins quick is to swtitch to the mobile phone app and log in and play there, since the mobile app has the coin shop option to trade 1000 fishbones for 1 coin. other methods include finishing boss fight stages and selling cats. (1 starred cats can only be set free, though!) here's the chart on the wiki:

1 starred cats can only be set free
2 starred cats can be sold for 1 coin
3 starred cats can be sold for 1-2 coins
4 starred cats can be sold for 2-4 coins

and that's a common bug in the game, unfortunately there's no way to fix it. it normally starts after you accept uwu from fields level stray kitty, and beyond that the shop stops working. if you really want to get cats, download and log in to the mobile version (don't forget to log out from the web version!); the mobile version is fixed of most bugs.

hope this helped!

tysm this helped a lot!


you're welcome! i'm glad it helped :D

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Deleted 179 days ago

I love your game so much ^w^ it is so cute!

lil guys

How'd you get all those nice cats?

ah, at most i bought them after completing the game! you can only buy the royal family after completing the game. most cats with an above 3 star rarity were bought. alot of cats near the end were got by random draw. i used the mobile version for this, since in the web version after accepting cats from beyond fields and woods the game stops loading the shop.

I completed the game yeeeeeeeeeahhhh

good job!!!! i'm pretty curious, what cats are in your deck? :0

16 cats: brown cat persian bred lala fat cat 3‹ donut pixel cat lil sprout sleepy ghost cat uwu caticorn fire cat death water ice cat

I named all, I think!)))

that's a good deck !!!!!

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☆ buddy's updated wholesome cats tips part 75 ☆


Alright, so you wanna start with Brown Cat/Blue Eyes Cat since they have the Hug act, which is very useful for the House levels.

Beginnings: Hug auto-wins, while Meow does damage. You have a chance to get a  Brown Cat, which if you didn't have before, is good since you now have a cat with hug. If you don't have a cat with hug and got Brown Cat, equip Brown Cat on your team.

Gloom: Hug auto-wins, while Meow does damage. You have a chance to get a Persian. Persian is a useful cat, as they are a 2-starred Manmade cat, however they are also very slow and have a.. quite dull act, Boop. It's better to sell Persian to save up more coins for later.

History: Hug auto-wins, while Meow does damage. You don't get any cats from this stage.

Leave: With your stacked up fishbones from the previous levels, level up the cat with Hug to level 11. This is why it's better to get a Hug cat from the get-go, as it starts at level 6, which is enough to get you to level 11 before the end. If you have a cat with Meow, level the Meow cat to 11. Hug and Meow from level 11 cats knock Bred and Scottish Fold out respectfully. At the end you can choose cats. Pick the blue one, it'll be Bred. Bred has Feed, which is very useful for the future levels.


With your team of a Hug cat and Bred, go to the City. Computer; we'll deal with later.

Welcome: Feed auto-wins. You have a high chance to get Lala. If so, equip Lala on your team and level them up with the fishbones you've accumulated with the interruptions from House to City.

Gentlecats: Feed auto-wins. You have a high chance to get Mustache Cat. If so, equip Mustache Cat on your team. Mustache Cat is one of two cats with Deal, which auto-wins the next level.

HYPER: Deal auto-wins. You have a high chance to get OxO. If so, equip them on your team if you didn't get Lala from the first level; OxO is a really suitable replacement for Lala. Or, you can sell them.

Bon Appetit: Feed auto-wins. You have a high chance to get Fat Cat. If you still have your Hug cat, sell Fat Cat. If you didn't have a Hug cat before, equip Fat Cat on your team as the first cat. They have Hug, which auto-wins the next level.

A Visit: We finally get a peek of the King of the Island - Hug auto-wins. You can't win Cloud King.

Recruitment: You win through fighting. However, Bred's Feed does damage to Business Cat, You have a very VERY low chance to win Cream. (To give a picture of how rare it is to get Cream from this level, I only won Cream 2/20 times I played this.)

Leader: To many, the last level of the City is quite difficult since this is the time where you have to fight to win. Unlike A Visit, this time we have to fight ROBOCAT who has an extremely high damage for their level (To paint a picture, a level 3 ROBOCAT does 17 in damage; this is because ROBOCAT's max damage is 85). Feed and Joke do damage to Choco Donut, while Hug and Deal do damage to ROBOCAT.

After clearing the level, you're told to pick Cream, <3 Donut or Choco Donut (or none at all). Pick blue, it'll be Cream.


this tip is from the Wholesome Cats account) Now, here we come into the big times. If you're a ROBOCAT enthusiast like me, you'd want to sell all your cats except Mustache Cat and your Starter Cat. (You can actually do this without selling Cream, it's just that Box Cat won't budge if you have Bred) Then, keep Randomizing. If the shop is full, random all you want. You have a high chance of getting ROBOCAT.

Welcome: Thank you CaramelPudding! Meow auto-wins. If you have 3 or 4-starred cats (3 to 4 starred cats you've probably unlocked so far are Sushi Cat, Chocolate and ROBOCAT) it's easy to win since you're... fighting 1-starred cats - and one has comfort. You have a chance of winning Lil Sprout. Keep Lil Sprout.

ZZZ: Feed auto-wins, while Deal does damage. It should be easy to win without cats with those acts; Sleepy has Think, and Think cats miss frequently, so it'll be easy. You have the option of accepting Sleepy or declining. Accept Sleepy if you want to a) sell them or b) just like their design in general. Although it's better to sell Sleepy for 2 coins,

Meeting Leaf: Story of Old Man Marvin or Grumpy auto-wins. Although, if you've been following these instructions, a Story cat is totally hard to come by. However, after your Randomizing spree from earlier trying to get ROBOCAT, you probably got Grumpy. If not, then that's okay. As said earlier, ROBOCAT has an extremely high damage, and they can easily battle Leaf. Somehow, you have a chance of getting Lil Sprout..?

Good Ghosts: Deal or Comfort auto-wins. You have a chance of getting Ghost Cat. This is the first time a cat with Ghost appears. It's better to sell the Ghost Cat if you still want to get Leaf from the level before. Keep Randomizing if the shop is full. You have a giant chance to get Leaf.

Stray Kitty: Love from Leaf auto-wins. If you don't have Leaf, that's perfectly fine, as despite being a 3-starred cat, uwu has a very low health and damage (that of a starter cat's) since they're a kitten. You have the choice of accepting uwu or declining. It's better to accept if you don't have Leaf, as uwu is the only cat with Love aside from Leaf, and Love is very useful. AFTER THIS LEVEL, DO NOT RANDOMIZE ANY MORE IF YOU PLAY THE WEB VERSION. This is why it's best to get your cats before Stray Kitty.

Leaf's Help: Comfort auto-wins. You have a chance of getting Pretty Cat from this level, but set them free. Pretty Cat is close to useless, both in damage points and in act.

Bye, Leaf: Love auto-wins. You have the choice of accepting Caticorn or declining. Accept Caticorn, as they have a very high speed, they have Magic, and they are just a very valuable cat in general.


With a simple Magic cat and Love cat duo, go to the Computer. Sure, the trip is tiring, but just put a very speedy Caticorn as your Magic cat and you'll be fine.

welcome.mp4: Magic auto-wins. You have a chance to win Pixel Cat. If you already have a Comfort cat, most probably Lil Sprout if you follow the normal cycle on the map, you can sell Pixel Cat. Love auto-wins. You have a chance to win Strawberry. Strawberry has incredible accuracy, and also has the Feed act.

internet_magic.jar: As you might already guess from the name of this stage, Magic auto-wins. You have the choice of accepting Pixel Cat or declining. If you got Pixel Cat in the starting stage, you can decline and get Angel Neko.


With your fresh team of a Magic cat, a Love cat, a cat with incredible accuracy and a cat with Comfort, get lost in the deep Woods.

Welcome: Magic auto-wins. You might get Wood. Wood is a valuable cat, as they have the Swim act which auto-wins Ocean levels 1 and 3. They also have a big damage, as their max damage is 75 (matching Cerbercat's max damage). Don't sell Wood until after you get Water.

Housecats: Love auto-wins. You might get Cat (?). Cat (?) has good accuracy and has the Heart attack type.

Death: There's no way to win this automatically, but use positive acts like Feed, Comfort, Hug and others. Magic also deals damage. You don't win a cat from this stage.

Fire's Regrets: Hug or Love auto-wins. You might get Fire Cat. You might have Lil Sprout or Pixel Cat already, so it's best to sell Fire Cat. If not, then keep Fire Cat.

Death Speaks: ... Okay, you might have to switch up your team to a duo for this one. Magic, Feed and Love do damage to Death, but you win through fighting. You have a chance to win Shadow. It's best to use Shadow as they are a 3-star cat with Ghost.

Nature Love: Hug or Love auto-wins. You might get Nerd. It's best to sell Nerd, as Nerd has Teach, which isn't very useful except for the Fields level 3 (which you likely beat by now) and Sky's Return II.

Death Fights: Comfort auto-wins. You have the choice of accepting Death or declining. If you're on the mobile version, feel free to be a bit daring and get Death to sell them for coins for later after the game to buy the Life royal family. If you're on the web, decline Death and get Jack-O-Lantern.


With your totally amazing team of a team of Jack-O-Lantern, a Swim cat, Shadow and ROBOCAT (.. the team I used in one of my saves to defeat Guardians hehe), go to the Ocean. Note: the Ocean is where most problems begin.

Swim: Well... Swim from White Cat, Wood or Dr Mlem auto-wins. You have the choice of accepting Water or not. Accept Water, and then sell Wood (or you can use both Swim cats in the following level, you have the choice)

Another Visit: Story auto-wins this level. Unlike what the wiki says, Comfort is not a replacement for Story. Swim, however, does damage to Cloud King. You might get Water from this level. Sell the Water with the lower level. I mean, free level-up I guess?

Cool and Shy: Swim auto-wins. You don't get a cat from this level.

Guardians: As many people say, Guardians is the hardest level in the game. To paint the third picture now, Ice Cat does 43 in damage, Water does 46, and Cerbercat does 55. The thing is, all of them have absolute accuracy, as they are all 3-starred cats. First, before battling the guardians, pick your cats. Swim does damage to Water, while Deal and Feed do damage to Ice Cat. Next, level all cats you plan to use on your team to a 40+ damage. There you go, you have a team to defeat the guardians! 

You have a chance to win Ice Cat, but I personally believe it's a very low chance. To start, in my 20 games, I've gotten Cream in the Recruitment level 2 times, while Shadow from Death Speaks 2 times. However, I've never actually won Ice Cat from Guardians. I do have Ice Cat in one save, but I bought them.


Congratulations! You've defeated the guardians and possibly gotten Ice Cat! Well, if you want to show off your new ice block cat, feel free to equip them on your team with a Comfort cat. Cats with Comfort are Lil Sprout, Pixel Cat, Fire Cat and Artist.

Return I: Comfort or Teach auto-wins. You have a high chance of getting Rainbow. Use Rainbow, as they have a very long range with speed. Well, all Fly cats have a very long range.

Return II: Comfort or Love auto-wins. You have a high chance of getting Opal. Like I said before, cats with Think miss often. However, when Opal hits, it's the end of the world.


Oh, look.. you've come this far. How we're proud of you. Now, go my student, go and bring Life back ... but listen quick.

Return III: Oh, you're really face-to-face battling with the Life royal family. All those cats are familiar faces, except.. wait.. a galaxy cat? Yep, you're facing the mother. Comfort auto-wins, while Love does damage to Night Queen.


Congratulations! You've brought the Life cats back! Time to relax and chill, go and get the Life royal family. You deserve it. But wait, there's more!

☆ more stuff

Why are acts so important?

Acts give a 60% more rate of giving cats, and also auto-win stages without having to sweat a single drop.

How do I get more cat coins after beating the game?

You can:

  • use your level 99 Caticorn/Angel Neko to fight Return III again (they can beat the family by themselves), get 10k+ fishbones, log out, log in on the mobile app and convert your fishbones to gold using the coin shop feature specifically on mobile
  • sell unnecessary cats. This is the chart by the way: 

Setting a 1-star cat free rewards you with no coins
Setting a 2-star cat free rewards you with 1 coin
Setting a 3-star cat free rewards you with 1-2 coins
Setting a 4-star cat free rewards you with 2-4 coins

When I decline Death from Death Speaks/Pixel Cat from internet_magic.jar, I don't get Jack-O-Lantern/Angel Neko. Why does this happen?

Well, you actually have a higher chance of not getting Jack-O-Lantern than Angel Neko. This is because technically you're not obligated to get the cats you get after declining, because the game's only hardwired to get the cats being told to get than the cats being collected if you decline.

I hope this helped! I'm adding more stuff to the more stuff section tomorrow <3

However, I defeated cloud king in A Visit by fighting ;) I used a Lv.10 Lala as the main attack

yeah! lala's really powerful

Aaand...I think Meow gets you an auto-win in the first stage of Fields.

ah, interesting! i haven't tried that because i never got a meow cat past fields, i sold them after city

Meowing is probably like explaining why they're coming, kinda makes sense.

ah! you've inspired me to restart the game with getting a meow cat past fields..

MEOW ENDED UP WORKING! but for a different reason - meow cat asks pretty cat if they heard that (life cats live in the fields) right, and pretty cat says yes - and the level clears. i'll note this on the masterlist.

Yeah! Well I tried meow on my first playthrough and it worked. I forgot the details though.

I actually got cream in my first try

well that's luck! 

is my cat suppose to miss 8 times a row?


what's your cat and their level? maybe i can help you

HSDFKKHF my current save now has a level 99 cloud king and night queen with a level 73 prince star !!! saving up to get caticorn (i sold all my cats to afford night queen and prince star, while i bought cloud king through fights ..!

my same save has 3-eyed cat, sphynx, sushi cat, chocolate, artist, cerbercat, plush, ghost cat and ice cat <3 (cerbercat, plush and ice cat were bought while the others were obtained through random draw!)


its so cute and ive played before but now its rlly glitchy

nvm it seems to wokr now..?

glitched,again, just keeps loading

love it

yhwvgefg2gediuewhj wtf i downloaded the mobile ver cause the stupid shop thing wouldnt let me choose a cat and i needed old man marvin to get past stage 2 of ocean and i did that on the mobile ver (i have an account and was logged into it on both computer and mobile) and now im back on the computer ver and it reset ALLLLLLLLLLLLL my progress also i got my water to lvl 59 and was excited to get him to lvl 60 but now it just completely reset the game up to the point where before i downloaded the mobile ver wtf ekufhgwjqksdn


have you read the description? i believe this happens because to play on another device, you must log out of one device and log in on the other. i did this because i downloaded the mobile version today and logged in one of my saves with alot of cat coins to get night queen and prince star. don't worry about your progress however, as you can always get back to it again.

I've been obsessed for 2 days and I still can't get past the second level in the city. =(

Also how do you earn coins quick?

the 2nd level in the city can be automatically completed with the feed act. a cat who is unlocked during the house with this act is bred. the wholesome cats wiki has all the acts needed to automatrically complete stages, but some stages don't have automatically completing acts.

and a good way to earn coins quick is to swtitch to the mobile phone app and log in and play there, since the mobile app has the coin shop option to trade 1000 fishbones for 1 coin. other methods include finishing boss fight stages and selling cats. (1 starred cats can only be set free, though!) here's the chart on the wiki:

1 starred cats can only be set free
2 starred cats can be sold for 1 coin
3 starred cats can be sold for 1-2 coins
4 starred cats can be sold for 2-4 coins

hope this helped! side note; feed is also useful for future city levels, and the 2nd level of fields.

Thank you!

no problem! as an avid player of wholesome cats myself since august (im beyond  obsessed, this game has become my comfort..) i like to help out new players as much as i can!

Deleted 129 days ago

HYPER dosen't have feed as its winning act. deal autowins, and deal is the act of mustache cat from the level before/business cat from the 6th city level

Does anyone know how to defeat the cloud king?

you must have completed this already, but the hug act auto-wins the level!

Ok but how do I do the Bon appetit😭

Does anyone know how to defeat HYPER cats? I have Persian, Lola, Black Cat, and normal white cat man T-T I’ve been on this level for a whole hour😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Nvm😭 I got it

Lala is hard to defeat tho...

Do only 2 cats, thats how i defeated her :)


Sometimes when I put a coin in to buy a cat from the gacha, nothing happens, and I don't even get given my coin back. Is that bug ever going to be fixed? Great game besides that one really annoying issue.

there's alot of people complaining about this, and i would like to take the time to mention that at this point, it's much better to download the mobile version, log out of the computer, and log in in the mobile version and continue there. the mobile version has less bugs and you can access the shop at anytime, meaning the random cat is also fully functional.

everytime i start the game it doesnt give me a cat


i love this game just i dilike how its very hard to get gold


I love this game. Cats.❤️❤️❤️

The visuals are super adorable! I like how you designed levels with various cute cats. There was a bug when I playing it, but I really enjoy your game!


im stuck at 0 everything i don't know how to continue

wish it can be one windows :<

my game is broken? when i buy a random cat nothing comes out and none are in my inventory, its taking my money


it's a common bug, unfortunately there's no way to fix it other than being aware (checking the shop first, and if nothing pops up, only the game urging you to upgrade to more slots, then you won't get a random cat if you draw a random slot)


(1 edit) (+5)

tips ..!
- for cats who have projectile attacks, not lick or bite - if a slow cat's attack passes right by the opponent cat's attacks, that generally means that either your or your opponent's attack misses.
- water never is able to land hits on cats who have the fly action (i learned the hard way </3). in addition to this, i do not recommend using water when space/return III is unlocked. or if you want to, i don't recommend putting water in the front row. you can put water in the back row of your team so that theyll be able to hit when night queen and cloud king have been taken down, as a level 99 water does 62 in damage and has 370 health, making them perfect for a fight between star, leaf, or both. (edit -- just noticed while replaying city, all cats who have the attack type paw or lick cannot land hits on cats with the fly act. i tried using my level 99 brown cat and persian when replaying a visit, however they were unable to land hits aside from  BEFORE cloud king flied.
- most of the time, in battles, all opponent cats will target the leader cat first. when the leader cat is taken down, they will move on to the other members in their positions as a team.
- some really good cats that have 60 and over in damage at level 99 are caticorndeathsleepy and water. (there's obviously more, but these are just the cats that i have.)
- in battles, spare the opposing cat whose act is magic. these include caticornprince starrobocatangel nekojack-o-lanternice cat and possibly more. (note: every boss battle from after house always has a magic cat. computer has angel neko, city has robocat, fields have caticorn, woods have jack-o-lantern, ocean has ice cat, and sky and space have prince star.)
- there is a common bug with the shop where if you draw a random cat, box cat just takes your coin without a cat in return. a solution to this bug is to check the shop if any cats are there; if not, and instead of cats there is simply an upgrade [number-number] for a number of coins, do not draw a random cat.
- i recommend putting a magic cat you have at the very end of your team. this way if you play against hard battles, they and normally one other cat will be spared. likewise, the back row should be supplied with valuable cats like caticorn and lala.
- uwu is three stars, but because he is a kitten, he has a lower damage than two star cats like cat(?) and lala. however, uwu has a higher health count than normal two star cats (two 99 star cats have a total of 327 health, while a 99 uwu has 330. however, a 99 two star cat has a damage of 59, while uwu only does a damage of 50.)
- sometimes, when an opponent cat damages one cat from your team faster than your current cat, if the current cat has a slow attack (examples include leaf attacks, music attacks, butterfly attacks, rainbow attacks and bubble attacks [there's definitely more]) then their attack will be sped up.
- faction upgrades are very essential during battles. it is wise to know that some worlds do not contain faction upgrades. these include house, ocean and sky.
- cats upgraded to level 99 will not have anymore upgrades using faction upgrades. their attack will still stay the same as their level 99 attacks.
- when in an interruption battle with double cats as the only team, focus on the leader cat first. more often than not, the double beside the leader cat will miss alot of hits. (like in an orange cat battle: the second orange cat only hit atleast twice, though it might be because of my cats' level 99)
- it may be important to know that some cats are tied to having difficulties. some examples are sleepyopal and death, who all have slow speed and miss alot of attacks.
- the wholesome cats wiki article of stages can be very helpful if you don't know what to do with a stage, as they give the cats in one stage, the requirements needed (like in the guardians stage where there is a tip for all cats on your team to have 40 in damage each) and most of the time the acts needed to win it.
- earning a cat with the comfort act is VERY valuable. this is because the comfort act can automatically win return I, II and III. cats with this act are fire cat, pixel cat, lil sprout and artist cat. (tip from the wholesome cats wiki!)
- a good way to stall a fly cat is for your leader cat to issue an act. for example, my leader caticorn has a water next to them, they issue magic, cloud king damages caticorn while they do magic but when it's water's turn, water is able to do damage to cloud king because cloud king has not yet issued the fly act.
- it is probably good to mention that despite faction advantages not improving the damage of a level 99 cat, it does strengthen the cat, like putting a tiny more health and making cats with difficulties (see tip 14... if you even count) have a better damage range.
- speaking about cats with difficulties, sleepy isn't probably considered a cat with difficulty. the reason they miss alot of hits probably ties with the fact that. when they attack they're asleep. they're. asleep. it's literally just so surprising that a cat who dosen't even open their eyes once in the ENTIRE game. can land a hit without even seeing their target. shout out to sleepy

thank you for coming to my essay


more things but not tips ehehe (like trivia sort of??)
- a level 99 princess leaf has the same stats as a level 99 scottish fold (somehow?)
- a level 99 prince star has the same stats as a level 99 caticorn except this time everything is the same except for the attack type and background, the act is the same EVEN THE LITTLE LIST BULLET IMAGE IS THE SAME
- a level 99 one starred earth cat will always have the following stats: 330 health, 50 damage and a 10.0 speed (except tabby cat bc theyre special??)
- a level 99 caticorn can defeat the entire royal family by themselves??? somehow??
- in the royal family, night queen resembles prince star, while cloud king resembles princess leaf
more later im tired

noticed a bug -- if you start the game and one of your cat gives you fishbones, if you accept too early, then instead of givibng fishbones they'll give a coin (not complaining though >:))

when this game can be downloaded in windows? :(

strengths and worlds for your convenience:

house - has no strengths

city - manmade cats

computer - manmade cats

fields - earth cats

woods - earth cats

ocean - has no strengths (as far as I know?)

sky - has no strengths

space - life cats

This game is really fun but the problem comes with the coin system. Even if I get 3 stars in the battles, I can't get coins. Also, there should be an option for changing the order of the cats.  Otherwise its a really cool game

you can change the order of the cats! i do it normally when i switch between my caticorn and my cat(?). all you have to do is turn the cats that are in the position of the cat wanted to change into a blank spot, go to the menu, check the deck again and repeat the process if there are two or more cats above the wanted cat.

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