v2 - major changes + bug fixes



- more drinks

- more sfx

- unlock food on day 3

- more characters unlocked after certain days

- save system until fail

- change music start time with days

- more sophisticated menu ui

- minor visual polish

- be able to see controls again through pause

Bug fixes:

- Attempted to fix blurriness

- Fix some characters' bubbles not coming from their mouths

- Fix ghost glitching bug

I might push some small art/audio adjustments and minor gameplay tweaks if people continue liking this, but in all likelihood this'll be the last major gameplay change for awhile :) I've got bigger games in progress I need to get back to. Thanks for the sweet comments and enjoy this vers!

And again for LD raters - please download the files labelled "Jam Version" :)

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i never unlocked food, i am on day 6


ahh, me neither

maybe you didnt update your game


ty for ur work!!


nice username